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  1. Yep, that’s correct to the penny
  2. I think you should get at least a 125% refund for everything you have paid.
  3. As long as they can still find people to sail on the Infinity, she will stay in the fleet. Celebrity had some longer term plans for the Infinity and they will continue to try to execute those plans. However they will follow those plans without spending any money on the Revolution.
  4. I'm not an Edge/Apex fan and I'm a little conflicted about what to do with the Apex. On one hand I fell that she can stay permanently in Europe because I don't like the design of the Edge/Apex because it provides very little for the non-suite guest and I don't like the IV balconies. However if the Apex comes to the Caribbean and it adds to excess capacity in the Caribbean, then the Apex will help lower prices in the Caribbean. After serious consideration, I hope they bring the ship to the Caribbean.
  5. The CDC still has a Level 3 Travel Advisory for Europe and until that changes many US citizens/residents shouldn't go to Europe because they may not have health insurance.
  6. I think the procedure in that situation is that Mr and Mrs cruiser go inside to a cooled quarantine area and sit for a while. Their temperature drops to a normal level and they enjoy their cruise. Hopefully Mr and Mrs cruiser are clever enough to fly in the day before the cruise and are able to get rested in an air conditioned hotel before their cruise.
  7. You're correct about MSC, they are not dependent on American passengers. I don't consider P&O with about 6 ships to be a major cruise line, but the larger parent company certainly is dependent on US passengers.
  8. I agree and that's why the Noro style approach won't be used to solve the Covid problem. The buffet will turn into a sit down restaurant and servers will bring your food from the buffet stations.
  9. Perhaps smaller cruise lines can find a way to operate profitably without US passengers but the major cruise lines need Americans to fill up their ships, even in the Med.
  10. I can help reduce the number of people in the pool. 😉
  11. So how does this work for all of the loans that the cruise lines are getting using the ships as collateral? If RCL doesn't really own the ships on paper, how can they get the loans?
  12. I'm with you. Where do you want to cruise? At this point I'll go anywhere.
  13. If Celebrity can find a buyer, I'd sell the Edge and Apex to reduce the debt burden. Maybe the Edge and Apex would be jumpstart for Pulmantur.
  14. Nope. I don't know about China, no US sailing until there's a vaccine. Too many people can't follow some simple rules.
  15. That's too bad that Royal has reverted to the original Quantum class pool design. I liked the two pool concept. The more pools the better. That's my motto. 😁
  16. Absolutely it was achieving our membership into the balcony club.
  17. I'm sorry if Covid and conditions in South America ultimately resulting your South American cruised being cancelled. However if they do, I hope Celebrity finds a way to integrate the Silhouette into their future Caribbean sailings. We were on the ship for one of the sailings after the dry dock and the Revolution was done very nicely on the Silhouette. I hope we get a chance to sail on her again in the near future. 🤞
  18. It was still there when I got off on March 6, 2020. Who knows what will exist in the future. I've never seen anyone in those shops, I wonder how many watches they sell per cruise.
  19. It's never a bad approach to get your money refunded.
  20. I would like to be able to book 2022 cruises later this year but I don't see it happening until the cruise lines start sailing again. Royal already has a lot of my money in deposits for 2021 and I'm not giving them another penny until I'm sure they won't go bankrupt.
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