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  1. tallnthesome, precisely spot on. I believe that students should be educated on marketing because when they grow up they will have the "radar" to identify when they are receiving deliberately manipulated messaging. It seems the majority of people fall for it like "free" beverage packages etc. I spent my career in marketing and we had a big sign in our conference room that said "We love obedient consumers". Considerable evidence on CC of "obedient consumers". I love observing this and share many posts with my retired marketing colleagues. In the end each consumer is accountable for their purchasing decisions.
  2. Making trend analysis based on us folks on CC is not representative of the consumer reality. We are more interested in cruises than the majority. I know way too many people who have given up on cruising and who have now spent their travel budgets on RV's, cottages, high end SUV's. They are not likely to book a cruise again. This includes myself who is in no rush what so ever to cruise.
  3. Will not cruise if a mask required, let alone all the other restrictions that will likely accompany cruising during the virus. The entire notion of being tested at the dock and potential to be turned away - not. This element of cruising hit home for me. I heard about the Nascar champ Jimmie Johnson's situation. He tests + for temperature one day, has to stop racing. Two days later he is tested, negative, and the next 3 days, negative. He does not have the virus and commenced racing. If Jimmie was at the dock to board on that one day, he would have been turned away. No way will I participate in such a scenario having invested many thousand's of $.
  4. bouhunter, people on CC are likely not a real representative sample of the cruising public, we are, or have been, rather fanatical for cruising. Putting cash down for an uncertain product, at every level of analysis, seems illogical. I will not cruise with masks, social distancing, port restrictions or uncertainty, tests at the dock etc. Not happening. People I know who used to cruise a lot, many have purchased RV's and are off in the province, and elsewhere in Canada, travelling and having a great time. From discussions, many of them used their travel budget to outright purchase the RV, that may also have implications for cruising. We are talking RV's at $250,000 and up, some of them are outright stunning. Most are retired and they intend to RV and park in the USA when the border opens. The RV's are selling like hotcakes, the dealer down the road just put up a sign saying they are selling out. Never seen that ever. This takes cash flow away from cruising and that is serious.
  5. Agree with the above comments. Since no one knows what the cruise product will be in the future - why are people putting cash down to purchase an unknown product? It is illogical as Spock would say from the flight deck of the USS Enterprise. Spock would be crooking a brow and shaking his head as these individuals.
  6. TeeRick, I greatly appreciate your great post above. It speaks to the cultural change that has happened over the past 2 generations. My elderly grandparents view people today (of all ages) as selfish and preoccupied with the trivial. This does happen when a society gets to the top of the Maslow hierarchy of needs. Many in the G20 are at the top and can spend their time on micro-aggressions and take issue with everything. Or we criticize everything like we most all do on CC!! My grandparents know about community sacrifice, personal sacrifice, working on a big project as a team (war, interstate, st. lawrence seaway etc). This ability and actual desire to create collective greatness (like the public trust doctrine or all attack this virus with all the knowledge and omph we have) and care of others is rapidly disappearing. We are the most selfish society ever. Me, me, me. Not everyone, but many. The use of masks (I have a big pile of N95's that I use) is simply an example of the loss of the collective sacrifice that previous generations took as routine. I see people of all ages not wearing masks and I just shake my head and remember my grandparents recent recollections. It is not the responsibility of the President or Prime Ministers or Governors or Premiers etc to keep having to remind people to wear a mask. Given the high level of education we have in the G20, the amount of media dissemination of key information, if this is not common sense by now, then we are doomed. I hope that we can all get cruising at some point, but this is a monster enemy we all have.
  7. Phil, totally agree. One of the main reasons we boycott all things Celebrity, a big thing since we sailed them from 2001. It is not about the $ because we can afford a Celebrity suite - it is the fawning that we will not tolerate.
  8. Not until there is a proven vaccine that is close to 100% effective. And not until I know exactly what is the air line and cruise line product from beginning to end. Further, I am not cruising if there is any chance of being rejected at the dock, not happening period. I am not purchasing an unknown and will not be a guinea pig.
  9. Hawaii is best appreciated via a land tour with the fast and easy island hopping jets. Each island is so specific that it makes sense to pick 3 islands and explore then fly home. Going to Kaui and taking a private plane trip to see the Napali coast mountains was a trip of a life time. Oh my. If you are willing to spend days and days at sea to get to Hawaii, might as well spend those days seeing the real Hawaii. It is a long trip to get there by ship or air, so make it really worth your while. Done the Panama 2x, enjoy it but many of the ports are not worth much, except those in Costa Rica. I have done Acapulco twice and really enjoyed this most interesting city - the geographic landscape and the cliff divers are amazing.
  10. Newsflash, Canada's virus rates are now climbing, it is not only the US. Culprits, now the focus is on the young people, they are the majority of new cases. In Canada, beaches are jammed, many parties in bars etc, young people not wearing masks - all the same activity references I see repeated over and over on CC and in American media. We are having many anti-mask demonstrations. There is now talk of walking back stage 3 openings in Ontario due to the surge in cases. It is said our surge is later than the US because Canada is more north and our summer behaviors are later than in Florida, Texas. Your leadership in the US, at the federal level, is the same as Canada's - an ATM machine for everyone. Our federal leadership is barely visible and our Parliament is suspended by our Prime Minister. Look around the globe more, you will find similar trends and actions as per God Bless America.
  11. From my perspective, a significant price increase is of course to be expected given so many people took the FCC. Get your cash and run. When the cruise lines prove to people they have a sustainable, consistent product, then consider. Folks remember, the cruise lines were all busy downgrading their product before the virus - what makes you think this will not re-commence upon restart - especially given their financial pressures? I like cruising but I will not be scammed, taken advantage of.
  12. Hcat - perfectly said. There are few other corporations that I hold in such contempt as the cruise lines. I have been better served by hotel chains, medical service chains etc. A lot of their arrogant behavior to customers is what they have learned they can get away with during the last 8 years of robust growth in their industry. Oh how the mighty have fallen - it looks good on them - I am only sorry for the dear innocent staff aboard and in their offices who are taking the brunt of the senior management and executive level arrogance. No more patronage of cruise lines for me until I see real, substantive and long term attitude changes.
  13. We, and our friends, have not cruised in years due to the constant downgrading of the product with increased prices. We went up to Oceania thinking we would get a much better product - Not. Those cruises were overhyped, overpriced with repeated cancellation of ports, and very arrogant on board staff and officers. Not again. Moved on to escorted land tours. Have done Gate 1 as well as Globus. Globus seems to focus on North Americans and Aussies, so the experience is really tailored to what we would typically want to see. Globus was a 10/10 as well as Gate 1. Our land tours beat the heck out of the cruises - what you saw, being able to eat in real restaurants with local food (we ate in a restaurant in Salzburg that had been serving food for over 1,000 years!), having the evenings, and some days and 1/2 days to explore on your own, top quality hotels...... It would take a miracle to get me on a cruise again because of the fakeness and insular nature of cruising in comparison to land travel. I admit that there are a few geographic circumstances where cruising makes sense, Panama Canal, Alaska, Norway, South America, but the rest of the world can be done via air and land travel. None of our friends will consider a cruise anymore, all have stopped mailings from various lines etc. These actions were before the virus.
  14. The same in Canada. Any Provincial Premier can make their own decisions for their Province. Americans need to realize, you are not that different than Canada in decision making. Your states and our provinces have authority over the activities in your state and province. The federal governments in the US and Canada have limited authority other than issuing cheques - which President Trump and Prime Minister Trudeau have done, exactly the same activity. At the federal level in both countries - both feds are ATM machines and providing emotional and some technical support, that is it to be blunt. The provinces in Canada make decisions based on their provincial realities as your states do. Today, the Gov of California stepped back and reduced public use of indoor facilities like restaurants and bars. Whereas, the Premier of Ontario moved to stage 3 and now opened restaurants and bars for the first time on Friday - it depends upon the realities of each geography. It also depends on the extent of testing which is different in each geography, There is way too much blaming the federal levels in both countries. But, none of this helps cruising in any way - the geography on a ship is way, way too small to cope with the flu, the noro virus and virus 19. Will not set foot on a cruise ship till all the above is under control and that means dead - vaccines are not necessarily the answer.
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