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  1. I did it last year and enjoyed it. The food was pretty standard the cocktails were flowing. The tour was interesting. Would I do it again... Probably not but I think doing it once is worth it if your into seeing how the kitchen works.
  2. Interested also. I am pretty sure last time I was there I had to pay .50 or something for it. But my daughter really wanted it.
  3. Does anyone remember if the cabs are $8.00 per per person or per ride?
  4. Sorry if this has been asked but I can't find it. Last cruise I learned you couldn't use a Gift Card to purchase on OBC on the ship. As I work in a hotel, I am assuming it has to do with pre-authorization holds. So I decided to try it in advance this year. I called Royal and purchased on OBC in the amount of the GC and asked them to send a receipt. No problem! Is there somewhere on my account that I can see the OBC? I can't seem to find it. Also, can someone confirm that if I go to guest services I can cash some of it out if I want. Thanks!
  5. I used and OBC to book the drink package. If I cancel it to re-book under a lower price do I get the OBC back immediately? Or do you have to call?
  6. Sounds to me like lobster in WJ is subject to how many they go through on lobster night.
  7. Those who guess 30 days get a prize! Woke up to a t-minus 30 day count a room! Couldn't be happier with the location! We got 8662 right near elevators, Dazzles (for cocktails on the Balcony) and Central Park for snacks!
  8. I didn't know a kettle was an option. I would love to have a kettle in my room. My family and I drink a ton of hot tea.
  9. Allure for April 14th also says 5:15. I am hoping for 5:30.
  10. This is soooo true! I got so mad on my last cruise. The guy in front of me took the tongs that he just used for Shrimp and picked up chicken then put them back in the shrimp. I told the staff but they didn't seem concerned. I do not have a Shellfish allergy but have some close friends that do. I was so annoyed! I wanted to say something to the guy but my husband wouldn't let me.
  11. If you look under Allure of the Seas it is showing a show called "Away We go". I haven't seen anyone mention this. Anyone know anything about it?
  12. So I just checked the app and it now says Deck 8 but GTY for the room number. If I log in online it still doesn't say anything.....
  13. I booked at 90 days. I am out 47ish and still no assignment.
  14. When I am booking the drink package I try to book a room close to a bar. That way we can run out and grab a couple drinks to have while we are getting ready. When applicable I also usually bring a couple bottles of wine to have a glass before dinner.
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