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  1. Wanted to link to this for posterity. Izumi Hibachi IS included in the Unlimited Dining Plan, no up charge required since it is not an a la carte restaurant. Here is the official list from RCI's website. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/what-restaurants-are-included-in-the-unlimited-dining-package Also here is the link that says that embarkation lunch IS included. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/is-lunch-included-on-embarkation-day-for-the-unlimited-dining-package
  2. You should ask them who to contact if you get denied.
  3. That does seem to confirm everyone's understanding of how the package is supposed to work. Maybe you could request a refund for the package since you did not receive what you paid for?
  4. It's a shame because we were really looking forward to the volcano nachos. What we got was an island of nachos surrounded by an ice cold moat of watery carnival cheese. They should consider putting doors on Margaritaville for when the weather is cold (this was on the Getaway out of NYC).
  5. Great review, thanks for sharing. For those who have been on the Anthem before, if we want to be some of the first on board, what time should we get to the port? I was thinking 10am, but I'm not sure if they start boarding at 10:30 or 11am.
  6. That's unfortunate that you had to pay the upcharge for Hibachi. Others have reported only having to pay for a 2nd protein. I'm surprised they told you that you only got one restaurant for each lunch/dinner. They changed the name of the program from Ultimate to Unlimited. So what part is unlimited anymore?
  7. This got kind of buried in this thread (maybe I should put it in its own thread), but check out my prior post on how I would implement a bidding algorithm.
  8. Margaritaville part deux? Nachos were cold there too on the Getaway earlier this year.
  9. So a menu posted from Cagney’s on the Encore TA still says “Premium Black Angus Beef”, not Certified. No mention of aging either. So either it’s forthcoming (unlikely) or there’s a miscommunication between marketing and food and beverage operations.
  10. Makes sense, overextended staff can lead to bad attitudes. It’s a shame NCL put them in that position.
  11. This is really disheartening to read. Our first NCL cruise was on the Getaway this past April and I thought it was a great ship. I wonder if they were severely understaffed, and that led to the slow/non-existent service? Not sure how to explain the poor attitudes you guys ran into onboard.
  12. Buffet burgers are almost always terrible. Needs to be made to order!
  13. How was the chicken? Hopefully better than the burger?
  14. Definitely get the 3 night SDP package. NCL has SIGNIFICANTLY raised the ala carte prices in many of their specialties, probably in an effort to force people to get the SDP packages. An app, entree, and dessert can easily run you 70 dollars for 1 person at the new Cagney's prices, and I think the 3-night SDP packages start at $99...
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