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  1. Thanks everyone. We're doing a couple of weeks in Japan first so I'll take it. In Japan, we'll leave Yokohama onboard Westerdam. I've never sailed them before so I wasn't aware of the USB ports in the room. If HAL confiscate the device, oh well.
  2. I don't know what to tell you. The budget paper in the last link shows a negative variation from the previous year's budget. The first link dates back to 2012 and fact check doesn't examine that budget cut.
  3. One of our Carnival cruise directors told us she thinks Sydney Harbour and New York are the best ports to sail from simply because they're in the city harbour rather than a 20-odd something kilometre bus ride away.
  4. Well said. For a party that's actually had very, very little power, i.e. I've never seen a Greens Prime Minister, Premier or Chief Minister, they seem to be portrayed as the root of all evil.
  5. I decided to put this question into the Australia forum even though we'll be setting sail on HAL MS Westerdam from Japan in April. We have Aldi here and this is an Australian-sold product. I know you're not allowed to take power boards, etc. with a cut-off/overload circuitry on it so I wanted to check about this particular device. I got it for Christmas and presumably, it's from Aldi. It has a double-adaptor on it as well as 4×USB outlets. It has a cable for the main power with interchangeable connectors for travelling. Nowhere does it state it has circuit breaker or any sort of fuse. I'm just wondreing if this particular one is OK to use aboard HAL? It will save me bringing in a few different USB chargers
  6. I'm not sure exactly where. I know he doesn't use the Princes Highway but before he left to go down, he said he goes via Canberra, Cooma and through Bombala. He mentioned his dams on the property are registered with the CFA for water use. But my goodness, looking at that map, I'd say I won't see him on Monday. He left to go down just after Christmas Day/Boxing Day something like that.
  7. Exactly this. You know one thing that I've noticed this year? No cicadas. Very few flies also. Lawns are almost completely brown. But a couple of years ago, the wattle trees around here were blooming in the middle of the July. The weather is becoming drier and summer is getting longer with a much shorter winter.
  8. Thank you. I appreciate your concern and so far places like Vincentia are safe but they've had big winds. My mum's house isn't entirely surrounded by bushland but she has bushland across the road which went up back in 2001 if I remember correctly. Since the Saturday before Christmas Eve, the Princes Highway was closed on and off from South Nowra to Jervis Bay Road and pretty much closed south to Batemans Bay and farther south most of the time. We weren't sure if we'd be able to get down to my old lady's place for Christmas on the 24th but we did with no issues. However, without knowing it, I was lucky to be able to leave to come home to the Illawarra on New Year's eve day before the highway was closed again. My brother lives on the water but the village is surrounded mostly by bushland so he'd get stuck but he has his boat on stand by. I hope our friends in Victoria get through this as well. My manager has a farm in Bairnsdale. He should hopefully be back at work on Monday so I'll ask him how it was down there. In any case, he may have issues getting back to the Illawarra for work in time.
  9. This is true, but it doesn't stop people like Barnaby Joyce and other politicians as well Alan Jones, Andrew Bolt, Gerard Henderson or some of the other media elements from confecting a connection between the two. The fact is , the Liberal government have been reducing the Rural Fire Service's budget over the last few years which has hindered the RFS to fight these fires. https://www.farmonline.com.au/story/3602488/rural-fire-service-budget-cuts/ https://independentaustralia.net/article-display/gladys-berejiklian-slashes-fire-service-budgets-while-nsw-burns,13307 For people to wilfully ignore these cuts and blame the Greens is getting old.
  10. True, but post #453 you cited Greens policies followed by post 455 which, to me, you were connecting the Greens to the protestors. I apologise if that wasn't your intention. The thing is, whilst my house hasn't burnt down, the road to where my family lives and where I lives has been closed on and off for the last few weeks and I'm over the blame being shovelled onto the Greens. Their places are currently enveloped by two fires in the Shoalhaven. My mum lives in Vincentia in the Shoalhaven and my brother at Erowal Bay. Both towns haven't been affected by fire directly but the roads in and out of the place have been closed. They've been on edge with out-of-control fires being only a few miles away.
  11. Nice link but nowhere in that article does it say the Greens were protestors.
  12. Facts don't really care about you believe. FACT: The Greens have never formed government in NSW or Victoria and certainly not Queensland. Therefore, they've never been in a position to enact their policies whether or not they support hazard reduction measures. FACT: The Greens support hazard reduction measures. What evidence would need to believe these fires are not the doing of the Greens?
  13. On a Science Hour with Dr Karl episode (on Triple J) some time ago, Dr Karl said the alcohol-based hand sanitisers are practically useless [I'm paraphrasing here], at least for cruise ship type viruses. Viruses such as noro, gastro, etc. have cellular walls which alcohol hand sanitisers simply don't break down and therefore, don't kill the bug. Soap and water is the best as the soap has fats which do indeed break down the virus' walls and are more effective. I presume the reason they use the alcohol-based sanitisers is that they dry as the alcohol evaporates. In any case, when entering the buffet, I give my hands a quick squirt. But I do see people simply walk past the sanitiser. And yes, if it is indeed ineffectual, why would someone bother? However, it sort of reminds me of the Seinfeld episode ("The Pie" if I remember) where Seinfeld goes to the Italian restaurant and the owner, Poppie, uses the toilet but fails to wash his hands.
  14. It's good that a lot of the crew were able to apply for Splendor postings. We chatted with a few back bar and serving staff on Spirit in our last cruise in June that were applying to change. I hope to see some familiar faces when I eventually book a cruise with Splendor. I'm looking at maybe a November cruise onboard Splendor.
  15. OK, thanks. I didn't ask him which ship he was going so he may setting sail this week or next.
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