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  1. Due to jet lag I’ll have several hours to kill during the night so I was wondering looking for feedback on what areas might be accessible and which ones locked overnight? I’ll be cruising on Ovation but would be happy with feedback on any RCI ships as they may be comparable.
  2. As stated in post title, I’m curious to know how people would rank the restaurants on Anthem or Ovation?
  3. Possibly more comfortable beds? I’ve seen a number of reviews mention that Royal Caribbean’s beds have become very hard over the last few years, apparently because the mattress toppers have been removed for hygiene reasons. It seems, from the RCI website, that on Oasis and Quantum class junior suites get “luxury pillow top mattresses”.
  4. Hi All, I’m taking a South Pacific cruise in January and I’ve booked a snorkelling shore excursion at Vanuatu (90 minutes). Not having snorkelled before, and not being a strong swimmer, I’m now getting cold feet. I haven’t swum since school so I went to my local pool today to test myself and found I can only do about 10m before getting out of breath. The RCI webpage says “all skill levels” welcome but doesn’t give much more information (eg shallow/deep waters? Flotation equipment provided?) Has anyone gone on either this or similar snorkelling expeditions who can give me an idea what to expect and whether I should cancel?
  5. I notice that many of the negative reviews for the Quantum class ships mention overcrowding, compared to other ships both bigger and smaller. However, it seems that actually the Quantum class ships have a relatively high space to passenger ratio: https://www.cruisemapper.com/wiki/761-cruise-ship-passenger-capacity-ratings Can anyone explain this disparity from their experience of these ships?
  6. Hi All, I’ll have a few liquid items to take on boards and reading advice here and elsewhere I’m still not clear on what should go in the carry on and what should go in the checked luggage. I’ll have an 8-pack of a liquid fibre supplement. Should this go in the carry on bags to avoid my checked luggage being stopped? It will be a pain to have to carry this around with me until we can get into our cabins. What about shampoo, deodorant etc?
  7. I booked about 90 days before my Ovation cruise and am now 38 days away. I’ve never seen North Star or Ifly appear on the booker. Looking through forums it appears that’s because these book up months in advance? Edit: However, it looks like it is possible to either queue up or book slots on board.
  8. As a Brit cruising from Sydney in January the overnight availability of food will be important given my inevitable jet lag. It seems that Sorrentos is the main late night option but reading through forum threads it seems that it has become famous (perhaps notorious) for its poor quality. Recently, however, I’ve seen articles suggesting RCI have putting a lot of effort into improving the product. Has it worked?
  9. Yes, please do - I’ll be taking an Ovation cruise in January as my first cruise since I was a young child with my parents, so it would be nice to get an idea of what to expect.
  10. More than 200 replies so far - I’m curious as to why this issue has generated so much interest? Is there something special or unusual about these drink dispensing machines?
  11. Hi all. I’m a single traveller teetotaller so was considering the soda package. The cost quoted through the UK RCI website is £9.08 per person which seems much more expensive than $ prices I’ve seen mentioned on US sites. I doubt I’ll break even on the cost (how much are soft drinks?) but convenience might be a selling point. How widespread are the drinks dispensers?
  12. I’ve booked on Ovation next year and I’ve seen a number of reviews for Ovation and Anthem say that over the last couple of years the beds have become rock hard and uncomfortable. One explanation I’ve seen is that mattress toppers have been removed as as an infection risk. What have been people’s experience of the last couple of years?
  13. Hi All, On the deck plans for the Q class ships there are long white areas opposite the midship cabins, eg opposite cabins 8190 to 8232. What are located in these white areas? THanks.
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