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  1. Mals1

    Marseille help

    Thanks for the tips abanks75 & LondonTowner! I am currently looking into your suggestions!
  2. Mals1

    Marseille help

    Thank you for Marseille help replies! I will take advice and use this as an easy day. After some internet searching, it seems the Cassis tour is pretty easy through RC and I will look into boat rides to see the calanques. A leisurely day in a charming town sounds good to me! mkaalong, we are staying in Rome a couple nights before our cruise and for one night after. We have tours booked through Rome Private Guides: one private Colosseum tour/Roman Forum and a small group Early Vatican Tour. There were many recommended tours and tour companies to choose from based off Cruise Critic and just picked one that best fit our needs and budget. For our Naples port, we are going on the RC Taste of Sorrento tour. I thought stopping at the farmhouse and seeing how they make olive oil and mozzarella along with tasting seemed interesting for the kids. Then we go to Sorrento and guided tour of Pompeii last. It is 8 hours. While I would love to see the Amalfi Coast, I think 8 hours about all they can handle after our busy days in Rome. It seems the tours including Pompeii and Amalfi Coast was 10 hours at least. They kids really want to see Pompeii as do I so this tour is a compromise. In Barcelona, I've signed up for a half day tour with Barcelona Day Tours based off recommendations here. It seems to hit all the highlights and we have some time to wander around by ourselves once the tour is over. The full day tour included Montserrat and I thought that was pushing it for us. I was going to tour this city on our own, but the rates were reasonable and I chickened out being my family's sole tour guide in a city I've never been to. 😉 I've chosen a beach day for Palma de Mallorca. I struggled with seeing sights but ultimately I think a relaxing beach day with wandering around would be best for us. Marseille I'm still struggling with, but I feel like just going to Cassis is a great fit. RC recently came out with an excursion to Cassis I'm thinking of doing that's not too long. I have also been in contact with a recommended tour company that would see Aix, Cassis and Marseille, but the tours are 8 hours long. The company was Italytours.eu and they were very prompt in replying back to me. If I change my mind, I would chose them. In our final port La Spezia, I'm using Umberto CT tours. My kids really want to climb the Pisa tower, and I want to see just a little bit of Cinque Terre since I'm missing the Amalfi Coast. None of the RC tours fit what my compromise, and I was too nervous to try to figure out the train/bus schedule so I booked through them. I also looked at Bella Italia tours and Papillon based off suggestions from here. Papillon does other ports as well. All three seemed like good tour companies and had good response times to my emails. Sorry for the long winded response!
  3. My family and I (Husband, 2 kids age 9 & 7) will be traveling on our first Mediterranean cruise in June. This is also our first trip to Europe and first cruise ever. I have figured out tours/excursion for every port except Marseille. I don't know what will best suit our family. I originally thought we would like to see Cassis and the calanques since I know my kids will be bored going to museums and churches. However, my 9 year old is obsessed with all things France, so I thought maybe we should go to Aix-en-Provence. After watching youtube videos, and reading what to do in Aix, I'm afraid my husband and other daughter would get bored. I have found tour companies that can combine both Aix and Cassis (thanks to all the Cruise Critic recs), but it would make our third long port day of our trip and I'm afraid it would tire out the kids too much. Marseille is our second to last port on our itinerary. We also have a long port day scheduled the following day in La Spezia. My other option is our ship (Oasis) has come out with a Cassis excursion that's 6 hours long, and it seems we have some time on our own to explore. Will we be able to fill the time in Cassis? If you've traveled with school aged kids, what worked for your family? This is at the end of our trip and I have no idea how tired we will already be. Thanks!
  4. Thank you for your beautiful pictures. I am really excited to see it. We are skipping Florence also due to the drive. If I really wanted to torture my kids (and other passengers), sticking them on a bus for 4 hours is the way to do it! 😉 I have signed up for a driver to take us to Pisa first and then to CT. We will only see a couple of the towns, but that's ok. I know we will all be tired from climbing the tower and the inclines/stairs of CT.
  5. I completely agree. We only have one tour through the ship from the Naples port to see Pompeii, Sorrento (on our own time) and visit a farmhouse. All our other tours are private, or small group. The small group ones are half day. My kids and husband will not be happy on museum tours and churches all day so I am looking for different type tours to fit our interests. I'm just debating if adding another tour from the Marseille port is too much. That would make 3 all day or most of the day tours, 1 half day tour, and a beach transfer day. We've been to Disney several times, and I know we can handle 3 long days there, but this vacation is a completely different animal for us.
  6. Thank you. I'm still new to posting here and I thought I was on the Mediterranean Board. I will post there too. Thanks for the link!
  7. We (myself, husband, 2 kids ages 9 &7) are going on our first cruise in June 2019. It is a mediterranean cruise and I'm finding it hard not to book some kind of tour/excursion in every city. I have bought lots of books and initially planned to DIY in a couple ports but I find myself looking/booking all kinds of tours! My question for those who have traveled on a med cruise with kids: How much is too much? When do kids start to wear out? I have longish tours planned in Naples and La Spezia (8-9 hours), a half day tour in Barcelona and a beach transfer in Mallorca. The only port I have left is Marseille, and I couldn't figure out what is best for us as a family. Now I am finding reasonable priced tours that combine Cassis and Aix, but I wonder if adding a third day of long excursions is too much. I was going to just tour Marseille as a family, now I'm not sure. Let me know what did work or didn't work for your family! It's been interesting finding tours/excursions that has something for everyone. Leaving our kids in the kid's camp isn't an option for us. Thanks so much!
  8. Thanks so much everyone!
  9. This may seem like a silly question, but when setting up your own independent/private tours, what time after docking do you set the tour up for? I am cruising on RCI on the Oasis and we will be in port in La Spezia from 8:30am-8:30 pm. I've set up a full day private tour beginning at 0900 but I don't know if I should make it for 0930 instead. I've asked the tour company but they tell me 0900 is fine. Since this isn't a ship sponsored tour, I don't know what time we'll be able to get off the ship. This is my first cruise so I'm hoping others with more experience can help me. Thank you!
  10. I think a driver with a bit of knowledge for us will be fine. I have bought lots of guide books for our trip. I did check with Bella Italia tours and for a guide and driver, it was a little out of my range with everything else we have booked. They did not offer me just a driver. I have checked with Papillon and Umberto's Cinque Terre Tours, and these seem to be a little more reasonable. These companies are providing drivers and guides are extra. I have called Joe Banana but haven't heard back from them yet. My kids really want to climb the tower and I would like to see at least 2 of the villages. Since I have to miss the Amalfi Coast earlier in our trip (it was too long of a day for the kids to fit with Pompeii so we are only seeing Sorrento with it), I am trying to fit in some of the CT for me. Thank you all for your help and replies. This is our first cruise and trip to Europe and planning has been a little overwhelming at times. I appreciate all recommendations!
  11. Hi! I'm looking into Bellaitalia tours. Did you end up using them? I'm trying to fit in Pisa for the kids and Cinque Terre for myself and this company is so far the only one to combine the two from our La Spezia port.
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