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  1. I never said that it was normal and that all the safes fleet wide were like that because, as a Platinum Plus cruiser, I am well aware that they are not. I was only reporting on our experience with one particular safe on one particular ship.
  2. I went back thru my pictures and found these. I thought I might have taken a couple of pictures at the time. This was on the Dawn Canada/New England cruise August 31, 2019
  3. It definitely was correct in our case. I have no reason to lie about it. I stood right there and watched the procedure. Perhaps it depends on the type of safe that is in the cabin but the one we had was left with a small drill hole right thru the door.
  4. Well, that's interesting because I stood right there and watched them do it. Two men came to the cabin one to observe and one with a drill. The one man most definitely did drill a hole in to the door of the safe in order to open it. It took them quite some time to get it done We were told it was the only way to get in to that safe (maybe they are not all the same?) I was not expecting that, I was expecting that they had some sort of key or code but that was not the case with our particular safe. I felt bad about it because I was told it ruined the safe but it was unfortunately it was necessary since our passports and wallets were inside. So maybe you were told that they don't drill safes to open them but they most definitely did with ours.
  5. I'm sorry. We're are responsible for one of those safes not working. If you forget the code... or someone accidentally punched a different code in while locking it and didn't notice and doesn't know which numbers they used, then you can't open it. It is not a simple fix. They must drill the safe open which then renders it useless. A new one needs to be installed. Obviously they don't stock extras safes. We were on the Dawn in September, that safe is probably still unusable.
  6. When we were on the Joy for the November 8 Panama Canal cruise we used our Platinum Certificate at Q for one of our meals.
  7. I used the unlimited social media package on the Joy, it worked great for me. I stayed connected almost the entire time I was onboard. For me it was worth it. I could stay in touch with my 84 year old mother at home and also with my kids and the grandkids. We were on a 16 day cruise. I used it for Facebook Messenger video calls and it worked out fine for that too. A couple of things to keep in mind. You cannot click on any links that might be posted on say Facebook. I found it does not connect with Facebook games so that is something to think about if that is important to you. I would definitely get it again if I were going on another cruise with a lot of sea days.
  8. We were on that sailing and we were lucky enough not to have been exposed to the virus. I noticed the signs before it was even announced........public restroom doors propped open, motion sickness bags attacked to stairway railings, first condiments such as ketchup, mustard, salt and pepper disappearing from the tables in the buffet and eventually everything was removed from the tables and was handed out by crew members standing at the buffet line, along with your food being served from behind the counter with no access to tongs or helping yourself to anything, including plates, silverware, napkins etc. There was sanitizing everywhere, elevator buttons, door handles and door knobs, the merchandise counters for the shops, tables and chairs in the buffet and also the observation lounge, wiping of the Guest Services counter in between guests being taken care of among many other things. Deep cleaning was done in staterooms including areas that we weren't necessarily using for example the extra bunk in the room, sofa cushions were removed. We spoke to the room steward as we were leaving the cabin for the last time and he showed us the paper "suit" he had to wear to clean cabins as the guests left. He said that he had to wear that basically hazmat looking suit and he had to use a new one for each cabin.
  9. When a situation like this happens why does everyone right away jump on the passengers and blame them for what is going on? That ship has a lot of crew on board of it also. Who is to say it was not spread by a crew member? I was onboard this sailing but so far I've been one of the lucky ones and managed not to catch the illness.
  10. Part of my muster drill routine is to take a really good look at who is also in my muster station with me. I like to check and see if we have some young, strong looking people amongst us in case we need some muscle on our journey.
  11. It worked today when I tried it. Maybe they have fixed their glitch finally.
  12. or an alcohol drinker? Everyone has their own brand of "poison"
  13. I hope the poster does come back and finish this story at some point. You never know what is going to happen in the future and the experience that they had might be useful information for me someday. Thank you ravensfan52 for sharing your story.
  14. I just tried your link and it came up as Canadian at first but when I tried to price a cruise it switched back to US. Very annoying.
  15. I'm interested in seeing your report on your vacation. Thanks for doing this.
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