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  1. I cancelled mine under Peace of mind on March 11. Sailing on the 20. O option but FCC. hoping to sale in October.
  2. I just called NCL as I cancelled my cruise leaving March20 a day before they cancelled. Couldn’t find my FCC but the very nice woman for NCL. Told me that I will find it under my latitude section. Not there yet. Cancelled a week ago! good luck
  3. I cancelled on the 11th due to the virus. NCL hasn’t sent my TA any info yet regarding any changes in my refund. I was not offered cash. But I sure wish I was. Same with United Airlines. They gave us future credit for air but I can cash it out with a 300$ pp penalty.
  4. How do you know how many cabins are left? I can’t find out?
  5. I’m a bit confused. If we cancel and get our FCC, but we don’t cancel the prepaid gratuities , does it mean the next cruise we book we have to pay gratuities again? Or do they keep the gratuities already paid and apply it to the new cruise gratuities?
  6. We had our category open up yesterday for March sailing. NCL gave us 35$ OBC for a balcony. Our TA count get them to budge. My sister upgraded from OV to balcony. She received all the perks. 200$ OBC but included 500 mins wifi. Not the 250 usual. She booked same time. Same TA.
  7. How do you tell how many cabins are open on a cruise?
  8. Oh, thanks that would make things faster. Are you usually assigned a time to get off?
  9. Ca you tel me what this is? gracelyn
  10. Do all cruises have a sail away party? gracelyn
  11. Thank you finest 14 that’s exactly what my brother in law requires. How is the snorkelling?
  12. Hi we are looking for a place to go snorkelling around Kona but needs to have parking accessibility for a person with limited walking ability. We have a car. gracelyn
  13. Good luck. Have fun. Bring extra. Every time I bump a corner I knock it off lol
  14. Looking for one that may have a fire show. Any suggestions? gracelyn
  15. I wear one. Never an issue X-ray doesn’t affect it.
  16. We are going out March 20! Out of Tahiti Enjoy!
  17. Hi, just wondering if their is a special activity for the sail away? Like BBQ music etc looking to decide if I want to book an alacarte or be out on deck for sail away. also is there a seafood night? gracelyn
  18. Hi...how do you find angled cabins? thanks gracelyn
  19. Ohhhhhhhh....that sounds wonderful! Going to look at that now THANKS
  20. T does. But it’s a small compact manual. We are 4 people, driver very tall and won’t fit. It’s the only car they rent via Avis
  21. We are seriously looking into renting for the day What is closer to manava resort, Papeete or airport to rent?
  22. Thank you for that advise still searching for a driver or a tour with loose plans gracely
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