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  1. I must apologise to my fellow passengers for being 'obese'. I didn't realise it created a problem for others.... Though surely a cruise is the perfect holiday for my kind, with all that food available. Give me all the cake! hahaha
  2. When I went a few weeks ago, the casino tables were open. Blackjack was limited to 4 players at a time. You had to wear a mask unless you were drinking while you played. It looked like the slots had a few closed to give space between players.
  3. I purchased at website price (not by booking onboard). Fingers crossed. I didn't even get the usual auto reply!
  4. Another question regarding the shareholder benefit... Last night I booked another summer cruise, for 20 days time - Carnival the latest you can apply for the shareholder benefit is 3 weeks before. Has anyone had any issues getting the OBC added with less than 21 days to go before sailing?
  5. Yes - When the cabin steward introduced herself the other day, I asked if we could get daily ice. That was no problem at all.
  6. Finally the day has come where P&O return to cruising! Excited for all of you that are boarding today! I'm booked on one of Britannia's seacations very soon and can't wait! For those going today, I wonder if you could let us know how the lateral flow testing goes - One of my party is worried about someone else sticking the swab up their nose (would prefer to do it themselves) so I'm hoping one of you can tell me if they offer/allow you to do it yourself, under their supervision - That should alleviate her nerves somewhat!
  7. They checked our travel insurance before boarding too - but they were checking it covered covid (medical and repatriation etc). Ours did so we moved on quickly.
  8. I’m currently on Virtuosa - last night was a little rough, but not terrible. Not been to the theatre yet, but the rule seems to be wear a mask while moving around, take it off while sat. On the whole it feels safe - and I’d certainly there’s much better mask compliance on here than your local supermarket. ”Activities” haven’t appealing to us much so far, but it’s lovely to relax and be out of the usual four walls!
  9. I placed a bid and now have a YC cabin for the first time. What benefits should I expect with YC? I see butler, dedicated dining and pool etc. I assume room service is complimentary with no tray fee too? Excited to experience it!
  10. I must be missing it somewhere - Does anyone know the terminal/berth number for Virtuosa sailing on 20th May? I'm sure I had read it somewhere, now can't seem to find it!
  11. I'm on Bella, and I've upgraded to premium plus.... Does this mean I'll still have to pay delivery fees for room service food and drinks? Slightly confused!
  12. Well rather than the potential problems with eToro, I've swapped to HL! Sorted now.
  13. Not that I can find anywhere, nor have eToro been able to help me when I've asked.
  14. It's very odd - I put the money in in £, the CLL.L buy and sell prices are in GBP, but all other numbers show as USD. Here's the view in my portfolio page - Buy my details aren't shown anywhere on that page. I have 205.25 shares. I'm glad I'm not the only one confused.
  15. So, with eToro, I can go to "My Portfolio" and is shows the number of Carnival shares I have, but it doesn't show my name etc on that page. If I download a statement from my account then here's what it shows: Another page in the document shows my details. But as you see, it doesn't show the number of shares I own with that transaction.
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