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  1. I am being told that they will honor that still as long as it was pre booked before the change.
  2. Pretty sure the old Deluxe had/has a $13 US limit. I have deluxe so that's what I should be using. I hope.
  3. I would love to hear from someone currently on the Divina that had pre-booked the Deluxe package and if they are getting everything as the Deluxe stated.
  4. I also upgraded to the Deluxe package for the mini bar, room service etc. But even if they grant us the PP we still are missing a few things from the deluxe the way I see it. The Deluxe had ice cream, gelato and milk shakes on it. I do not think the PP does.
  5. Here is a website I found that has good pictures and descriptions of each bar on board. Have no clue how up to date it is but I a sure there is not much variation one way or the other. https://eatsleepcruise.com/2016/08/bars-on-msc-divina
  6. I swear I saw a list someone had posted with pictures of beer lists and Yuengling was the draft choice. I could be dreaming but I dont think so. But hey, if all they have is bottles then, oh well, I will be fine. lol
  7. Hot damn. They have Yuengling draft on board. I am in heaven now. I have the deluxe beverage package. Can you order bottles of wine with that package instead of by the glass? Like at dinner or kunch.
  8. And another twist to this issue. I received an email this morning with my booking number and information(first one I've received other than mass emails) and I tried to login through the email. Well same ol crap. I can login but not access my booking information. UGH
  9. Hey y'all. Not a new cruiser but this will only be my 3rd cruise. Single and going solo this time. Sailing on the MSC Divina out of Miami Nov. 29th and I cannot wait. Post divorce reward to myself. Is anyone out there going on this cruise as well? Although I am going by myself for a reason I sure would like to be able to meet new people and make new friends. Any suggestions/recommendations/ideas for a first time single solo cruiser? Thanks in advance.
  10. I am getting very very tired of all the runaround and excuses from MSC Website Customer Service. As with other people on here I could access my booking information and Voyagers Club area when I logged in. Every since last week sometime I cannot do that anymore. I have called and spoken to someone about this no less than 5 times now. A few days ago they said they were going to open up a ticket and within 48 hours to try again and it should be fixed. Well that didn't happen. I called today and was told that they had received an email and that their servers were still having trouble and they were being updated this weekend and by Monday it would be fixed. I literally laughed on the phone when she told me that. I told her that I would bet her $10 that it wouldn't be fixed. At least not for me. I am at a loss as to what to do at this point. Does anyone think it would help to email the Voyagers Club directly? I have a direct email address for them that one of the representatives gave me for something else. I realize it's not their area but i am grasping for help now.
  11. The MSC website is really starting to annoy me. After a week and a couple phone calls and doing a few things suggested here I still cannot access my booking information. All I can access is my profile info. Called again yesterday and they are opening a ticket. oh boy. I am not holding my breath for this one. Hate to try to open a new account but I might just try and see if I can do that.
  12. Hello all. I am sailing on the November 29th Divina cruise to the below ports. Does anyone have any suggestions or previous dealings with any high end reputable jewelry stores at any of these ports buying authentic Rolex's? Interested in either buying one while I am there or trading one I have. I doubt any of those do a trade but you never know. I do not know for sure if you can save money other than it probably being duty free. Which could be a good savings I suppose. I am just not a frequent cruiser or one that has bought things like that while overseas. Thanks in advance.
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