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  1. Mine arrived yesterday via USPS priority mail. The passport card will be a separate mailing per notices in the package. I mailed it June 26th so it took 11 weeks to receive it. Also, I signed up for email notices on the passport website. Once it was approved on Wednesday, it shipped the next day and actually arrived 3 days before the expected delivery date.
  2. No, unfortunately, I haven’t cruised for awhile, but I have cruised to most of your port stops, which I enjoyed. I had a cruise on a “5 day courtesy hold” at the beginning of March right when cruising was looking iffy. It was a late May repositioning from Florida to New England/Canada, cruising to the Canadian Maritimes, Quebec and Montreal. It was a bucket list trip for me. So, it’s back on the Bucket List 😊!
  3. Thank you, Maris, for taking the time to do this review!! 😁 I am really enjoying it and all your photos too although I’m only on page 8 ( just found it yesterday). Bringing back happy memories for me that is much needed in week 4 of being house-bound and I have no cruises scheduled right now.
  4. So thankful that both ships arrived in PE safely!!!! Wishing a speedy recovery to all those who are sick and safe travels back home to the other passengers. Thoughts and prayers to the families of the 4 passengers who have passed on.
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