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  1. The fact it opens up at 7am is perfect because I'm an early riser hahah. Short line for me 😊.
  2. It's better to be early than jammed up on time you'll never know a car accident could have yoou running late because of the backed upp traffic. I'd say be early maybe try boarding around 2pm.
  3. You'll love it because it's a port everyday I hardly attended the shows because the port excursions had me tires haha. Enjoy your vacation.
  4. Yeah with the itinerary and having one sea day we booked an interior room and enjoyed it because we weren't on the ship much hahaha. Barbados we were allowed to stay until night and it was during their carnival time which was awesome for us. Overall I believe when you have port days everyday and one sea day a fancy ship isn't really needed unless you been to those islands.
  5. Glad you enjoyed your last minute booking. I live 45 mins from Tampa and want to book like that one day and get a free upgrade hahaha. Love this post.
  6. Get it, she could drink milkshakes and slushie drinks if the baby likes it hopefully she doesn't have motion sickness and the baby let her e hoy those specialty drinks.
  7. I can't wait for you guys to post your reviews when you sail on this ship. The newest ship I have sailed was Horizon in November 2019 loved it the family harbor room was perfect for me. Can't wait.
  8. Oh I didn't know they do root beer floats I have to try it. I'm just use to the coffee drinks. Thanks O.V. for posting the menu I think I found a spot for my 5 year old to get a cool treat.
  9. Yes, I've seen groups playing cards there and it was mainly adults there no kids and loud drunks. So I like the free spot hahah. The Lanai was my secret spot.
  10. Yes the MDR Indian food is the best . I made the mistake and wanted to eat some shrimps in MDR and it was nasty going to stick to the Indian Vegetarian option when going to MDR. I usually go to both MDR or buffet thought the cruise duration.
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