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  1. I am aiming to cruise out of Vancouver on a 7 day Alaskan cruise. Probably Carnival but I'm open to other ideas. What ports should the itinerary include for a great experience? Excursions? What months are ideal?
  2. I will be in Southeast Asia for 3 weeks (Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Thailand). Any ideas what to buy and bring home as gifts to friends, family and coworkers?
  3. Cruisers-I will need your experience. I have three days of sightseeing in Hong Kong when my cruise from Norwegian ends there. I plan to buy an Octopus pass, eat at various places, and travel at some tourist attractions (Victoria Peak).Not sure what hotel to stay at yet (Recommendation is nice too). On a modest budget, how much cash should I get for Hong Kong? I understand that some restaurants or taxis don't take credit cards.How much to load up on the Octopus Card. If my question is too loaded, can you give me an idea on what you would get in cash if you were going to Hong Kong for three days?
  4. I will be dropped off from my Norwegian southeast itinerary in Hong Kong. Is there any recommendation on what taxis to use as I think Uber doesn't do well over there? I heard the public transportation system is good and that an Octopus pass is recommended. Is there an app for that? Can you tell me if the public transportation goes through the Victoria peak or Hong Kong Park? Sorry for questions that maybe perceived as way too basic to ask. Thanks!
  5. portnum

    Bangkok Excursion

    Cruisers-need your help. As part of the southeast cruse, the ship will be at Bangkok overnight so I will have two days to experience the city. My friend is suggesting "The Hangover" tour. Has anyone signed up for this type of adventure through the tour companies? Is it worth it? How much? What company to use?
  6. portnum

    Sinagpore/Hong Kong

    Thank you to all that replied. My apologies for misspelling Singapore. I am still new to the world of cruise (first time cruising out of non-US port). I will one day be able to pay it forward and give advice in this forum. I will be staying at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. Any recommendations for a hotel in Hong Kong?
  7. portnum

    Sinagpore/Hong Kong

    As part of my Norwegian cruise itinerary, I will be in Singapore and Hong Kong for two days each. Any recommendations on what to do in those cities if you only had two days each? Not sure on the recommendation on transportation (Uber equivalent/public transport). I never been to those two cities and feel excited. Thanks!
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