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  1. I'm not sure...I did make certain both had primary medical instead of secondary.
  2. No, they just gave quotes on their own website.
  3. I did, but the same policy there was $25 more than on insuremytrip.com for whatever reason.
  4. Follow up...thanks for all of the advice. I was able to get a refund on the insurance I purchased through RC and I got a Travelex Travel Select policy from insuremytrip.com to replace it. It was $36 cheaper and has 4x the coverage.
  5. Following up on this....my lazy butt called the passport agency and asked. In case anyone else needs to know, you have 5 years after the expiration date to renew. It says on their website 15 years, but that takes into account the 10 years since you first got it. I have to idea why they told me one year at the post office. They need to brush up on their knowledge!
  6. I am getting ready to go on a cruise and I need to renew my passport. I looked at it the other day and it expired in April 2017. I am confused because at the post office they said you only have 1 year to renew & then on travel.state.gov's website they say you have 15 years and when I Googled it I read something that said 5 years! Has anyone recently renewed that knows the actual time limit? I need to know which paperwork to fill out.
  7. Oh yes....I have been behind a parent at the post office that didn't know that...it was quite unpleasant!!!
  8. We are going to Honduras, Belize and Mexico. My husband and I are in our 30's and we will be traveling with our 8 & 5 year old kids. We are pretty healthy (knock on wood), but if we ran up a huge medical bill it would be devestating for our young family. I always try to plan for the worst then pray it doesn't happen! Traveling with kids is making me super nervous.
  9. I have booked a cruise for April and I purchased Royal Caribbean's "vacation protection plan". I want to make sure I am covered in case of a medical emergency & for medical evac if necessary. I can't even find the details of the plan I purchased now and I'm getting nervous about that. Does anyone know what this plan covers or what a good alternative would be, that is if Royal Caribbean will refund the cost of what they sold me?
  10. We booked a cruise and bought Royal Caribbean's "vacation protection plan", but now I am wondering if we need to buy more insurance in addition to that. I worry about the cost of medical care and what would happen if we had to be air lifted or something.
  11. After reading all of the helpful comments and reading in the news about a fellow Arkansan stuck in Cancun after suffering from acute appendicitis and being denied treatment at a local hospital....I think I'm going to spend the extra $$$ and get passports for the whole family. I do have another question that stemmed from a comment.....where do you get travel insurance and do I need that for a cruise? We have vacation insurance offered through RC, but I don't remember being offered travel insurance. Thanks for the help.
  12. My main worry is if there is a medical emergency and we have to fly out. I wish those worked for that! It would be much cheaper.
  13. I total get what they were saying about 2 year olds not looking the same as 12 year olds, but sure would be nice if they cut the cost in half since it it only good for half as long! Lol we can dream.... We have insurance we purchased when we bought the cruise, but is the travelers insurance that y'all are talking about something different?
  14. I am going to renew mine and it is still $110 plus other fees 😞
  15. Yep, we will have to pull them out of school/daycare and both take off work. I have seen people get real mad at the post office when they wouldn't keep their passport appointment because one parent was late! They don't play around about that.
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