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  1. I have never been on the Jade, but have sailed NCL many times, along with most of the other mainstream lines. While ordinarily you can count on a certain ship staying consistent with its reputation over the years, I somewhat doubt that will be the case when comparing a ship pre vs post covid. All crew have gone home. Some will return, but others will not. Those who do are likely to be on different ships; maybe even a different cruise line. My guess is that it will be an entire reshuffling of officers and crew. That will change the personalities of the ships I think. Having said that, NCL will still be "freestyle", which I like. I have to wear a tie every day at work, and hate to have to dress up at all while on vacation. NCL is for sure the most casual.
  2. Who cares what some federal commission thinks? More government overregulation of private enterprise. The market corrects these things on its own. If a cruise lines refund practice is bad, it will lose business. People think the government is the solution to all their challenges.
  3. There were no restrictions on electing the refund when my cruise was cancelled. Was straightforward. I chose the FCC though, and you are not accurate in saying that the cruise prices rose to the extent that the FCC + 20% didnt cover a comparable cruise in the future. It covers it and more. Indeed, I purchased the exact cruise (same port, only difference was Getaway instead of Breakaway), on the exact week in 2021, with the exact cabin (spa mini-suite), along with all of the the same perks, specialty dining, drinks package, excursions, with the FCC, then prepaid all gratuities, added unlimited streaming internet, and got an added $200 on board credit, and still have about $200 FCC left. Promotions change, but we took advantage of what was offered right when it was offered, and are more than satisfied with the deal we got. I have not gotten the impression since the beginning that NCL has been anything less than fair with its customers regarding the covid-19 circumstances. In fact, the cruise industry has had to deal with covid-19 repercussions worse than probably any other business in the world, and has been kicked around unfairly in my mind, left to gravel and kiss a$$ to government agencies looking for scapegoats; yet NCL and the other lines have taken the beating with barely a whimper, all while fighting to keep heads above water. I am impressed that they seem to have paid refunds as promply as they did, given the complete loss of revenue, and ongoing operating expenses. NCL didn't kill the cruise you paid for--your government did. NCL was just left to handle the situation; all while maintaining its business so that it would survive and be able to go forward in the future. Still amazes me that there were so many folks here who seemed in somewhat crisis mode while waiting a refund of a cancelled cruise. I honestly assumed that people who make the decision to purchase a cruise have contemplated how the cost of that cruise might effect them financially, and wouldn't decide to cruise if it left them in peril, or even paycheck to paycheck. That money, and more, would have been gone if the cruise hadn't been cancelled, but many here made it sound like the 90 day wait would send their families to the cheese line. My conclusions are not the talk of snobbery (as I dont live lavishly), but rather a respect for budgeting and self-responsibility. There are several fair criticisms I have had and heard about NCL over the years, but its post-covid response isnt one of them.
  4. I dont have an issue with NCL discovering an error, if that is what it was, and correcting it. I will understand that, even though I will lose those points myself. I have an issue with someone celebrating the fact that others are losing that "windfall".
  5. Gads. I bet your neighbors just love you. Reminds me of those folks in the workplace who cant stand it when someone else gets a raise, and instead of thinking that its great for everyone when anyone gets a bump up, because the office payscale is upward trending, they are more concerned with keeping others around them down, so they feel better about their own status. Counterproductive disposition. Not a surprising comment here though.
  6. I'll stop my comments on this thread. Back to dreaming about chilling on a cruise again soon.
  7. Time, manner and place restrictions are valid under the First Amendment. "Protesters" are not permitted to do whatever they want, and must still comply with the laws.
  8. It is funny how in one post you claim covid-19 wont be an issue after the election, "because we will have better leadership", thus acknowledging that it is at least in part a political situation, but then contradict yourself by providing extremely misleading statistics to fit your narrative that covid-19 is something different than what it is. Covid-19 is in fact a easily spread virus, like many viruses. What "the science" has proven unequivocally over the duration of this international panic is that a very high percentage of people (and an even higher percentage of healthy people) dont suffer any negative effects, or "sickness" from it, and therefore they dont even know when they are "positive". Moreover, those same asymptomatic positives are far less likely to spread it to others. Having said that, because more and more people are going to have covid-19 at some point, and because testing is far more widespread, the "positive cases" are going to go up. But, the more who get it, and particularly with mild symptoms, no symptoms, or at least survivable symptoms, the closer we as a nation reach "herd immunity", which means most of us become immune, and the tread is reduced to eliminate the threat. Even the liberal rags, like the NY Times are confirming these things now. The other factor anyone who actually cares about "the facts" over fulfilling a political narrative, is that the "covid-19 deaths" are only described as "covid-19 deaths" because they want to, not because they actually are deaths which are "caused" from covid-19. The vast overwhelming majority of these deaths are two categories of people, most of whom fall in to both descriptions; very old and/or sick-unhealthy folks. Prior to covid-19, if someone had a pulmonary condition, heart condition, or both (the two frequently go hand in hand), and that person gets a seasonal cold, which turns into a respiratory infection that they cant shake, leading to a trip to the hospital where they die, that cause of death would be categorized as heart or lung failure. No Dr. or medical examiner would have considered ruling the cause of death "seasonal cold". During covid-19 however, the rules were changed. If that same person had covid-19 instead of a seasonal cold which ultimately led to the trip to the hospital, and died, its categorized a covid-19 death. That would be alright, i guess, if we were then able to compare this new statistical measure with pre-covid-19 seasonal colds/viruses/flu's, but we cant, because prior to now everyone knew that people who died from some pre-morbid health condition should be categorized as such, rather than citing some straw which may have broken the camels back as the "cause". We need to examine the realities of this situation, and compare apples to apples. Anyone who thinks politics hasnt controlled the narrative since the beginning is like a child following the Pied Piper. Dont drink too much of the Kool-Aid, as that will kill us far more quickly than covid-19.
  9. I feel quite good about the March 2021 cruise I used my FCC to purchase. I'm not really sure what your point is, or why you still harbor such bitterness now that you have been made whole by the company many here insisted would never provide a full credit because it surely would be bankrupt by now. Life is too short friend. The cruise companies got a terrible punch to the face after the fear/panic circled the universe. It will take a while to get back on very solid financial ground for the industry, but after the election in November there will no longer be a need to shut down the economy "for the good of the country", the virus will have fulfilled its political agenda, and you watch how it will quickly become less relevant. Ships will sail again soon thereafter.
  10. Forgot about that. Great insight! That will be our plan I'm sure. Thanks.
  11. There is no difference except price. We have done sailaway bookings many times, and have never had an issue. Always good cabins in good locations. All mini-suites are the same regardless. The price savings are significant. Dont hesitate.
  12. I don't disagree with you. In my case, honestly, my wife and I tend not to spend much on board. I will have $350 in OBC for our March cruise, and I don't know where we will spend it, because we already have the drink package, excursion and internet promos, and prepaid gratuities. Maybe use it for an excursion or two, but we generally don't take excursions, as we tend to prefer chilling in the ports, then heading back to ship early. Maybe pictures, or purchases in the store, or jewelry for her. We don't spend money in the casino, but I guess we could roll the dice and turn it into cash? Is that possible? Regardless, NCL wouldn't be losing much more than its costs by giving us OBC. But I know that isn't true of everyone.
  13. Exactly. The stockholder program cost NCL very little. Same with most of the promos. We already pay for the food on board, so if you are eating at a specialty restaurant, NCL isnt spending the cost of feeding you in the "free" dining room. Cant be much difference between the cost of the food in the specialty vs the regular dining rooms. Everything is marked up in price on a cruise ship, so the cruise lines dont take a hit by throwing you a little OBC bone.
  14. Thanks to all who answered my question. Yes, watching NCL's stock price is like being on a roller-coaster. Ultimatly though, I think it will get over $40 a share over the course of a few years.
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