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  1. There are two main design elements that severely date the interior design of the ship. Silver urns literally everywhere you look,and large wooden molding that's on every surface. If they remove the urns and take down some of the moulding the ship would look infinitely better. The second photo posted is the Alchemy Bar on the Legend. When they installed that bar on the ship you can see how there's not one urn visible and the molding is just located on the ceiling. Contrast that with the first picture of the Lobby Bar and you'll see that less,WAY LESS, is more.
  2. I hope they take out every single URN
  3. To clarify I think what Cantstopcruising was trying to imply is that on M & S Class ships there are complementary saunas in the spa/gym locker rooms that are Accessable without cost and/or needing a Thermal Suite pass,and that is correct information. On the E Class ships the locker room is specifically meant for Spa patrons only and there are no single sex saunas located in those locker rooms. Additionally on The Edge there aren't Locker Rooms designated for gym patrons and there's only a unisex single person toilet without a shower or lockers located at the far end of the gym. It's hard to tell if there's any modifications of the toilet facilities for gym patrons on the Apex. This seems to be the new design philosophy (Quantum Class doesn't have dedicated toilet facilities for gym patrons nor single sex steam or saunas in the spa Locker rooms).
  4. To answer the OP's question if you book a treatment on the Edge you DO NOT have access to the Thermal Suite. You only have access to the Locker Room and the waiting area/quiet lounge. The Locker Rooms are setup such that you need a card to unlock the door that accesses the Thermal Suite (It's annoying to have to carry that stupid card around-where do you put it if you're only wearing a bathing suit?- and I wish ALL cruiseship spas would use wristbands with RFID to unlock/access controlled spa areas)
  5. This has been my experience also. I used to attend maybe 10 years ago when they weren't as popular. It was fun when there aren't too many people. Once it gets over 50-60 people it's just too many people. As others have said it's generally the most useful for port intensive itineraries where many people have setup private excursions. This generally is the first and easiest opportunity to meet those that are in a private tour group. The loyalty Cocktail hours are a much better venue to meet and make new friends and acquaintances.
  6. That's EXACTLY how it will be done. Royal already has done it this way with the Quantum in Singapore.
  7. There will be no cruises departing November that have been previously scheduled. If you examine what Royal has done,this will be the blueprint for EVERYONE to initially restart cruises. What Royal has done is start with one ship in Singapore,the Quantum. They cancelled all previously scheduled Quantum cruises and implemented new capacity controlled 3- 4 cruises to nowhere. This way they can test all the new protocols with paying passengers. This solves the problem with too many passengers on already scheduled cruises with ports of calls bit ready to accept cruise passengers. So if Carnival was really to restart in November what they would do is take 1 ship at Miami and PC and cancel all existing cruises and give those passengers the ability to rebook on new,short capacity controlled cruises meant to test out the new protocols. That's how it will happen. https://www.royalcaribbeanpresscenter.com/press-release/1476/royal-caribbean-announces-new-quantum-of-the-seas-sailings-from-singapore/
  8. Since I live in Philadelphia I'm one hour away from Atlantic City. I've been going every weekend since the middle of July staying between 1-3 nights at hotels every weekend. We've eaten only outdoors when there was no indoor dining and now eat indoors when NJ allowed it. None of the casino hotel restaurants have any kind of condiments on the tables. In fact there's NOTHING on the tables when we are seated. Once seated, silverware and glassware are brought to the table. That's the safe way to dine indoors I would NEVER dine at an establishment that still has shared condiments. When I dine in Philly it's the same procedure. There's nothing on the tables until you sit down and then the table is set. Any restaurant doing it any other way is doing it wrong.
  9. There will NOT BE shared condiments on the table or anywhere else . Currently no restaurants I go to have condiments on the tables. It would be in single use packets, or in single use cups, etc.
  10. Generally that would fall to the job of moving sidewalks which some of the older Princess ships had. I remember first seeing them and thought it was unusual it find them on a cruiseship!
  11. Exactly! I'm not sure why people can't think logically and pragmatically.
  12. Yes we all know that, and we all know of the protocols those cruiselines are following (Testing, MASKS, cruiseline shore excursions only) all which makes paying crusies impossible for November 1st.
  13. Agreed;HOWEVER, what will be done is what Richard Fain has already stated in his October 5th video, employee only trail runs to test out the new protocols. But you're absolutely correct. It is IMPOSSIBLE for paying guests to start cruises on November 1st. , which is less than 4 weeks away. There's the whole issue of TESTING ALL GUESTS.
  14. Here's a CruiseCritic article about the latest comments from Royal CEO Richard Fain. AGAIN, in this brand new video(October 5th), he talks about restarting cruising with one or two ships with short voyages, limited destinations, and controlled shore excursions. What's unknown to everyone which includes the cruise companies is how long certain measures will need to be in place and what can be relaxed over time. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5644/?source=99360&fbclid=IwAR07emQnjos2Ckr6L76a_5bvSjAtEGzZZJfFtQYMLshBmosG13U6G2iZZyM
  15. All this arguing about 'Approved private tour vendors' is pointless. All the cruise lines, and the cruise line association AND cruise companies that are currently sailing in Europe are all pointing to Ship Sponsored tours ONLY. NOTHING that has been published by the cruise companies themselves have indicated there will be a list of approved Private tour companies. Yet people seem to want to will this fantasy belief into existence. It will not happen because the cruise lines have already stated that won't be happening
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