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  1. What’s everyone ‘s preference? And why? We were just on the spirit which is around 2,000 people, and we loved the size. Yes, less to do but it felt like a lot of freedom and never crowded. . Even our Carnival cruises were under 3k people and we loved them. Just curious on people’s thoughts and experiences?
  2. We just got back from our amazing 11 night med cruise, and we are looking for our next cruise. When is the best time to book for best deals and price? We are looking at most likely a shorter Caribbean cruise out of Fl. Thanks!
  3. Due to the expending high tides tmrw, all of our tours were cancelled in Venice. We instead have opted to take a day trip to Verona. Anyone been there? Any favorite spots for food, places to see, etc,
  4. jcu1210


    Thank you, we will only be there for a few hours. So I will look at purchasing in advance
  5. jcu1210


    We are going there on our day at Naples. We will have a private driver and have a few hours there. We will be doing a Rick Steve’s tour (audio) while walking around. My question is about tickets. Do we need to purchase in advance or do we purchase on site? We will be there on Black Friday. Thanks
  6. jcu1210


    This is amazing information, thank you very much. I just want good food in general, wife is the big pizza lover
  7. jcu1210


    I am going to be that person with the vague question. We will be in Rome for 4 days, Venice 2days, and Florence while in port. Where are some good not super fancy restaurants we should look for in each place? Any recommendations for pizza? My wife is ecstatic for good pizza. For reference we are staying near the train station in Venice and Villa Borgheese in Rome. Any Gelato spots? Thank you
  8. Our trip on the spirit is in 25 days, and while doing our online check in offered us the priority access for like $250 for the stateroom for the 11 night cruise. Is this a good deal? What is it exactly? First time on NCL
  9. Rita just a taxi ride
  10. We will be on the spirit on nov 24 from 7am to 6pm. We booked a taxi tour with Lorenzo Athens Taxi Tour, where he will pick us up at port and take us to the Acropolis and all the sites there, Olympic stadium, temple of Zeus, ancient agora etc. Any way my question is should we pre purchase the Acropolis combo ticket , or wait until we arrive? Also our tour was scheduled to start at 830, should we try and go sooner, since it opens at 8(acropolis). I’ve heard how busy it gets
  11. When go in 35 days can’t wait. This is by far the most port intensive cruise I’ve ever been on. How was the food on the spirit?
  12. jcu1210


    Biz trip he can it you easy to navigate yourself? Where do you recommend on going?
  13. This sounds great. We are doing a private tour with Ciro. Can’t wait for pizza, cafe, and gellato
  14. Do they still do thanksgiving themed meals if we are doing a Med cruise?
  15. We are going to Be on NCL Spirit on thanksgiving. Does anyone have experience on this ship or NCL in general on Turkey Day? What should we expect if anything? I know we will be in Naples Italy that day. Thanks!
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