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  1. Hi, We were on deck 7, on embarkation day when we were docked, a team were painting outside and all the dividers were open. But I don’t know if they will allowed to be opened during the cruise. You will need to check.
  2. On our tour the following day we were informed that the Museum of the islands is currently closed for renovation. That would explain the changes. The bus for the Tahiti Pearl left the ship 15 minutes after ours for the IC but followed the same trip. I guess they need to provide a 2 hour trip whilst the rooms are being prepared. We enjoyed the trip, we were able to get our bearings around Papeete for the following days.
  3. Hi, We took this tour on 9 February 2019, just checked on my photos. There were 3 stops 1 The home of Norman Hall author of Mutiny on the Bounty which is now a museum 2 Venus Point 3 A viewing point of the bay were Mutiny on the Bounty took place. We were then dropped off at the I C and the rooms were ready and I hope this answers your question. We were taking 2 extra nights post cruise at the IC. We did take the 6 hour tour around the Island the following day which included the waterfall the only repeat stop was Venus Point. If you are f
  4. Firstly it is unfair to say that you are “thrown” off the ship. dcr1975 accurately describes what happened on 9 February 2019, however what you need to appreciate that the crew and outside contractors only have from 9.30, when you leave your room to 15.00 when the next set of passengers embark, to maintain the ship. On the 9 Feb the woodwork around the pool was being sanded down and revarnished so the pool deck was out of bounds. I don’t think they will be doing that every trip so you may be able to sit on deck. We chose to stay 2 extra nights at the IC Tahiti and left with several other
  5. It is open seating in all three restaurants, you eat where you want in any of the restaurants there are no reserved tables except when a director entertains passengers. You can eat as a couple or join others that you have met on the cruise. You have to book the Le Grill or the Veranda restaurants and here you can specify a table for how many you wish.These bookings are taken at breakfast or lunch and if full you can book for the following night. The main restaurant always accommodates those who wish to dine there, there are no reservations that I know of for the main restaurant.
  6. We had no problem, some people like to eat with others, the maximum number per table is 10. Obviously the bigger the group the noise emminated from the group increases, and tables for 2 near these can be noisy. We were always accommodated for when we asked for a table for 2 in a quiet area in all restaurants. If you are seated at a table for 4 you are asked if you mind if two others join you, if you say no they just take the other places away, if you say yes then they leave the place settings in case someone wants to share, in our case no one wished to share. If in the deck 5 r
  7. I agree with all the comments made. We were on the last 14 day cruise and embarked on February 9 2019 My wife has mobility issues climbing up and down stairs, we did all the tours mostly on 4x4 and buses with no issues. The crew are masters at getting people on and off the tenders, when it was rough they had 4 strong crew two on the tender and two on the stairs and people were manually moved on and off. There were two passengers who used wheelchairs around the ship and they were accommodated and did most of the tours. Those on tours assemble in the Grand Salon on deck
  8. Just read this review, we were on this trip, we are still making our way home to the UK. We totally agree on the comments made and extremely grateful that we do not need to repeat any of this review. We have no negative comments to make about how we were treated by all at PG. On our return to the U.K. we will place review on this board. For those making this trip you will be spoilt rotten by the crew and will come away with many memories.
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