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  1. I don't have the menu's, but the first and last night were the same as the 7-day Mexico cruises. The second night was a formal night, but no lobster. On the third night (the overnight in Cabo) we ate in the pizza restaurant. On the fourth night we ate at Crown Grill, so I'm no help on the main dining room restaurant. It may have been Italian though because I did see some of the waiters in the striped shirts that they wear on that night.
  2. I am well aware that the daily auto gratuity covers room service, but it doesn't seem fair to me that someone who doesn't order room service would pay the same amount as someone who does order room service. That's why I will tip a couple of dollars extra for the time and trouble it takes for the delivery service.
  3. You can add it to the bill, but I usually bring some dollar bills with me for that purpose. Tip amount is really up to you. I usually figure at least a dollar per person, or a little more if you are requesting a lot of items.
  4. This has been my experience too. Maybe a policy change? Normally they will call back, even if the upsell is no longer available.
  5. One morning, on our Royal Princess cruise, they held a special chocolate buffet, including a chocolate fountain with fruit for dipping.
  6. The Royal has on demand movies. I like to catch up and see all the ones that I missed in the theater.
  7. I've thought about holding my own trivia contests in the library. I'm going to bring some old 1980's Trivial Pursuit cards. To get a question correct, one must give the appropriate answer from the 1980's. The prizes will be be from either the Dollar Store, or whatever I can scrounge up around the house. Let the games commence! 😉
  8. It would need to be cleared with the ship/customs. We were on a California Coastal cruise this spring, which stopped in Seattle before disembarking in Vancouver. I had thought about dropping off some luggage in Seattle, because my brother lives there and we were going to visit him after the cruise. It would have been easier to debark in Vancouver without the extra bags, however, there were notices in the daily patter that this was not allowed. Your situation may be different, but don't assume that it will be allowed.
  9. I recently found myself in a similar situation. I had a slightly more desirable cabin on the first leg (a two-person interior without the side-mounted bunks) and a slightly less desirable cabin on the second leg (a four-person cabin with the "head knocking" bunk beds. The rooms were just around the corner from each other, but with one being port and the other being starboard, I would also be changing cabin stewards. On Monday, the slightly less desirable cabin became available for the first leg. I called Princess and had it changed. There was no change in price because the cabins were both IE cabins. I would rather spend turn around day relaxing by the pool, or picking up some wine for the second leg, than having to move my stuff to another cabin. The stewards will help you, but anything not on hanger needs to go in a suitcase. Personally, I wouldn't move unless the other cabin is just so much better that it negates the hassle of changing cabins.
  10. My dad likes to play trivia, so I go with him. We have also observed the cheaters and their little blue Princess journals filled with answers from prior cruises. God forbid you correct their paper and mark one of their answers wrong! The question was who in the original Star Trek television series was the second in command of the Enterprise. Instead of writing down Mr. Spock, they put Dr Spock (a writer of numerous childcare books). They insisted that their answer was the correct one and changed their score. They still lost to another team, which made them look even more petty. Unless I cruise with my dad, I no longer go to trivia. I would rather spend my time elsewhere, than arguing with idiots.
  11. This is the link to the website that will tell you all about the balconies. http://www.cruisedeckplans.com/Princess/odell/res76zxu/princessbalconies/index.html
  12. I believe it's just the Promenade deck. There was a notification on our Travel Summary. Our cabin wasn't an aft facing one. It was a couple of cabins in from the very back, in the aft section.
  13. I did miss it too, but the forward section of the Horizon Court has a wonderful pastry section and coffee bar. The tables give a great view from the bow of the ship.
  14. I really liked PR716. This cabin is located in the aft area of the Promenade deck. The balcony is about 5x10 ft. There are interior cabins right across the hallway. The balcony is completely covered, and the balcony decking is teak. The only issue is on the Panama Canal cruises. You are not allowed on the balcony while in the actual locks. This due to the steel cables that are attached to the ship. Honestly, this was not a problem for us. It's only about 30 minutes per lock. Princess gave us the option of a free day in the sanctuary, or the equivalent in cash, to compensate for this small inconvenience.
  15. LOL, that makes a little more sense. Thanks for the clarification.
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