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  1. I have asked this question on the Barbados board but no response. What's the best way to get from the Port to BGi airport please? My return flight is 2:15pm Thank you
  2. Any recommendations for getting from the Cruise port to BGI airport please? My flight is 2.15 Pm on a Saturday. Thank you
  3. How did you get to Limerz beach? Thanks
  4. I have a quick question as I can't remember from last time, How do you find out that the credit has been applied? Thanks
  5. I have emailed you back (You only need one coupon for the credit, )
  6. Hi Bruce, I have a coupon, please email me at a1linz at comcast dot net
  7. Is the main dining room open for lunch on embarkation day? Or what are the alternatives? Thank you
  8. Hi, I am looking for suggestions for a hotel for 1 night pre-cruise and transportation from airport to hotel and then hotel to Port. Any recommendations please?
  9. I've still got a coupon for anyone that needs one. Email me at a1linz at Comcast dot net
  10. Yes I have 2 coupons (one now filled in, so Seabourn are sending me another one) and 2 cruises booked. Please email me...... a1linz at Comcast dot net Thank you 😁
  11. I have filled out the details on a coupon for someone who now says he doesn't want the coupon. Can I 'white out' his info and put someone else's? Or do I need to ask Seabourn for a new coupon? Thank you
  12. I looked this up, a couple of cruise travel sites have this..... It seems to be a balcony guarantee rate. But don't take my word for it ! 🙂
  13. I still have a coupon. Please email me a1linz at comcast dot net
  14. Does anyone know who the CD will be on Odyssey in December please?
  15. Freshly squeezed oj?
  16. I have 2 referral coupons, is anyone sailing that is close to final payment and needs a coupon?
  17. Embarkation in Barbados. I see that the ship doesn't leave (Odyssey) until 11pm. What is the latest you can board? I'm wondering if a flight in landing at 3:30 pm will work? Thank you
  18. I'm thinking about booking 2 cruises back to back, as it would be a veranda guarantee room, do you know what will happen for the change over? will I be able to keep the same room, or have to re-pack and move rooms? Will I have to disembark and then embark again? Any info would be helpful. Thank you
  19. TT1992

    pool size

    Which has the bigger pool, Crystal Serenity or Seabourn Odyssey? Thanks
  20. I'm looking at a cruise that says Theme Cruise: Crystal on Broadway Can anyone explain more about this please? Thank you
  21. How do I unsubscribe from emails? I'm getting way too many Thanks
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