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  1. In case there’s nothing on the computer itself, you can always use Google Docs. It’s Google’s online word processor, and you can access it from any browser.
  2. lol This sounds like our EXACT situation last week, as we just flew home from our cruise this past Saturday. Four out of the five of us had passports for our trip, but my husband only had his DL and BC. We went out of Ft Lauderdale and cruised to Mexico. There was no problem at all using just the DL and BC. You don't need to bother with the passport card. :)
  3. Loving this thread, Robyn! Just got off Freedom this past Saturday and already miss her. One of the greatest cruises, ever!!! Enjoy! And just my two cents: My group went to Chops last week aboard Freedom and it was AMAZING! My husband is especially picky and he couldn't eat enough there. We was an awesome meal!
  4. Thanks for the responses. I know they did a big refurb on Freedom and I thought I had heard they took the showers out of the fitness area? Maybe it was a different ship.
  5. Since it's been 10 years since I've been on Freedom of the Seas, do they still have the locker rooms in the Fitness Center, along with the shower stalls? TIA
  6. Wow, I just checked out your review and pictures. It looks BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for all the details! Great job.
  7. How was is this from the port? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. I never had a problem with traditional dining before, never even thought of how a change might be better. So when we booked our Quantum cruise before the ship was even built, I had read about DD. I was SO, so excited to try it! I thought it would be great to come back from an island and not rush to get ready for dinner at a certain time. Also to pick whatever restaurant I felt I wanted to dine at, depending on what mood we were all in. I couldn't wait to try it! Then after about the 2nd or 3rd night on Quantum, I severely missed traditional. Our reservations that I made previous to our stepping foot onboard QOS had disappeared once we got on QOS, however fortunately we were able to walk right into any restaurant without barely a wait, so that wasn't an issue at all. I found the service was not like you had with traditional dining at all, and I felt the servers felt the same way. A number of them had even stated that to us. And you could just tell. Something that I thought would make a perfect cruise even more prefect, I came to severely dislike. I missed walking into a dining room and knowing which waiter I was going to have. I missed the personal aspect of it all. I missed a lot of things! I cannot wait to go back on Freedom in November and get back to traditional dining. So I was one who actually was eagerly anticipating DD with every ounce of soul in my body, but who ended up pretty much loathing it. The majority of the passengers on our cruise felt the exact same about DD. I do hope QOS and AOS finds something that they can work with and succeed for long-term, given all the different restaurants that there are. But I can't wait to step foot in the same dining room every evening once again! :D
  9. Darn it, Terri! We will be there on 11/10! Aw man, figures! I've been there twice before, and I think I remember it being about a 15 min drive to Paradise Beach, but it's been awhile lol. I was hoping someone might've just been there more recently.
  10. Great, thank you again! Lol How far of a taxi ride is Cucumber Beach or any of those other resorts?
  11. Great suggestions, thank you both!
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