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  1. Can confirm that Miami doesn't (unless you leave after your arrival time, presumably, at which point it's only fair since you used more than 7 days...) I arrived at 10:30am on Sunday 19th, left at 9:50 am on Sunday 26th, paid for 7 days ($154)
  2. When I view my reservation online, and on pages 3&5 of our E-ticket packet, our experience is listed as yacht club. Did you try clicking "Request E-Tickets" on the website again after you got the upgrade notification?
  3. According to this toll calculator it'll be $3.25 each way.
  4. FLL to Naples, you should be just fine by the look of it. So long as you don't veer off toward downtown Miami.
  5. This should help - https://www.sunpass.com/en/tolls/tollsSunPass.shtml Outside of metro areas there's often a cash option at the off-ramp. In metro areas it's generally Sunpass or toll-by-plate to keep traffic moving.
  6. Looks like an interesting option, but for 2 people, that's still $90 ($154 to park on port). For that $64 savings, I'd now be transferring from my car to a train, to a Lyft (which it seems I still have to order myself?). It's also introducing a third party to getting my baggage on to the ship. I've been involved in enough project management to know that every link you add to the chain adds risk and delay. Not to mention that if this was our family vacation, not our mom and dad only vacation, it would cost $180 while parking would be flat at $154. Shortest critical path to my vacation = drive to port, check bags, park, get on ship.
  7. We bid for the upgrade. I was having the same thought about the elevator override. We were on the Seaside in the summer, and when it was busy, it was quite annoying seeing the elevator zip past with the YC-override symbol showing. I think most of us have come to terms with the fact that money buys privilege, but this particular upgrade feels like something taken away from regular passengers, rather than just an extra bought by YC passengers. Felt a bit 'in your face'. To make matters worse, I was told there were a bunch of teenagers in yacht club that had decided tying up the elevators was great sport.
  8. No idea. In the case of RS, they are probably just hedging against cancellations.
  9. Just had this same dilemma myself. I decided it was worth the (significant) premium to park at the port. I don't want to start my vacation hanging around for a shuttle bus, and I don't want to end it wondering if my car's still there/ok. Off-port parking would probably be ok, but I want my vacation to be about relaxation, not risk-management. YMMV. This way I just drop my bags at the collection point, then park the car, and saunter down to check-in. It's a big upgrade to day 1 of the cruise, and the extra cost hurts less when considered in the context of the cruise as a whole. And on debarkation day, we can leave with our bags, head straight to the car, and be on our way.
  10. A room type could be fully booked, but if one of them upgrades they could be left with an open room with little time to sell it. Or someone could cancel last minute. They're making sure they have people on the hook for any eventuality. Worked out for us, we just upgraded into Yacht Club for Sunday's sailing. The Royal Suite's a bit rich for my blood, though!
  11. Well you know, I'm kind of a big deal... Kidding. After much discussion of the relative merits, we put in an offer via the plusgrade program.
  12. Any tips on getting the maximum benefit from the amenities of MSC Yacht Club? The wife and I are generally pretty low maintenance, so left to our devices there's a good chance we'd never even think to ask and end up missing out. I'm not sure we even get the full service from a regular cruise porter, never mind a butler!
  13. Brilliant. Thanks for the reassurance.
  14. We're embarking the Meraviglia on Sunday 19th. To hopefully start the cruise with minimal stress, I'm coughing up the dough for parking at Port Miami. Question is, since I can't book in advance, do I need to be worried about getting there and finding no spaces? I'm driving down from Tampa, so won't be there until between 11am and noon.
  15. We're sailing on the Seaside on Saturday, but the online check-in isn't working and hasn't for sometime. Tried two laptops and three different browsers. I'm currently stuck on hold trying to call them to get checked in. Any ideas? Anyone else having the same trouble?
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