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  1. Whoops...I wore shorts to Ocean Blue on our last cruise in the Haven. Not being elitist, I just genuinely didn’t realize you needed pants. I did dress up for Le Bistro for what it’s worth! 😎
  2. Welp, that was quick. Good job everyone who made their displeasure heard!
  3. But the contract protects them from breach of contract! 🤣
  4. This does work sometimes. NCL started piloting a "Haven experience" for non-Haven guests, it was something like 50pp for an hour in the Haven Lounge for cocktails and dinner in the Haven restaurant. The NCL board exploded and it was quickly and quietly removed. NCL does read those boards and has posted on them when things get out of control.
  5. Fortunately I convinced him to book it Refundable, he always books NRD, so he could cancel if he wanted to. The issue is he can't switch to another cabin because the prices went up significantly. I think he'll probably end up taking the cruise anyway because it might be the only time the Oasis comes up to NJ and he's never done the Oasis before. Of course Royal is counting on people to grin and bear it. This is a blatant cash grab.
  6. Sorry I meant Sky class, that's probably part of the confusion. So to rephrase - you can order complimentary drinks from the Suite Lounge while dining in Coastal Kitchen, from the Suite Lounge drink menu, if you are in Sky class?
  7. Ok, but they would be complimentary for suite guests dining in coastal kitchen as long as they were from the happy hour menu? What about other dining venues?
  8. I saw this on a TA site about Star class cabins on Oasis. According to this TA you can order the complimentary beer and wine from the Suite Lounge in Coastal Kitchen. Can anyone confirm if this is the case? Since the Suite Lounge bar is open during dinner, you can be served complimentary wine and cocktails while dining.
  9. That’s one of the reasons I’m so hesitant to eat there. From everything I’ve read on here, it seems to have the greatest chance of having a bad meal and/or bad service.
  10. Ok, so on Oasis-class, no cocktails outside of 4:30-8pm? And you if you stop by when they’re open, you can grab a beer or wine and take it out of the lounge?
  11. Ok so say I'm on the Oasis - they have a Diamond Lounge and an Suite Lounge, or are they one and the same?
  12. Are these the options available to me in the Diamond/Concierge lounge during happy hour as a suite guest, or are these only available as vouchers to Diamonds? (sorry I know I asked this in another thread)
  13. I agree, I'm having a hard time with the idea of paying 6-8k for a suite with literally no drinks included. As a suite guest I would be happy getting the 3 drinks a day during happy hour. I'm coming from NCL's Haven, Haven guests pretty much always get offered the free* drink package (*free after paid grats).
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