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  1. Today saying thank you is not good enough.
  2. Yes it is surge protected with LED light and has CE conformity. Check out the link previously posted.
  3. ...so would everyone, then it won't be the same would it ?
  4. Premier cabins are always forward to avoid the stack fall-out.
  5. Strange that they publish on Day 1 in the Horizon Mag the itinerary for the complete cruise. Every day arrival and departure times so your argument doesn't hold water.
  6. P&O give arrival and departure times in their Onboard Horizon magazine, so why not publish it prior to boarding? Because they don't want people booking private excursions, the least info given the more chances that people will book their tours. Like everything else on P&O, it is revenue driven.
  7. Neither am I a gambler. I use roulette to convert my non refundable obc into cash chips by placing equal amounts on black and red. Having two lots of zeros gives me a 5% chance of losing. Thanks for the feedback.
  8. Hi Rattanchair.........please could you check if the Roulette wheels are European or US i.e. does the wheel have 0 and 00. Thanks looking forward to reading your review, have a great cruise.......
  9. Just seen the recent promotion today for the first cruise in November to call at Ocean Cay - 7 nights on Meraviglia for £43/pp/pn. That must be the cheapest cruise yet ! https://www.msccruisesusa.com/en-us/Cruise-Deals/Top-Deals/Meraviglia-Canada-Caribbean-cruises.aspx?
  10. Another hard fact - YES Britannia did/has engine problems. Has it been fixed ? unknown, will have to wait and see........You should ask P&O for an apology. Giving £70 back to customers is alien to P&O - maybe all the onboard complaints had the desired effect.
  11. Well I ‘m back and see no need whatsoever to apologise. Hard facts ! you are a joker, just hearsay at best. I believe the YouTube report...no smoke without fire.
  12. I would have thought stalwart like your good self would be better informed........... maybe people should be cautious. I definitely will not trust them with my hard earned money and stay well clear.
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