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  1. at a guess i would think the majority of people would gladly pay the asking price for a cruise right now .just the need to getaway and put this terrible time behind us all we would all need to know it is safe to do so .we will be keeping a carefull eye on the prices as and when cruising restarts
  2. sorry to say no more cruising for us until a vaccine is available just hope the sooner the better
  3. hopefully most members on here will have family or friends living either on the coast or near the coast on that basis it could well be sunny southport for us this year as personally cant see any cruising for anybody this year stay safe everybody
  4. sadly cant see any sailings with any company going until at least november also think many people will be wary of cruising when this is all over given the ease of how easy it is to pick up viruses on cruise ships
  5. booked for arcadia northern lights this october fully expecting this to be cancelled could be a long time before we all sail the seven seas again but hope i am wrong stay safe everyone
  6. my wife and i were only talking about this yesterday we also wish all the crews of the ships a safe onward journey to thier home countries and hope to see you all again soon thank you
  7. i think it all comes down to peoples personal choice and of course budget if you are big drinkers the package would work for you if not stick to your budget
  8. have you thought about the speciality restaurants or treating yourself in the spa
  9. we can take or leave the sailaway can understand the people who find it cringeworthy but there are just as many if not more that enjoy it just a matter of personal opinion
  10. i would imagine that talks between the top brass will be taking place to discuss this topic cant see the problems in the middle east getting better any time soon most a pity
  11. only ever done freedom dining cant fault it but each to thier own but would be willing to try club to compare
  12. would always use the organised trips from p and o in the caribbean from a safety point of view and reliabilty biggest factor though is they will get you back to the ship in time enjoy your cruise
  13. on our caribbean flight last year with tui we were also premium seats we were given priority check in fast track through security and first to board but we did not recieve acess to the premium lounge wich we had to pay for but we did think the cost of the entrance fee was worth it with what was on offer all in all we thought the expense of the whole deal was worthwhile plenty of leg room on the flight comfortable seats and a great service would do it again we were unable to check in on line at the time might be diffrent now though
  14. at the end of the day it is all about personal choice and peoples personal budget
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