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    Port Vila?

    For those of you that have been to port vila, is there a glass bottom boat tour that you recommend? are there multiple tour operators for these types of tours? And is there an alternative turtle bay glass bottom boat and activity tour that you recommend? We are on the royal carribean cruise their in mid December.
  2. nzwasp

    Noumea Tours

    We are a family 4 and cruising to Nomeau in mid december with Royal Carribean. We are interested in the Tchou Tchou train as we think our kids would like it but have a couple of questions: Is there a good site that actually breaks down where the train goes? all the descriptions seem kind of vague. Is there more than one train and more than one operator? we are trying to avoid paying Royal Carribean tour prices but it seems that with other tours the cruise line charters the tour operator so you have to pay their prices.