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  1. AL3XCruise

    Picture-A-Week 2019 - Week 04

    What lens and settings did you use? I recently saw a great full double rainbow in Barbados, but between my inexperience and limited equipment my photos don't come near doing it justice!
  2. I recently acquired a used Canon 5D MKIII with a 28-135MM lens (not the Kit "L" lens that it shipped with, but at the price that was fine). I'm trying to figure out a plan on how to slowly get some diverse lenses in an order that makes sense. My main interests are Macro, Landscape, and Wildlife. I'm not really planning on much portrait work, so anything for that can come later. I know there are a lot of ways to tackle the same challenge (extenders vs zoom lens, etc.) all with various pluses and minuses (often a price vs quality/flexibility trade-off). I also know different versions of similar lenses are built to different standards but I'm not sure how much that will impact my day to day results. In short, I want to figure out how to add capability at a reasonable price now while getting in a good position for later should I decide to invest more $$$. I'm not opposed to new or refurbished products as long as they have a reputation for being durable. I know that I'm asking a very broad question, but would appreciate some advice on how to plan and narrow down my search! Thanks!
  3. AL3XCruise

    Epic Interrupted

    Thanks for the clarification. I take it all on-line generators send power to a central "bus" (not sure what the nautical term would be) and then it is drawn off to different subsystems as needed? Also, thanks for clarifying what happens after such an incident. I've seen a lot of misinformation in various places (not just boards) about captains being fired, etc. despite no evidence a significant wrongdoing. It is interesting Epic has conventional shafts; I think she is the largest passenger ship with that configuration.
  4. AL3XCruise

    Mention Bermuda Triangle?

    I tried a quick search for Prof. Loeb's views on the Bermuda Triangle but didn't find anything. Recently he has been more heavily involved in speculating about an alien probe entering our solar system. While I'll admit his alien theories are interesting and I cannot personally disprove him as I'm not an astrophysicist, he seems to be have earned the scorn of most of his peers. If you have a direct link to his theories on the Bermuda Triangle I would be interested in reading them. Berlitz is who I was referring to when discussing those that have twisted and made up facts to sell books. His work has been discredited numerous times by many different researchers. While Loeb may have a reputation for being out there, he seems to rely on fact based assumptions, even if such assumptions are controversial seemingly unlikely. Berlitz, however, twists and fabricates fact to support his conclusions.
  5. AL3XCruise

    Mention Bermuda Triangle?

    Exactly, which is why I mentioned "similarly busy". That's the "fun" with those types of statistics ;). In other cruise related news, nearly all docking incidents occur near the pier and ships are far more likely to run aground in shallow water.
  6. AL3XCruise

    Escape bound tips or secrets

    I agree, the aft view leaving NYC is great. Depending on temps the Garden Cafe is an option, but if you can stand it the view from the waterfront is fantastic. Not only is it less busy than the upper decks, but it also has fewer glass panels, loungers and other obstructions. Makes it easy to get from one side to the other if desired. The negative on 19 is that the deck isn't full width (at least if you don't have access to the Haven Sundeck). You'll see the Statue of Liberty in front of the ship, but as the ship passes it you'll either loose site of it or need to quickly walk to a different area. Plus the windblocks limit photography if that is important. The view of the Verrazano Bridge, of course, is best from Deck 19 or 20 though.
  7. AL3XCruise

    Mention Bermuda Triangle?

    What about them? You do realize there have been unexplained disappearances of people, ships, etc virtually everywhere around the world? Just because a few have been more publicized doesn't mean there is somehow a higher number happening in the Bermuda Triangle. Every worldwide analysis done had found nothing to suggest there have been any more losses in the Triangle than in any other similarly busy area. A few anecdotal examples are interesting stories, but they do not change the overwhelming evidence.
  8. AL3XCruise

    Shortest possible cruise

    I think that is pretty common marketing for those type of lines. "Scenic Dinner Cruise" sound better than "Sightseeing Boat Ride with Food". But I think there is definitely a blurred line between cruises and ferry trips on some routes. To me, a lot of it has to do with if the primary purpose of the trip is to get from A to B... but then how do you account for Ocean Liners versus 50,000 plus ton ferries?
  9. AL3XCruise

    Epic Interrupted

    That was my understanding. It makes me wonder if there was an issue distributing sufficient power given several engine/generators were offline, though I don't know enough about how those systems are set up to speculate too much. Hopefully the Chief has time to stop by and give us some knowledge!
  10. AL3XCruise

    Deck 8 Breakaway

    Keep in mind the standard balconies on Breakaway are VERY small. @meatball_nyc posted some great pictures. Personally on BA, I'd probably stick with an ocean view and save some cash if my only options was the tiny balcony. The bigger balconies and aft balconies are a different story. Also, as you can see from the pictures, some of the balconies in this area are fairly exposed to views from above and below. That may be worth considering. Finally, it isn't relevant to this trip, but the BA+ ship's have large balconies. Just FYI if your future travels take you on one Breakaway's big sisters!
  11. AL3XCruise

    Celebrity prices are TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!

    That is incorrect. It is a flat charge per day per person as I noted previously. Well I agree it is important for folks to know there is a gratuity despite the perk being "free", please make sure you understand how it works before giving people incorrect information.
  12. AL3XCruise

    Celebrity prices are TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!

    NCL applies a service charge that is 20% of the beverage package price if you were to purchase it. There is no per drink charge. Worked out to about $20/day/person last time I cruised. Like most promotions, you just need to do your math to see if it makes sense for you.
  13. AL3XCruise

    Mention Bermuda Triangle?

    Its entirely possible to write an interesting and accurate book about the Triangle. Lots of interesting and unexplained things have happened there. However, if you look at comparably sized chunks of ocean that are very busy, they have very similar numbers of interesting things happening. Reporting on unsolved mysteries in one area is a perfectly reasonable thing to do. Claiming that more such mysteries occur in the Bermuda Triangle while ignoring all the worldwide data that contradicts that is disingenuous at best. To be fair, such statistical analysis was more difficult in when the Triangle was first hypothesized than it is now. It is possible some of the early writers saw events in the Triangle and didn't have the resources to fully explore similar mysteries worldwide. Nowadays, though, it is hard to make such an excuse.
  14. AL3XCruise

    Mention Bermuda Triangle?

    That was my understanding of your point. No government nor industry organization I am aware of charts the Triangle; any "map" is based on some stuff folks drew up in the fifties to sell newspapers, magazines, and books.
  15. AL3XCruise

    Mention Bermuda Triangle?

    I've been through the Triangle many times (at least eight transits on cruise ships). I never heard it mentioned by an officer or staff member, though on one cruise a comedian referenced it in a few jokes. It is also possible that other cruisers will discuss it. I wouldn't expect it to come up, but it couldn't hurt to have some facts handy as a plan B in case they happen to overhear something. Some folks interest in selling books and "documentaries" (I use the term loosely) has led to the legend but it is easy to disprove with some rational analysis. Of course, quotes from Lloyds of London and the USCG probably won't sway a nine year old.