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  1. mgasaway

    Back2Back Cruises??

    I can't wait to do a B2B but 2 weeks off in a row isn't an option. Hate it when work gets in the way of a cruise! As my retirement gift to me in a few years I'm thinking a B2B2B2B - West coast B2B then repositioning thru the Panama canal to East coast and doing the first east coast sailing. If I was to do it next year (don't I wish) it would be 42 days on the ship.
  2. mgasaway

    texting on the boat

    Make sure you both have the WhatsApp app. WhatsApp works with the social plan.
  3. mgasaway

    Spring Ultra offer?

    I sure wish I could figure out how these offers come out. I've cruised 3 times in the past year (14 total cruises lifetime) and always spend $$$$ in the casino. I'm a table player so no idea on the proverbial 'points' as table players don't get points. I do manage to get about 2300 slot points per cruise just by taking a break from the tables. Usually get DOU the first day. Even got the $1000 cookies last cruise. Just got off a cruise and didn't even get a Bounce Back (or whatever they are calling it now) much less any offers. My DIL who cruised once and put a grand total of $20 in a single slot gets offers! Love Carnival but about ready to jump ship to NCL or RCCL.
  4. oceanplayersclub.com usually works. They are slow to reply. Just waited 10 days for an answer from them
  5. mgasaway

    Alaska cruise

    I did Alaska with an inside cabin. I'm more of a panoramic-up-front person, I want the WHOLE view heading right into it. Didn't miss a balcony one bit. And those Alaska excursion can be pricy. Best use of my $$$ was not a balcony.
  6. mgasaway


    Don't know the price of energy drinks - never drink them but club soda was $2.95 plus gratuity. Pre-order a 6 pack of club soda (or any soda) in advance to be delivered to the cabin and it's 6 for $10 ($1.66). I always pre order a 6 pk of Coke Zero and a 6 pk of club soda but ended up ordering a club soda from one of the pool servers because I was too lazy to go back to my cabin and get a can - lol.
  7. mgasaway

    Upgrade offer

    personally I'd take the lido interior. I almost always choose an interior, even on longer cruises. I sleep better in the darkness of an interior. And I always choose on or as close to Lido deck as possible - it's so close to the things I want to be near during the day.
  8. mgasaway

    Time for Paradise again?

    I'd book it too. Fortunately I do not get the migraines, just a sinus headache. But... I do like my casino time and like Carnival so until then I just take my allergy pills and gamble that the one sitting on either side of me is one of the 86% that do not smoke.
  9. mgasaway

    Flying into Orlando to go on the Carnival Breeze.

    Are you going out of Port Canaveral? It's about an hour from Orlando depending on traffic. Real easy drive. I always rent a car since I usually come in they day before. Last cruise the total for the car each way was $66 (I did a 'pot luck' car with Avis and ended up with a Volkswagen Jetta, return trip a GMC something - big SUV). Super easy to get to the rental return, free shuttle from Avis to the port and back. And as a preferred member with Avis they text me the car info, keys & paperwork were in it and I just showed it to the attendant on the way out.
  10. A 12 pk of water and a 12 pk of Coke Zero
  11. mgasaway

    Talk to me about Blue Iguana...

    I always bring a bag or two of taco chips then get salsa from the salsa bar. Makes a great munchie while lounging on deck with a cold drink!
  12. mgasaway

    If I had the time and the money...

    I'm looking at something similar and hoping they offer this same itenary in 2022. But when I get to Florida after the Panama canal transit adding another week for whatever route the ship is taking in the Carribean. B2B2B2B. My retirement gift to me!
  13. mgasaway

    No sale and sign cards at check in?

    Didn't have to go to the counter at Port Canaveral last cruise. I always take late check in (2-2:30). Got there about 1:50, they scanned my passport, thru security, up the escalator we went, walked on board and right to our cabin. It was 8-10 minutes from drop off to the cabin. We'd done complete check-in online and added our CC info prior to arriving. Easiest boarding I've ever had!