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  1. Yeah it's kind of silly, you'd think they'd want to encourage less waste by not charging drink package holders for the flight. You can order 2 drinks at a time so 3 orders would get you 6 for "free", but if you didn't want to waste the drinks or get drunk off of 6 full sized mojitos, you could pay the 5 dollar upcharge to get the flight (20-15 + 20% grats - 20% PBP discount I guess?)
  2. Yeah it's my first time seeing it too, it was in the room when we got there. I used it mostly to help carry my kids cards with us. It was hard to get it in and out of the side with the plastic window.
  3. Day 4 Breakfast We're starting to get into the swing of things, but of course its our last day. We headed to the Haven for breakfast and there was actually a wait, so we asked if we could eat in the courtyard which they said was fine. It's weird that you can't eat lunch there but you can eat breakfast (and maybe dinner?). After we got seated out there a number of other parties who were waiting joined us in the courtyard. It was a little cool since it's an open air courtyard and the ship was moving but otherwise pleasant. I had the Eggs Benedict with the filet and bacon. The Benedict came with some sort of truffle-y compote, which was probably finely chopped mushrooms mixed with truffle oil. I don't like truffle oil (tastes like rubber to me, also is never made from real truffles), but I've never had real truffles either so I can't say for sure what it was. I ate it anyway. I don't remember what everyone else had and don't have pictures anyway. I also wanted to talk about the coffee in the Haven - when you order coffee, they give you a mini-french press. I am a little bit of a coffee snob, but I don't turn my nose on regular coffee either. I was disappointed with the coffee in the Haven, it was consistently not good all week. It just tasted thin and weak to me, and french press in particular is supposed to taste fuller and bolder. It could be a quality issue, but I'm guessing they probably just weren't using the right amount of coffee. Ships wake from the aft balcony (actually from day 3) Partially consumed Filet with Bacon and Eggs Benedict Truffle? Bits on Benedict We relaxed, the kids played in the water park, and I got some mojitos from the Mojito Bar: I also managed to get some pics from Wasabi When we got back to the room, we found the most endangered species on the ship lurking on a bed. He must have been in search of our afternoon snacks. Fortunately, we got to them first.
  4. They don’t care about the unhappy cruisers. It’s a numbers game, they feel like they are getting enough new and returning cruisers that they can afford to lose a few unhappy ones.
  5. I linked to the charter, I wouldn't consider that the same as a Travel Agency. If I'm wrong I guess the mods will delete my post. I'm pretty sure I've seen people post links to charters on here before.
  6. Not sure why other posters are being coy about the group. A quick google search reveals: https://www.kosherica.com/kosher_cruises/bermuda-cruise-from-new-york/ This must be a partial charter. In any case, I would avoid booking any cruise that has been partially chartered, regardless of the group/event. I haven’t run into this but I’m guessing that NCL doesn’t disclose this when booking the cruise?
  7. What ship are you booked on? It sounds like the Getaway. If so I'm finishing up a review of my most recent cruise on there: Yes, as others have pointed out, you shouldn't have any issues getting multiple apps or side. Per the Terms & Conditions, the only thing you are restricted to using the SDP is one entree. Some waiters may tell you one app/one entree/one dessert, and they've either been instructed to in order to save food or they could be confusing things with the platinum dining certificates, which do limit the apps and desserts. I ordered multiple apps at Ocean Blue, and for a second the waiter hesitated like he was going to tell me something and then never did (or not, maybe it was just me). I never had any issues ordered multiple apps/entrees at any of the specialties. On a side note, I'm also very familiar with a keto/low carb diet as I'm on it when trying to lose weight (I was not on the cruise). You can definitely eat well on a low carb diet in most of the specialties. In fact most of my meal in Ocean Blue was pretty low carb - crab cake (some breading in it but not much), ahi tuna and avocado, beet salad, grilled sea bass, lobster tail, fried brussel spouts and steamed veggies. So maybe double up on Ocean Blue for low carb (there is a 12 dollar upcharge on the SDP though). I thought they were all pretty good for the most part, although we only ate at La Cucina, Le Bistro, and Ocean Blue. Just from what I've read on the boards, Cagney's seems to be the most hit or miss. Moderno is great for low carb, although some have said that the quality of the meat isn't great. AFAIK, you just pay the upcharge (7?) and it's all you can eat. BirdTravels has posted on here about using an SDP at the Raw Bar, and was able to order a bunch of food including lobster. I've haven't read much on here about using the SDP credit at Wasabi but you should be able to for AYCE, although I guess you can confirm beforehand. Either way let us know how it goes and take lots of pictures! 😄
  8. Everything Bird got in this one picture (which I assume was one day's worth of snacks) was all we got all cruise, 1 plate each day. Also there were 4 of us. We never got any snacks (pub mix, gummy bears, M&Ms, etc).
  9. Day 3 Dinner The excitement and change in schedule (going to bed and waking up late) finally took its toll on our oldest, who passed out around 6pm at the start of dinner. My wife took him back to the room where he promptly fell asleep and didn't wake up until the next morning. I didn't get a picture of the dinner menu, but it's pretty much the same as what has been posted on here (reposted below). I had read previously on here that they are open to different dietary requests, especially vegetarian, so I was curious to see how the experience would be. I was underwhelmed with their response. I posted this in another thread but I'll repeat it here for the review: The night before, I arranged to have them bring in the vegetarian entree from the MDR, as well as make a vegetarian version of the butternut squash soup. She had the soup before she took our son back, and then I had the butler send her entree to the room after she left. She started to get seasickness for the first time we got on the ship, so she slapped on a patch and called it a night. My younger son and I proceeded to finish our dinner in the restaurant. Dinner Menu Shrimp Cocktail Butternut Squash Soup Short Rib on Polenta Grilled Filet Dessert Menu (Chocolate Pistachio Bar is gone) Pear Ginger Crumble Mocha Mousse Chocolate Ice Cream Dinner was pretty good. The shrimp cocktail was disappointing, the shrimp were huge but tasted like they were cooked prior to being frozen. The texture was softer and more pliable than it should have been. If you've had (or made) shrimp that has been freshly cooked (even from frozen) it has a much firmer texture. The soup and my wife's entree were good (although I couldn't grab a picture of it, it was grilled eggplant and zucchini and marinara). The short rib was decent, and the filet was really good - well seasoned, and the mushrooms and sauce were good. The potatoes maybe could have been crispier. The desserts were good too, although be warned that there is way more mousse than appears to be. There were other layers below the chocolate (vanilla and raspberry) that were good too. After dinner we headed back to the cabin and hung out in the bedroom and on the balcony for a while and then went to bed. It was one of the nice things about having the living area separate from the bedroom (plus balcony access from the bedroom), because we could entertain our younger son while the other slept in the living area. Only more sea day until, in the words of the immortal Soul II Soul, "back to life, back to reality..."
  10. I think Pinnacle members are allowed in the restaurant and lounge on RCI, whereas on NCL they are for suite guests only.
  11. Day 3 - Lunch We got tired of the rain and headed back to the ship to ensure we didn't miss lunch at the Haven again. The apps were good, the scallops were good but there were only 3 which seems a bit small for an entree so I got the French Dip as well. The French Dip was pretty good although the bread was a little stale, like it had been under a heat lamp for too long. The beef in the sandwich was very good and well seasoned. The jus was not a typical broth, but more like a demi-glace, and was excellent. Fries were terrible per usual. I can't put my finger on it, but it's almost as if they fry one big batch and set them under a heat lamp for the rest of the day. I don't think I ever got any fries that were actually fresh out of the fryer. The goat cheese galette was good, but it was just too much goat cheese. The desserts were good as well. Not sure what was up with the random bits of yellow cake with the brownies. Not complaining, I mean we ate them, just a little weird. Also I think the ice cream was regular vanilla, not macadamia. Haven Lunch Menu Bread Fritto Misto Santa Fe Flatbread (no ham) Kids Chicken Fingers and Fries Chilled Cantaloupe Soup with Goat Cheese Scallops Goat Cheese Galette French Dip Banana Cream Tartlet Warm Chocolate Espresso Brownies When we got back to the room, we found the butler treat du jour: We also had intruders on our balcony which we would have been prepared for had we actually read any of the notices they left us: Also I realize I haven't been posting the dailies. I'll post the rest of them once the main review is done. Next post - dinner in the Haven!
  12. Day 3 - Bermuda We grabbed breakfast in the Haven before heading out to explore the Royal Naval Dockyard. We've flown to Bermuda twice before, but had never seen the Dockyard, so we decided to explore that and stay close to the ship. Unfortunately it was cold and drizzling most of the morning, so we ended up cutting our stay short and only visited for an hour or two before heading back to the ship. The pastries were a little bit of a letdown - not as good as a decent bakery, but better than a grocery store's bakery (if that makes sense). Otherwise the food we ordered was good. Some treats from the Haven buffet Haven Breakfast Buffet Omlette Scrambled Eggs and Bacon French toast (again) and sausage Bermuda Shorex Shenanigans We were planning on doing the Bermuda Train Company's Dockyard tour, but decided against it due to NCL shenanigans. Originally I emailed the Train Company directly to see if we could purchase tickets directly through them, since NCL wanted 60/adult and 40/child for the excursion (200 for a family of 4 for an hour long trolley ride? are they out of their minds??!). They said we had to buy them directly from NCL. I also asked if infants/toddlers were free, and they said kids under 3 were free (my youngest is 2.5). I did have the 50 shorex credit from the Free At Sea, so I was thinking 110 is much more palatable. When I spoke to the concierge to make the reservations, I said that I wanted 3 tickets but the 4th was under 3, so he should be free. She called to double check and they told her that we would need to buy him a ticket because only 1 and under was free. Shady. I told them I wasn't interested.
  13. No assigned seating. You might need to get there early to get good seats, depending on the popularity of the show.
  14. You don’t have to pay the 7.95 convenience charge, but it will be delivered by your butler. Drinks will be charged, even if you have a beverage package.
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