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  1. Enjoy! We are sailing out of NOLA on February 7 on the NCL Getaway.
  2. grandmarnnurse -- Which sailing are you on?
  3. I can't see us partaking in the Ice Bar when we cruise on the Getaway in February. We are getting away from Winnipeg Canada -- the last place we want to go is back into a freezer!
  4. Finally received my refund cheque/check on Friday, for my flight changes due to a cruise cancelled by NCL. Only took 6 months, but I'm happy!
  5. Let us know if you end up booking and sailing with us! :-) Anyone else looking at sailing out of NOLA on the Getaway on February 7, 2020? Nine nights of fun!!
  6. Not sure why we are not able to send or receive private messages?? You can reach us on Kik, same username. Or email us -- fsi AT mts DOT net
  7. Please join us, it will be a blast! 9 days/nights of fun!! :-) We are also staying in NOLA for two nights before the cruise, and three nights post-cruise.
  8. Still waiting for my refund check for "air change fees" after NCL cancelled our initial cruise. They sent an email on April 15, stating that I should receive my check in 4-6 weeks. I called the refund center this past Monday -- they said the check was cut on September 20 (basically right before my phone call). I rolled my eyes and had to say I guess I'll keep waiting. 5 months and counting...….
  9. Will we be too late to catch the sloths?
  10. Prnsessmoi -- we are on the same cruise and it looks like we have the same interests! Sloths are high on our list. Looking at booking with Bodden as well. Let us know what you end up booking; would love to meet you guys! G&N
  11. Any lifestylers cruising on the NCL Getaway out of New Orleans on February 7, 2020? Shoot us a message! :-)
  12. Do some mock bookings for each category to see which cabins are available?
  13. Just thought I would update..... Received an email from US Guest Relations today. I was advised to expect a refund via cheque/check for the flight change fees within 4 to 6 weeks. All's well that ends well.
  14. I have absolutely no problem waiting weeks, even months, for a refund if I know that it is coming eventually. My issue is being brushed off on the phone, and having email submissions not ever replied to -- particularly when their automated response states to "please allow 3 business days". Just let me know the score, instead of keeping me hanging in limbo. Thanks for your help, everybody.
  15. 12-day cruise for January 2020 out of New Orleans was cancelled by NCL. Flights had already been booked for the initial cruise, and had to be changed. I re-booked to a 9-day Western Caribbean, also out of New Orleans. I did this by phone and was given the 15% discount for the new reservation as promised in their cancellation letter. Now, for the airline ticket change fees – where they promised a refund of up to $300 per person -- they directed me to a different phone number. I called this separate number (waited 30+ minutes), and was then advised that I had to contact NCL through the website help section, "After You Cruise". So not a direct email, but a "pop up" form (standard now), which allows for attachments to include my receipts. Now, "After You Cruise" doesn't allow you to pull down the cruise date because obviously the cruise hasn't occurred yet (it's in February 2020). I chose to use the "Before You Cruise" help option, advised them of my situation and attached all of my receipts showing the old and new flights with the change fees paid. It's been two weeks and I have submitted the request twice, with no response. I'm pretty frustrated. I booked my initial flights in good faith, and re-booked my flights for the new cruise, staying loyal to NCL. Why is it so hard to even get a response -- never mind my $420 back in change fees! Has anyone had experience with airline change fee refunds? Is it because they won't refund them *before* my cruise and I must wait until the cruise has been completed? Is there a more direct email address that I should be using? You'd think they would at least tell me either way. Any assistance or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks all.
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