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  1. Me too - it is a Memorial Day Miracle!
  2. Mine usually taste weaker once I get past the single digits
  3. K A O B O H C O L T C S A couple of letters are actually a number hint . (TS???) If you are going to travel this weekend don't forget your gear. I am either over thinking this or haven't had enough coffee yet - I have no idea!!!
  4. 1025Cruise is correct, it may come down to a technicality and it is a likely a 50/50 shot if you get by screening and probably a less that 50/50 shot if it is flagged and you plead your case. You should be prepared that you will not be allowed to bring it aboard. Agave wine is not tequila but it may be fortified with tequila - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agave_wine
  5. Who said there were wearing something?....lol
  6. shhhh ... if you look that is against their rules too. I wont admit or deny I did the same thing
  7. I am still locked out and have given up hope of account being restored.
  8. Same, here, tried multiple variations without success but fearful to continue trying following the AARP debacle
  9. 6344 8A 185/75 sq ftBeds: twin/king View: window and large balcony Bathroom: shower-toilet-sink Features: flat-screen TV, telephone, 110 AC current, individual climate control, hair dryer, safe, 3-closets, desk and ottoman seat, sofa and coffee tableBalcony features: 2 patio chairs and table / balcony partition opens to: 6346
  10. Just another reason to cruise Carnival
  11. Google is your friend.... https://www.google.com/search?q=carnival+cruise+line+vegan+options&rlz=1CAPPDO_enUS773US773&oq=carnival+cruise+line+vegan&aqs=chrome.0.0j69i57j69i60.12634j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 https://www.carnival.com/awaywego/cruising-fun/how-to-plan/how-to-eat-vegan-on-a-cruise
  12. I feel your pain with a NYE cruise booked following an April school break cruise we cancelled due to the inability to find affordable airfare from BOS to FLL (fares climbed to double for the same week last year). I recognize "supply and demand" and I am willing to accept a premium but can only stretch it so far. May I suggest using the "Hopper" app? You put in your flight preferences and they will provide you "book now" or "wait" opinion with their prediction on how the fare may go up or down. I use it as a tool but don't follow it blindly. If there is flexibility in your dates, I would also watch google flights. There is a "date grid" that offers options on both ends. You then have to factor the added hotel costs and other expenses. If anyone knows of other tools (I realize there is no "magic wand"), I would be interested in what others use. Good luck.
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