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  1. On my Eclipse sailing you did not go to a counter to check in. It was done thru the App or with you set sail pass. Staff assisted with either facial recognition screens , or via a hand held iPad. Once okayed, you walked (and walked) to the gangway and up to the first of many hand sanitizer staff members followed by a welcome flute of sparkling wine, pink “champagne” or a mimosa.
  2. The best comparison I can make is a Next Day Air type of envelope. It’s about the size of a #10 mailing envelope, completely sealed with a “zipper / tear” opener. I believe it was dark blue. You will see the envelope outside your stateroom behind your cabin number where you will later find “mail” throughout your cruise. Stateroom attendants were very visible, and in my case were greeting and assisting passengers.
  3. The maitre’d was aware the first night. He spoke to me during dinner, sent me a glass of wine, and told me he’d take care of the situation. He moved me to a different table for the 2nd night only to have no one show for THAT table !
  4. I don’t fault the maitre’d. Passengers are assigned to the main dining room. If they choose to take advantage of dining options (speciality, buffet, or cabin service) there is no way for the maitre’d to know that in advance, or even on a nightly basis. Perhaps Celebrity can investigate adding an opt out choice to the registration page.
  5. Hmm. . . It could be that the calls were to help determine seating in the main dining room. I traveled solo recently. Upon boarding I went to the dining room to to verify I was assigned to a large table. That evening I sat at the large table - alone. Same thing the second night, but at a different table. The wait staff were very attentive, but sitting alone at a large table in a large venue was uncomfortable. The third night a lovely couple at another table asked the maitre’d to assign me to their table which also held 2 additional couples. We all had a wonderful time and were the last to leave each night. Yes - the other 2 tables were empty or only partially filled for the remainder of the cruise!
  6. Once Equinox returns to Florida June 1st after the Mini Revolution, does anyone know who will be on board as staff and entertainment? I know Captain Kate will be back for her last rotation prior to transitioning to the Edge, but haven’t seen any postings regarding staff and entertainment.
  7. Sorry I missed you at the Ensemble Lounge last night after dinner, Charla. I walked thru, didn’t see you and decided I’d been solo in public for too long. My experience in main dining as a solo cruiser was tasty, but uncomfortable. Although I was at a table for 8 - it was a table for 1. No one else arrived at the table. Dinner (Crab Louie and perfectly cooked prime rib) was great, and my Kindle was excellent company. I had checked with the matre d prior to sail away regarding location and size of table (my request was a table for 10) and had been assured I wouldn’t be alone. (Yes, I was skeptible but optimistic) After my solo dinner the maitre d assured me he would work on moving me. . . but I haven’t heard from him yet. It’s quite a different mindset experience when you know you will be alone (at a small table) versus being seated in a huge venue at a large table by yourself. Fortunately the sommelier kept my glass full! Remaining optomistic for tonight!
  8. I have OBC from my Travel Agent, but can’t see it online, nor can I figure out how to use it before the cruise to book some “extras”. Can anyone point me in the right direction or provide clarity?
  9. Next to Elite on my Express Pass is the word Pearl. I attempted to search without results. Can anyone please explain it to me, please?
  10. Next to Elite on my Express Pass is the word Pearl. I attempted to search without results. Can anyone please explain it to me, please?
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