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  1. Formal isn't super formal anymore, although you can dress that way if you wish. Formal night has mostly transformed into business casual - so think that type of clothing!
  2. board shorts and a tank top if it's nice, yoga pants and sweatshirt for when it's cool. I try to keep things simple when I travel.
  3. Skip the evening bag, you won't need it. I tend to only take one purse with me when I travel. If it doesn't fit in that purse, I don't need it. I would bring the crossbody bag and call it good 🙂
  4. We used Anastasia's Travel for our trip. And we loved them! They were fantastic to work with, let us arrange our own tour, and helped us find the things that we truly wanted to do while we were in St. Petersburg. We had our days packed full of things to do, and we were exhausted, but it never felt that way until we crawled into bed at night. Everything was new and fresh and exciting while we were touring. We got to skip the lines, and our tour guide was able to fill in all the little things that the guidebooks leave out! I think the key is to look at several companies and find the one that you are comfortable with! Enjoy your trip!
  5. We used Anastasia's Travel in St. Petersburg, and then because we got a discount for using them in more than one port city, we also did their excursions in Helsinki and in Tallin. It made things easy for us, because we didn't have to think about anything. It was all arranged when we got off the ship. It was really nice!!
  6. It just really depends on what you like and are looking for. I don't always like to buy random things, because I put them in a drawer and forget about them after a while. I usually go for coffee mugs and things like that - stuff I use every day, and then I can remember my trip while using them.
  7. Be prepared to pack for all weather, as it always varies, anywhere. You should experience warm days (capris, shorts, etc) but bring a pair of pants and a light jacket for warmth, as even where it's hot in the summer, there is the occasional cool day.
  8. $1300 seems a bit high to me??? We used Anastasia's Travel. If I remember, they were right around $1,000 (but this is dependent on the tour, of course) and let us customize our own tour. They did provide all travel documentation and were amazing to work with. We loved our tour guide and would use her again in a heartbeat. She was so thorough with the tour and was able to provide all the extra tidbits that weren't in the guidebooks. We loved the fact that they keep kids in mind when touring and were prepared for ours to be there.
  9. $200 is about what we calculated as well when we tried to figure, so yeah, I'd say you are close.
  10. Most ships have a smoking lounge and a section on the deck somewhere for those who choose to partake. Even when we have gone on the Disney cruises, there is a place for people to go. You'll just need to ask about each ship specifically when you book your cruise. Enjoy your cigar. Nothing wrong with enjoying life sometimes 🙂
  11. First, congrats to all of you on your graduations! Second, it really depends on where you are hoping to go. If you are just looking for a party cruise, with no specific destination, Carnival is usually the "party" cruise line. Check out their cruises. If you are looking for an adventure and party, then I'd go with Royal Caribbean. Either of those cruise lines will give you what you are looking for on the party side of things.
  12. Leave a note on the door, plan times to meet, and stick to them. Also, the staterooms on some ships have 2 phones you can take with and use like walkie talkies to call each other. We do this with our kids sometimes - they take one and we take one. They know if they don't answer, they are in big trouble 🙂
  13. Look for independent tour operators in each of the ports. They are usually less expensive than the ship and can take you the same places - and you aren't crammed in with 30-40 other people. The groups are usually a lot smaller. It's well worth it. And all of the good independent operators will get you back to your ship on time. Their jobs depend on keeping travelers happy, and if you miss your ship, you won't be happy 🙂 Trip advisor always has some pretty solid reviews on each of the tour groups.
  14. Everyone has given you some good advice, but here's another thing to consider - we used Anastasia's Travel in St. Petersburg, and then we added a couple of other ports on because we got incredible deals. Then we didn't have to worry about buses, taxis, etc. Everything was taken care of - and because we used them in multiple ports, it didn't cost much extra. Yes, we could have done it on our own. But at the end of it all, it was worth the few extra dollars we spent - completely worth it. Talk to whoever you are using in St. Petersburg - see what they have going on for options.
  15. We used Anastasia's Travel too! They were so fantastic! northernrose - check with whichever operator you are using. They will be able to answer questions for your tour!
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