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  1. Before online bookings here in Australia moved to the US-based Carnival site, Carnival's Australian website would have specials and offers on for cruises. When you clicked into the booking, the site would ask you then for your VIFP number and adjust prices according to any discounts the VIFP would offer. Quite often, once I did that, the website would then remove some of the specials such as room upgrades, deposit discounts, or even lower prices. It's almost like their computer system recognised me from my VIFP number and said, "screw this guy, we'll charge him more!"
  2. Joe Farcus did. In any case, Carnival sent Splendor our way so I'm eager to check her out when/if I sail in November this year.
  3. Silly question, but what are these Carnival Journey Photography classes that offered? I don't think I've ever seen anything like this on Spirit or Legend.
  4. Oh I do, but how many people have poorly washed their, i.e. not using soap, etc.?
  5. Those air blades are gross; having to slide your hands into that slim slot where they get pushed to into the frame where there'd be plenty of germs. Yuck.
  6. I've only ever done 3, 5 and 8 nights with Carnival as well as a 12-nighter back in 2018 and the FTTF prices have matched up with the table. It just seems this one is inconsistent as it's on the cusp of a 10 nighter and 11 nighter. It's just that extra day is a discrepancy of $50 which makes me question its value.
  7. My days and nights are pretty well sorted out. According to my Cruise Manager on the Carnival website, for the purposes of the passenger contract, booking summary and cruise description, it all states the cruise is a 10-day cruise. Carnival can't just turn around and say, "but becuase you're getting FTTF, we'll count that as 11 days so it'll cost you more."
  8. It's a 10-night cruise, but Carnival don't class the last day as a cruise day. On the cruise search area of their page, the cruise is displayed as a 10-day. 10 Days South Pacific from Sydney, Australia Carnival Splendor 8 Feb, 2021 - 18 Feb, 2021
  9. No. That price applies for the entire cruise per cabin. So the total I got charged was just the $175. But to me, that's the 11- and 12-day cruise price.
  10. I've got a cruise booked for next year and the other, I requested Faster to the Fun. My sailing is a 10-night cruise. The lady said it would cost me $175. When I looked at the Carnival Australia (https://help.carnival.com.au/app/answers/detail/a_id/5033/~/faster-to-the-fun-(fttf)-au), it says 8-, 9-, and 10-night cruises cost $125. Prices Starting From Per Stateroom Cruise Durations $50 AUD 3 day Weekend Sampler & 4 days to Tasmania $75 AUD 4 days to Moreton Island and 5 days to Tasmania $100 AUD 6 and 7 day cruises $125 AUD 8, 9 and 10 day cruises $175 AUD 11 and 12 day cruises $200 AUD 13+ day cruises I emailed Carnival and got a response from Miami stating that the price is a "from" price so the price they charged me stands. The ACCC says you can't do that and have to sell at the lowest advertised price of withhold the item from sale. There's no discrepancy due to region as the prices are listed as AUD; so in other words, it's not a USD price. I know drip pricing and hidden surcharges are the norm in the US, but here we have clear legislation to prevent those practices. The extra $50 FTTF costs over the advertised price is making think twice about the scheme's value. What would you do in this instance? Is it worth pursuing via the ACCC? I also checked the pricing on another 10-night cruise and it too was $175 so this isn't a one-off price discrepancy.
  11. Same here. My penalty was $500 outlined in an email similar to that above. That was then given back as a credit on the new cruise I subsequently booked. Carnival cancelled my initial cruise and I opted for FCC and OBC.
  12. My cruise was cancelled and I elected FCC + $900 AUD onboard credit. The initial cruise had a $500 deposit for the tow of us. Upon using all the FCC, Carnival assessed my penatly at $250 per person (I guess that makes up the inital $500 deposit). This was then added to a new cruise as a credit in the same manner as above. The below image shows how the $500 inital deposit from my cancelled cruise was applied as a credit to this later cruise.
  13. Does this occur even when one leg is booked through Carnival and the other leg through a travel agent? I'll be doing my first back-to-back in the same room. I had the second leg booked through a travel agent first. When another Carnival Cruise of mine got cancelled today, I used that credit to book the cruise immediately before the second leg effectively making a back-to-back, albeit the first leg booked directly through Carnival and the second through the travel agent.
  14. Yes. I was just on the phone to Carnival in the US for over an hour. My August Splendor sailing from Sydney was cancelled so I got the offer of $900AUD per cabin and I had over $1100 in Future Cruise Credit (I hadn't fully paid). My situation is reversed to yours. My original sailing had two passengers (me and my partner). I booked a new cruise for November just for myself and hoped to move the entire Future Cruise Credit and Onboard Credit to the new sailing. The guy from Carnival said it applies per passenger and so was only able to move one passenger FCC and OBC to this new sailing (half). However, the remaining FCC remains with the second passenger. I also only have $450 AUD OBC which is half of the offered $900 I take from this that if you're the only name on the original booking, all your FCC and OBC offered will move to the room entirely. However, the guy had me on hold for lot of that phone call as he was checking with his team leader for a lot of this information. It was somewhat confusing because my new cruise was less than the original and I had booked the new cruise with an $800 deposit. He mentioned taxes and fees would be refunded now and somehow he also refunded a remaining amount of $7 AUD. But his computer system seemed to be able to handle that convoluted scenario. Maybe book the new rooms exactly how did for the first cruise and then add passengers as needed to each room.
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