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  1. I did notice those original IV balcony chairs adjacent to the big windows in Eden in recent passenger photos. It's great that you found your 'spot' in Eden. For some reason you have all those complaining about nowhere quiet to sit on the Edge when it's pretty clear there's those intimate and secluded spots in Eden with those amazing aft views! On my last visit I noticed one of the artworks in Eden that was enclosed in a glass watch dome was exposed and I surmised that the glass dome probably broke. Hopefully it was/will be replaced!
  2. Here is a a hotel that seems to get good reviews. We have not stayed there yet but plan to in July after our NCL cruise. I met someone who stayed there on our trip in November and they enjoyed their stay there. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g187791-d531936-Reviews-Residenza_Argentina-Rome_Lazio.html With regard to hotel recommendations it would be helpful if you could list a suggested budget per night. The good thing about Rome is there is such a variety of accommodations of every style and price level.
  3. We used this car service in November and they were great. Arrived exactly on time and we had no issues. Great prices. https://romehabicabs.com/
  4. There is really no benefit in staying in Civitavecchia the night before. We've departed many times from there and NEVER have stayed there, and as we will do this July the stays will always be in Rome, then a car service the day of embarkation right to the pier. There's alot more choices in hotel accommodations in Rome than Civitavecchia.
  5. Virgin is working with a 3rd party Casino hosting company to offer comped cruises.
  6. The all gay cruise company Atlantis has chartered the ship on May 31st for a seven night cruise.
  7. yay!!!! tHE WEBSITE IS finally WORKING FOR BOTH of us!
  8. The last tech person I spoke yesterday walked that back and said when the app goes live you will not be able to book excursions through it.
  9. I appreciate your assistance and only looked at your postings for exactly what they are,trying to help a fellow cruiser. With my husband in IT our technology is always up to date. We have all the latest windows updates and every couple of years he completely rebuilds our desktops by wiping the systems clean and doing a complete new OS install. We have all the necessary security software. Our mobile phones (pixel 2 and 3) are also protected and I literally check for app updates 2x a day. Oh did I also mention we have a Tesla Model 3 EV? Love that to death! But that's for another online forum.😜
  10. He thinks the best solution is for Virgin to delete our accounts and we start all over. I'm probably going to call them and suggest that.
  11. My husband is also in IT, desktop admin support. The answer to your question is yes. We both have cleared cashed and cookies.
  12. Just tried to login using my husband's mobile phone which I've never signed on any of his devices. And same issues,so the problem is definitely not on my end. Incidentally my husband is having the same exact issues with his Virgin account. With so many people having issues it's definitely not a user issue,it's a website issue.
  13. Thanks, I'll call them later and ask them to try resetting my account .I remember they said they have done that already, but no harm in trying that again. Thanks.
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