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  1. Brummijam Your Jedi mind powers are spot on today - I was thinking the exact same thing
  2. So are the multi socket extender/extensions ok to bring onboard? Brummijam - oh I don't know, could maybe set up a wee money making excerise there, what with the captive market already onboard the Explorer 2 😃😃😃
  3. Can anyone help me with this - Can we bring a travel iron onto the Explorer 2 with us (God forbid if my Princess has any creases in her clothing)? Will we need an extension cable or are the plug points easily accessible in an inside cabin? Thanks in advance
  4. First cruise in 117 days on Explorer 2 doing 'Paradise Islands' & 'Seven Shores' - Glasgow to Barbados flight - woo hoo - can't wait for November 24 to roll around
  5. I was advised by the TUI Cruise Excursions team that the excursions for our cruise on November 24 will be released on July 24 - so basically four months before the cruise
  6. 2BACRUISER - must be good for a repeat booking - we're booked to be floating around the Caribbean between November 24 - December 8 on the Explorer 2 - you may well be on the same one who knows????
  7. Thanks for that - do you have any other wee tips you can pass on regarding this ship at all?
  8. Great reviews you have placed - one question for you - you stated that you would consider an inside cabin next time - can you expand your thinking on this - are the inside cabins good in your opinion (and perhaps based on what you saw of them) as we have booked an inside cabin 4062 (which would have been just along from your cabin) is this in a good position on deck 4 (for being fairly central, not too noisy etc)? Thanks in advance
  9. Looking to do this trip when we are in Guadeloupe aboard the Explorer 2 in November/December - can you please advise me of the price of the tour (it may change by the time we are there), the exact name of the tour (so I know what I'm looking for), how long does it last, was the tour busy and what currency do they take at Catherine's bar?
  10. Oh yes indeed but at least it'll make the days go quicker LOL...........my solution would be to get another cruise booked so you've got that thought to get you through
  11. Talk of the Fair has 'fair' made me want to dig out my copy of the Fair song and blast it out.......but on second thoughts maybe not as we are getting well off the subject of the Explorer 2.......... "see the summer sun is gleaming, shining bright o'er land and sea"
  12. And what a fine school that is - I'm very proud to say I was a pupil there before moving on to the 'old' Academy........ahhhh the memories
  13. Even smaller world - I'm from Bo'ness but stay in Grangemouth with my Princess - were do work in Bo'ness?
  14. AJ28 thanks for taking the time to post the detailed review - really whetted our appitites for November when we sail on her Did I see somewhere that you are from Falkirk? We are 'next door' in Grangemouth - small world eh
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