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  1. Weird I know but can anyone tell me whether the toilets are high or regular height? Important for mobility limited person. Thanks!
  2. Hi there, Is there a formal night on a 5 night cruise? If so, is there a way to find out which night it will be? Thanks!
  3. Are there spin classes offered in the Fitness Center? if so, how to go about signing up? thanks!
  4. We are booked on the December 2 Ovation sailing from Dubai to Singapore. I'm resigned to the fact they Seabourn will likely change the itinerary and skip Dubai sometime closer to the sailing date if things have not cooled down significantly in the Straight of Hormuz by then. We had a similar issue in 2015 on Sojourn from Mumbai to Athens. In that instance all the Egyptian ports were cancelled about 6 weeks before the cruise which sent us into a mad scramble to figure out a pre-cruise trip to Egypt. In this case, I would not be particularly peeved by missing Dubai (been there) but it would require us to change our flight arrangements which are not through Seabourn. It'll be what it'll be, I actually wouldn't mind if a couple of ports in India are added to the itinerary instead.
  5. I'll be on the Ovation in December with three friends (all separate bookings) who are new to Seabourn. If anyone has a coupon available I can put you in touch (they're not cruisecritic members). thanks!
  6. Hi, It's been four years since our last Seabourn cruise and are booked with a small group of friends on the December 2 Ovation sailing from Dubai to Singapore. My question is whether Seabourn still does the special events such as the evening concert at the Ephesus library. Thanks!
  7. Nancy, the only times it felt hot on board last week were early on embarkation day in the Starlight, it just felt like they had not put on the AC but it cooled off quickly. Later on, there was a very hot day and it felt a bit stuffy in Silk but not enough to turn us off.
  8. Hi! If you like caviar and lobster I would suggest that you look at your itinerary and don’t book anything on the first night at sea, I believe this is usually when these items are on the menu for Waterside. Beyond that I like to mix it up a bit so I recommend leaving a day or two in between specialty restaurant reservations. The food on Symphony this past week was excellent everywhere. Enjoy!
  9. Some post-cruise thoughts in no particular order: 1. Have been home for 3 hours now, cupboards are bare, fridge is empty. Missing Symphony already! 2. Silk is a really nice addition, both for lunch and for dinner (we had two of each). It is a popular venue and very well attended. One space I kind of miss is the old lounge area under the glass roof. Now half the space is taken by Silk and the other half feels cramped and small (although beautiful). It used to be a much brighter and spacious place to hang out with a good book. On balance, we prefer having Silk than not. 3. Waterside is lovely and we did not experience any crowding of tables. What did surprise me was that last night (after 8 pm) I said we would not mind sharing a table (we had kept to ourselves the entire cruise) and were told that there were no shared tables available due to the large number of families and groups in the room. Others chime in but are the chairs taller/tables shorter than the old ones??? It felt like a lot less room between my knees and the table. Food was excellent both times we dined in Waterside. 4. Churrascaria was a take it or leave it for us. 5. The gym continues to suck. Those awful weight machines gotta go. I don’t think it’s just us that hate them, we hardly ever saw anyone using them (the cardio machines were busy all the time). 6. First time on Deck 7. While we missed having a veranda because we had such great weather throughout, I enjoyed the quick, easy access to the Promenade. Our cabin was a connecting one and I did not like that. I have no idea why they wouldn’t give it to families travelling together and staying on the same deck (there were lots). The constant ringing of the bell (which felt like it was our bell ringing), the talk and laughter which we could hear so clearly. I’m not complaining about the people in the cabin as they were not particularly loud but whomever assigns cabins needs a head shake. 7. Shore excursion (only took one) was very good and well organized. We were extremely lucky that we had such a successful whale watching experience. I remember being pretty bummed a few years ago on another Alaska cruise shore excursion where it was raining and we only saw a couple of whales from afar. 8. Entertainment plentiful and of good quality as usual, the Avenue was full every time we showed up (usually after 9 pm), pleasantly surprised at Colin Salter although my superstar forever is Mark Farris. 9. Service was great everywhere, no misses despite a pretty full ship with many families. 10. The ship is in good working order as far as I could tell. We did not experience heating/AC or water temp issues. The usual constant maintenance work going on around the ship. 11. Fellow passengers. Surprisingly small Canadian contingent (only 37 of us!) and they threw a Canada Day party for us (which we unfortunately napped through). Large majority was from the US, some Brits and a sprinkling of everything else. As mentioned above, quite a few multi—generational family groups but this was totally expected due to the length and timing of the cruise. 12. Saw the Vintage Room dinner advertised in Reflections on embarkation day but did not see the VR lunch being offered (I confess that I don’t read every Reflections cover to cover so I may have missed it). This was a perfect little trip for us, Symphony felt like home. Happy to answer questions.
  10. One more caution about guarantee cabins is the possibility of ending up with a "connecting" cabin. This is unlikely as there are only a handful of connecting cabins and they do go to families who want to be together BUT it is possible. The downside is that the connecting door does not insulate from the noise from the other cabin! I'm currently in one and I can't tell you how many times I've opened the door when the bell rings only to find out that it is not ringing in my cabin but next door's. Also, the normal conversations, laughter, etc. can be heard very clearly (they don't even need to be loud).
  11. Yesterday in Endicott Arm and Dawes Glacier. Once again blessed with great weather, we even saw ice calving! Last night we had dinner at Churrascaria (for the first time). I think it's a good addition to the evening dining options but I would've like a Tastes-like concept better to be honest. Loved the caipirinha! Today we're in Ketchikan and it is overcast. May or may not get off the ship 🙂
  12. This was a large pod of orcas, there must have been a dozen in the area; we stuck around a pod of 6 but there were others popping up around. According to the tour operators this was just an amazing day that doesn't come along often. I was in seventh heaven 🙂 By the way, we're having a lovely time. I would estimate a couple of dozen kids, quite a few young adults, lots of gen-xrs, definitely a "younger" demographic for this short summer itinerary. Three quarters of the pax are from the US. Spent a great couple of hours at the Avenue last night, Colin Salter had the room rocking! great selection of 70s songs that everyone was singing to.
  13. Amazing whale watching tour in Juneau yesterday. Humpbacks and orcas! it was a spur of the moment to go on the tour and it paid off in spades. The weather was perfect, sunny and in the mid 80s, the seas were calm. We saw so many whales I was going out of my mind and took zillions of pics. These are a few of a gorgeous humpback putting on a show.
  14. The Vancouver Canucks chartered it in 2017 as well 🙂
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