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  1. Since this thread is about the Haven 2-Bedroom Family Villa's. I have an interesting tid bit. Go to the November 27, 2021 Joy sailing. Check out the price on the Two Bedrooms with veranda and the Two Bedroom with Large Veranda. The Large Veranda is less expensive then the smaller one. WHY, less of them were sold. This is the key to the NCL pricing. It is automated. It is not a person making these decisions. I find this very interesting. So when you see higher then normal cabin prices, it is due to less being available. Supply and Demand.
  2. I love CruiseCritic.com We can take a simple question and make it all about how my side wins out because of my justifications. The question was, "Is the Premium Plus Drink Package with the upgrade?" Answer, "Yes/No". Personal approach and preference.
  3. This is a perfect example of an alternative approach to the premium plus beverage package. Again it is up to the person and what they want to do. Thank you for your comments.
  4. That makes complete sense. Thank you for sharing the difference. Cruise well
  5. @debnjoe1438Congrats on your 40th on the Joy. I am on a week or so before you in November for our 41st. 40th was cancelled. I promise since I will be on first to do a detailed overview. The very best part is we are in the new NCL Terminal at the port of Miami. Where before, it was hard to find the Haven Lines/entrances. Now it is very easy. They took their cue from MSC and the Yacht club with a private entrance. The lounge at the port is nice but just a comfortable holding area with some snacks. The escort is not always your butler. It is a member of the Haven Staff and you might be with a few other Haven Guest as you are eventually escorted in. I actually write a not to my butler and the Haven Concierge pre-cruise with my requests. I do this because sometimes on day one, they have a small crowd. I hand the the note and get a drink in the Haven Lounge. I don't always see my Butler right away, so when I do or search them out, I give them the note. My goal is to get all the little details done fast so I can enjoy my vacation. Be well and Cruise Well.
  6. Interesting. I am on the Joy. 7-days, perk of Premium beverage Package. Upgrade is $242.00 or so per person.
  7. Yes you absolutely can. There are two types of future cruise credits. A subject I wish I never had to learn about. 100% which is 1 dollar of cash, for 1 dollar of future cruise credits. Then some of us at the beginning of cancellations got an extra 25%. I had extra 100% FCC, just use them pre-Cruise for excursions, upgraded internet to unlimited streaming, and upgrade to the Premium Plus drink package. NCL has some crazy rules for sure however there is a way around most anything if you ask the right questions.
  8. Spend the FCC prior to the cruise on pre-cruise excursions. Not on the ship, you have to do it pre-cruise. That was the first I have heard of the policy. Interesting.
  9. There are many threads on this topic in CruiseCritic.com. Like every thing that you can upgrade, it is a personal preference. The only way I can even give you a semi-good answer is to tell you why my wife and I ALWAYS get the Premium Plus Beverage Package. First the question should be, is the Premium Plus Beverage Package a good value, "NO". Do we always get it, "YES". Are we crazy, "Most Likely". Bottles of Wine At Meals: My wife loves Chardona. She especially likes it in the cabin for pre-diner and after dinner on the veranda. I used to go to the closest bar and get to glasses then bring it up to the room for her. The "Plus" package allows for an entire bottle of selected wines to be served to you at your table at meals rather then a glass. My wife takes the bottle that was not emptied back to the cabin and puts it in the refrigerator for later. This is a great benefit for her. Bottles of Plain/Gas Waters: You can go to any bar or restaurant and get a bottle of imported waters then take them back to your cabin. These items are not part of the Premium Beverage Package on NCL. We always get a bottle a meals vs. tap. Specialty Coffee: Hotly debated issue. When I cruise, I love a specialty coffee with desert. This often has a charge. No charge with the "Plus" package. Starbucks on ships with it is also included. $15.00 Drink Limit: The Premium Beverage Package has $15.00 limit. Over that you pay the difference. The "Plus" package does not "Kind Of". If you want a "super high end" spirit, it is not included on any beverage package. Using that as a point, I always try very premium (not super premium) brands just for fun when cruising. Energy Drinks: Included on Premium Plus. Craft Manhattans: Included on Premium Plus. There is more and you can download the document off the NCL site. I want to add something here. It will get debated however it is very true. When I am traveling with my family, all adults in the same Haven Cabin. Everyone has the perk for the Premium Beverage Package as longs as they are over 21. I only want to upgrade my wife and I; not the two adult children. You can't do it on the online system however, you can do it onboard or like I just did; using FCC pre-cruise. The "Plus" package would be a complete waste for my adult children. Enjoy the comments on your post. I end again saying, is it worth it, up to you. It is a value, "NO". Do I do it, "YES". Cruise Well.
  10. If it is a Haven Two Bedroom Family villa it is lovely. The second bedroom is a private TV room with full bath. Folks do this all the time. The downside and you will have to check this out. The veranda on those two bedrooms are very small. To save that kind of money, with just two people, I would consider it for sure. I am on a Haven booking at the end of November. I have been watching prices. My issue is there are only two (H2) Owners Suites and I have one. I literally could not book this suite today for the cost of a two bedroom. For me, the bargain (at these prices bargain is a bad word) or value is the (H2).
  11. They usually have Turkey as a entrée in the MDR. Nothing else really changes.
  12. After Crystal, he will have even more expectations. All kidding aside. Whether the Retreat (Love it), Haven (Personal favorite) or Yacht Club (Very nice). None of us can go wrong. The difference in Crystal was the consistency of the personalized service and the quality of the food. It was nice to not worry about the stuff in the mini refrigerator, waters in the room or wine on the bar. You just get on board and other the excursions, you are good to go. Makes the cruise more relaxing. The world of cruising has so many options which scratches everyone’s itch. Cruise well.
  13. I just cruised on Crystal for the 1st time. My go to Cruise Brand was the NCL Haven. I fully understand your post. Crystal was GREAT. The personalized service was beyond your expectations. The food, OMG, the food. The ship is much more reserved then we are used to but NOT stuffy. Right now, low guest numbers means you have some what of a private yacht. I have said it before, it is like the Haven on the entire ship on steroids'. You will LOVE it.
  14. The question on the table is can you Eat in the Haven Restaurant and then go to the MDR. Answer: Yes. Better question is can you eat in the Haven for Breakfast, then the MDR followed by the Buffet then since it is lunch do it all over again. Answer: Yes. Better question then that. Can I eat continuously for 24/7 the entire trip and still go to specialty restaurants also. Answer: No, unless you have that many specialty restaurants passes. Then the answer is: YES. I hope I have cleared all this up. Now I am hungry.
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