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  1. Must be true! I lost track of the Spirit, obviously! Good to know it is still around. Really unique beauty of a ship.
  2. I don't know how many. But now that you bring this up--and i totally forgot about it since it was decades ago--I am remembering the first time I was in a Suite (there were no Havens yet), on the Spirit (no longer in the fleet but a gorgeous "little" ship) our butler was a total dud. So many things not done after he saying he would, never could get a hold of him, just almost every day. Minor reasonable things. Normal understandable things. needed. Finally we spoke to the Concierge and asked if we could have a different one. She was appalled to hear the things we were concerned about and gave us a new one immediately. So I would say that YES, if things are really bad and you have spoken to the Concierge, you can have a new Butler. Probably not ideal for the new Butler, of course, but if it is merited, I would say yes.
  3. Yay. I am up for more of your shenanigans (I won't be specific as to the TYPE of shenanigans I most look forward to, but ...) Have fun and I am along for the ride, girl!
  4. I think this is an isolated unsatisfactory incident. For future, though, were it to happen again, as others have said, talk to the Concierge. Nicely, of course,. Tell him/her in a reasonable conversation what you are wanting and how to go about it because you were unable to make it happen. He/she will want to know about this, trust me. I also, regarding "only having the MDR menu", would then ask, "Can you get it for me please?" And if that got a "no", I would then ask if this is something I can ask the Concierge about. They will not want you to do that. Just stay calm and polite. But firm. No, you should not have to work for it, but once in a while there is a Butler or Cabin steward, or whoever that is not really trying. Don't accept that easily.
  5. To answer the OP's original question--I believe your Great experience was typical. Maybe I have just been lucky, but I have been in the Haven on the Gem, Epic, Breakaway, Prima and Bliss. Each time I have loved it. Is everything always perfect? Of course not. But all the important things were wonderful and I felt extremely well taken care of and lucky.
  6. This I have not experienced. Then again. I don't use public restrooms when on board. That's not good.
  7. @TxTeach79 really glad to finally be here--even if you are now back on land. Sorry I missed it while it was Live, but am here enjoying it anyway!
  8. Book it and splurge! I have done it twice--love it.
  9. My only advice is to tip them, unless they have been pretty much absent and done just the minimum, and/or have not in any way seemed helpful or friendly. I have never had a room steward be that way--they have always (yes, always) been so nice and helpful and (in my opinion) gone above and beyond their basic duties. So I tip them. Because as has been said the paid gratuities are spread among a whole lotta other people. I never have a set per/day amount. I give them what I feel like giving them, and you should too. That has ranged from $50 to $100 dollars for a week, based on what I felt right giving them. The $100 was for a 2 -bedroom cabin and an absolutely outstanding young woman. You do you. P.S. And every time they have seemed sincerely very appreciative.
  10. On our last few cruises I upgrade to the unlimited, but that's because I post Live reports. My husband just likes to check in now and again so he stays with the 150 free. I will tell you, though, that sometimes the internet is REALLY slow. He found that he really only got about 20 minutes of actually being online with those 150 minutes. If you just go online to download then get off, your 150 should be enough. But it might not be...
  11. Honestly? To me, as asterisk only means "Better check what that asterisk means before I decide."
  12. But even without the "Free" package, gratuities are added to all alcoholic drink tabs (among some others as well). So yes, it actually IS a gratuity. One you would pay either way. You don't get a choice on that either way you go.
  13. I do understand what you are saying. But technically the drinks ARE free. Any drink you buy with/without the package has automatic gratuities added. May sound sneaky (and I suppose it is, a little) but I think most people look closely at a deal to see what it really is worth.
  14. Exactly. It really is pretty simple--you get a choice. I can understand the first time someone has the opportunity to get "Free Beverage Package" and clicks to get it--then you see there are gratuities. An initial thought of "Well, that was misleading..." but then you decide. Is it worth it? If you drink a few alcoholic bevs each day, yup. Totally worth it. You choose and go on. Marketing is what it is. Always read the fine print.
  15. I am not sure I understand why some people expect some sort of restitution for an itinerary change...as long as you don';t have to pay port taxes for a port you did not go to, what else is reasonable to expect? Of COURSE a port change is disappointing--I totally understand that. It's happened to me (as probably for anyone who has cruised a long time) and it can stink. And it can be super disappointing, no argument. But. It IS something that can happen. You are clearly TOLD it can in the paperwork you receive. I don't get it.
  16. I only got this far and amthinking... uh oh.
  17. At least it did not become a charter cruise! Whew for you. :-0
  18. Well, I for one will miss you! Enjoy your well-deserved day off.
  19. Seeing another Wildra cruise report just put a smile on my face! Yay. I'm kind of glad I hit it when I did, because I am all caught up and you are taking a break. If you were NOT taking a break I'd be sitting here for another hour not doing things I really should be doing. Like going to the bathroom, refilling my empty champagne glass, figuring out what to eat for dinner. I love the creativity of how you write--it astounds me and makes me laugh. I mean out loud (none of that LOL stuff for me here, I'mma spellin' it out, out of Wildra respect). Only a very few of my favorites Wildra-isms so far: I need you to rip those things open like a monkey on a cupcake. ATL traffic ain’t nobody’s friend. Wet or dry. It makes no promises and it is known to throw a hitch in your giddy up and mollywhop your plans. Was it M.I.A. like her 4 front teeth? Breakfast should never be this hard. Or angry. Or toothless. Listen man, we don’t sell used baby hamsters behind the Home Depot. We are better than this. Laughing! (Out loud.) Thank you for the respite from reality. 🙂
  20. I really love the way the Havana Bar looks! I should/coulda/woulda been there a LOT if I could have joined you guys. Well, it is going on my bucket list, I think. Someday!!
  21. Well that's just sad and unfair! Sailaway should NEVER be rainy. Still, the pics are really pretty. In a sad, unfair, rainy way.
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