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  1. We like to tip at beginning. You can tell right away if you are going to have someone good.
  2. Le Petit Chef is extremely creative unique dining. only requirement - you should be young at heart to appreciate it. It's our famiy's favorite!
  3. great questions where can we get updates on all the ships?
  4. we celebrated our anniversary last cruise at Le Petit Chef. It was actually GREAT. Because the room is all having this unique experience together it was like a big party. At the end we had a ball with the amazing animation and food, and then the whole room sang happy anniversary - we all walked out together as new friends the rest of the cruise.
  5. We loved Le Petit Chef. It was our family's favorite and a real highlight of our trip!
  6. LouieT


    i would make it now if you have a preference, but they can make changes once you're on the ship.
  7. we had a group of 14 and it was great
  8. there are usually specials given half way through a trip
  9. We brought our whole family 4-84 to Le petit chef dining. We all LOVED IT!
  10. never understand why every lost item is not reported and returned
  11. Our Family LOVED LPC. The whole dining room applauded at the end of the meal. when was the last time that ever happened?!
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