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  1. Hi Julia, it’s the Ritz Carlton. Not sure if it’s always the case but it is with the upcoming ocean cruises that go to Dubai and it was for the Esprit to the Seychelles three years ago.
  2. Full refunds for sailings cancelled by Crystal is of course the right thing to do but Crystal could have avoided a ton of bad blood had they simply offered a two year window to use the FCCs or changing the wording from "must sail by or before" to "must book by or before".
  3. +++ to this. Happened twice to me and had to have my internet time reset at Seabourn Square.
  4. Meanwhile it appears that Crystal Symphony is sailing from Singapore with 160-180 guests today.
  5. There is one you download onboard (can't remember is if it's called Source though). It gives you access to the daily Herald, dining menus, shore excursions, local weather, etc. so it's very useful. It also has a wonky messenger function which doesn't have two key features: 1. group messaging and 2. a notification system. Basically you can only message one person at a time (this is fine when there's only two people traveling together but useless for groups) and you actually have to log in to the app to see if anyone has messaged you.
  6. I can confirm that the price for a E2 is US$2,999 + 944 = 3,943 (only Guarantees left).
  7. I actually think it is an excellent idea, particularly the French Polynesia, South Pacific idea. 🙂
  8. Dear Anne, have a wonderful cruise. I think you'll love the Esprit.
  9. Aug 19 (OCS200819-13) Amsterdam to Barcelona - claudiayvr (Claudia/Blake). Thanks!
  10. One personal observation. The size of the cabins will never stop me from sailing on Crystal (have never been on anything above a veranda cabin and I find them more than adequate, light and airy and with plenty of storage). However, we found that having a PH cabin on Oceania Regatta was probably the best decision we ever made. There was so little to do around the ship on sea days, particularly in bad weather, that having a spacious cabin and a well-appointed bathroom (yes I do love taking baths here and there) was the saving grace. I checked out the veranda cabins on Regatta and they looked tiny and tight. Good luck if you drop the soap while in the shower 🙂
  11. Hi Trudi, that must be it although I can’t find anything in the fine-print that would limit the offer to US and Canada. At least you’re on the right side of the foreign exchange game 🙂 . Look forward to seeing you on board!
  12. Just booked Amsterdam to Barcelona on Symphony!!! It’s one of the reduced deposit ($100 pp) and final payment 90 days out sailings so it was a no brainer. So excited 🙂
  13. The thermostats on Seabourn Ovation are digital and don't display temperature, only ~lines~ that you move up or down with a touch. It was kind of disconcerting at the beginning (not knowing what the temperature was or what we wanted it to be) but we quickly learned our comfort level and adjusted the lines no problem.
  14. Hi Sierra, Our only experience with non-included drinks was on Oceania and we chose to buy a glass of wine or a beer here and there instead of a package (my husband will have the odd beer so it’s not worth it). I believe the way packages work is by scanning your card every time but I hope others will confirm or correct this. One thing that may be useful is that Oceania’s policy allows you to bring alcohol onboard! We took advantage of this and bought lovely wine on shore (we were in New Zealand) which I enjoyed a lot. You are not prevented from having your own wine anywhere and while there’s supposedly a corkage fee in the dining room I was never charged (can’t promise this will be the case always).
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