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  1. Really??? I haven't heard anyone else suggest Covid can be eliminated. You're dreaming. The difference between Covid and small pox and polio is that we have a vaccine and a lot of people that have been vaccinated and can resume their lives with little risk to anyone or themselves.
  2. Are these the same scientists that have been making all of the other predictions that have been wrong? It's time we start living with the virus and stop waiting for Covid to be eliminated. It's time for the vaccinated to resume living.
  3. This is exactly the problem. Science can't establish public policy. Yep, you're correct the vaccines aren't perfect there is some risk to vaccinated people. Virus mutation may still occur but the probability of more serious mutations is likely overstated. The virus has ben mutating for at least the 18 months and the vaccines have been designed well enough to be robust against the mutated versions. Covid will never be eliminated, the scientists need to stop trying to make public policy and let the government leaders make policy to judge acceptable risk. You are starting to see
  4. Just another example of the expertise of our experts. 🤔
  5. If the CDC approves or disapproves, it still sounds like a CDC decision to me.
  6. Don't get too excited, it's only the small skeleton crew.
  7. You can still drink with me. I'll even buy. 😉
  8. You may not get the appetizers but the opportunity to have a drink with me is priceless.
  9. At some point soon the CDC will drop the indoor mask mandate it will surprise everyone that thin it it makes sense to follow all of the current CDC guidelines.
  10. It really doesn't matter, I still like to have my pre-dinner drinks in the Sky Lounge. So I'll be there mingling with other Elite members or any other friendly cruisers.
  11. I'll still be in the Sky Lounge, you can still stop by and have a drink with me. 😀
  12. I'm sure this makes sense to all of the government bureaucrats around the beltway. I'm sure that's exactly what happened
  13. Please don't confuse this discussion with facts. 😉
  14. Now if there policies and regulations reflected this reality, then we would be making progress.
  15. That's exactly the point. Businesses that don't have the CDC breathing over their shoulder can develop their own plans. As you noted, the CDC really isn't the expert in any of these fields. Maybe the CDC should step aside, not issue guidelines and let the cruise lines develop their own plans. A lot more people have possible Covid exposure at Walmart than all of the cruise lines put together.
  16. Maybe, but that hasn't stopped the CDC from releasing guidelines and procedures. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/php/meat-processing-assessment-tool.html
  17. Nope, but meat packing plants and manufacturing facilities are a lot different than companies that deal directly with customers. However I'll bet those meat packing plants have a lot of procedures and restrictions based on CDC regulations that make no sense because the CDC doesn't have expertise in these areas. The meat packing plants are likely less efficient than they could be and the price is paid by the customer.
  18. Sounds like the old saying "I'm from the government and I'm here to help" the result is usually not much help.
  19. No on would be sailing outside of the US if they had to follow the CDC rules.
  20. Hospitals are different. They had to act and could not wait for the CDC. you talked about "the CDC giving "recommendations" to many industries" Many industries are more than just hospitals and all of these other industries are being held hostage by the CDC the resulting criticism and lawsuits.
  21. The ball is back with the cruise lines because the CDC punted on providing more information and has left a lot of guessing for the cruise lines. Doesn't have to be this way.
  22. Why should the cruise lines have to play a guessing game as to what is acceptable for vaccinated passengers and crew? That's just dumb.
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