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  1. Pictures of the Westerdam in Alaska June 2019, and Nieuw Amsterdam in Grand Turk February 2020!
  2. Got off the NA yesterday, had a great week, but we had quite a "rock and roll" night Friday! I still feel like I'm on board! i hope this passes quickly!
  3. Thanks for your review. I'm hearing a lot about the "rolling" seas...a friend missed their stop in Grand Cayman yesterday. I hope the seas are calm mid February!
  4. I started the process yesterday...kept loosing my flight times.
  5. Sorry it's been cursed for you....I hope the curse is gone by February 15! Drinks always help! 😉 Just a question for you...are there deck chairs on the 10th deck? Wondering where we might find a quiet spot to relax. our cabin is on 10.
  6. Oh no...so sorry to hear that your cruise has been cancelled. I hope you have some other options...
  7. Enjoy your R & R! It's always fun reading other "live" reports! We sail in February on the NA. Can't wait!
  8. Just wondering...if you buy beer or a bottle of alcohol from HAL before your cruise, are gratuities added to the price? Looks like gratuities are added on if you use a prepaid beverage card. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for your review. We are on the same cruise in February. (Can't wait!) Sounds like there have been a lot of wind issues in the Caribbean lately!
  10. How sad and disappointing for everyone involved...good luck to all. We are sailing on her in February. Looking forward to our 1st Caribbean Cruise! (I hope it's all fixed by then, and not too many others are disappointed...)
  11. ktbraun

    Alaska excursions

    We were on the Westerdam in June. In Skagway we did a walking tour with the National Park service...found the info on these forums. https://www.nps.gov/klgo/planyourvisit/walking-tours.htm We did the walk in the morning, had such on the ship, and then did the train ride, that we booked with HAL.
  12. We had our first cruise on the Westerdam in June, the Lido Buffet had people serving the food.
  13. We were there in June. In the morning we did a tour with the park service Rangers...walked around the town and learned the gold rush history. In the afternoon we did the train ride. We had a nice day! (i'm not sure how to link the National Park Service website here...) Have fun whatever you do! Alaska was great! (If you are a quilter or knit/crochet, there is a great quilt shop and a yarn shop there!)
  14. Scary stories...Ha....the day we were there we heard about a mama bear and her cubs very close to the trail! I don't know if I was happy or sad that we missed that! We did see a bear...far away...when we took the tram up Mt. Roberts.
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