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  1. My dad buys his ahead of time so it is in the room when he gets there. That way he doesn't have to lug a gallon of water around with him.
  2. This is very true. Funny how as consumers people feel it is ok to watch the bottom line by using cost cutting strategies such as coupons, loyalty programs, and being mindful of wasting products they paid for, but when I corporation tries to do the same thing they are seen as cheap. I'm not attacking anyone personally, just my general observation from working in the hospitality and medical industries for a number of years.
  3. Well said, Schazzy. Ultimately, it is up to Carnival to implement the drink packages that they see fit for their business. And ultimately it is up to each of us to determine on which line we sail.
  4. This is going to turn into a repeat of yesterday......
  5. This. If everyone in the cabin had to have it (which makes total sense), it would limit the number of people who would get it. There is no way that a family of 4 with 2 small children is going to "get their monies worth" with a package like this. A 5 year old is not likely to drink $25 worth of beverages a day. There is no point in offering a package that may or may not sell well. Jbethel, I understand your point and why you are asking this. I am sorry that you are so frustrated. If you are really interested in seeing something like this happen then maybe you should contact John Heald. I don't think a petition is likely to do any good but John seems to me to be the best point of contact for something like this.
  6. Vicky, I just ordered $500 worth of gift cards. The day after I ordered them I got an email from AARP saying that there was action required and i needed to call them to confirm the order. I called and it was a quick 2 minute conversation to confirm mailing address and that I had in fact ordered them. This was on the 19th. The girl told me that they would send me an email with tracking information once the cards shipped. I never get an email, but my cards arrived yesterday (the 22nd). They came UPS and required a signature.
  7. This was how I understood it. That the mother has to consent to the travel not that she is forced to allow it. I have a similar court order with my son's father. We have to have each other's consent to take our son any further than the state lines. Canadaman111, I am sorry that you are dealing with this frustrating situation. I understand all too well having a vindictive ex. As others have said, your oldest son will be 18 so she won't be able to stop him. But you have some time to get it worked out. I really hope that you can get things worked out and enjoy your vacation! This is exactly how my ex-husband is. No matter that it hurts my son as long as he wins. And 99 times out of 100 I will give in to stop my son from suffering. And my son thinks the sun shines out of his dad's @$$. Go figure.
  8. If buying buckets of beer or drinks for others is something that you do regularly when you cruise, then Cheers may not be the way to go for you. Everyone's situation is different and I can definitely see how Cheers would make sense for some people and not others. There are way too many variables in each person's individual situation. For me the decision boiled down to being able to prepay for my drinks and not have to worry about my spending every time I swipe my S&S card. If you decide against purchasing Cheers, I would do as others have said and get the AARP gift cards rather than cruise cash or bar credits. Heck, if you decide to purchase Cheers do that with the gift cards, too. Whatever you decide, have a great cruise!
  9. You can adjust your auto grats.....if they can lower them, I'm sure they can raise them. Then they will be divided up for you. As others have said, I feel that extra tips should go to those crew members who went above and beyond. Case in point, there was a thread a few days ago where the poster left his shoes while he went on the water slide and burned his feet on the way back to his lounge chair. He couldn't make it all the way back and a very kind crew member went to fetch them while he waited in the shade. That crew member deserves an extra tip IMO.
  10. This is excellent news!!! I also will be on the Ecstasy soon and was wondering about this myself. soapbxking, when are you sailing?
  11. What a great find! I am sure that brought back a lot of fond memories for you. I am also a saver. I love little mementos like that.
  12. That is good to know! Maybe I will go confirm my email address......
  13. Good advice...thank you! All of that stuff is from the dollar store and the pictures are copies printed on regular computer paper 😉
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