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  1. Thanks everyone! We appreciate your help! Meg has a 'travel c-pap' which is a lot smaller, has a rechargeable battery & does not need water. She likes the standard plug-in one (with a water reservoir) better........ especially as this is a very long cruise. We are on board until Ft. Lauderdale (Sept 19 - Nov 1)....... and that means that we will get to meet TAD2005 😀! Thanks again & seasons greetings! Phil
  2. Hello, We will be in a Vista Suite (Number 6168) on the Rotterdam in September 2020. We have a question about outlets........ Are there outlets near the bed - for using a cpap machine? We were in an interior room on this ship in November 2018, and there were no outlets near the bed. I appreciate any help that you could provide! Happy Holidays! Phil
  3. Thanks Everyone for your input! We just got off a B2B cruise (21 Days in the Caribbean on Koningsdam). We were told that the 'kindergarten fire-drill - zero count' was due to Port Everglades Homeland Security & other port authorities - and that it's done better outside the US. Actually - While on that cruise, we booked the Baltic Jewel cruise ahead of this one.......... the same stateroom was open & they were offering 'Black Friday' discounts, so, we'll have the same room for six weeks. I guess that makes it a B2B2B. Thanks Again! Phil
  4. Hello, I apologize if this has been covered - I did several searches & couldn't find any info.... We are booked on the Rotterdam for a 2020 'collector' (back-to-back) cruise. The two cruises are the 14 Day Iberian Adventure followed by the 15 Day Passage to America (Trans-Atlantic). We'll be "In-Transit" in Barcelona....... The Rotterdam is scheduled to arrive in Barcelona at 8 AM, Friday, October 16th, and departs at 5 PM Saturday October 17th. I assume (yeah, I know.....) that the "Iberian Adventure" passengers will disembark on Friday morning, and that the "Passage to
  5. We just got off Koningsdam (21 Day Carib Trip) - and we absolutely loved Club Orange! We did not find the 'fishbowl' aspect a problem. The staff was great, they remembered us & our preferences. We were able to buy a couple bottles of wine, which they held for us (and brought out each dinner). CO generally opened a half hour before the main dining room & wait was non-existent (which is a big deal for us, as we like to eat early). The biggest element for us was the service. The one meal we ate at the main dining room took well over two hours - with long waits between co
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