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  1. Here's a screenshot of the cruise planner website. Notice the button for Plan all cruise dining. Once you make all your selections you'll 'purchase' it,no credit card needed,and you'll receive an email with all the information. It will also be in you cruise planner calendar.
  2. You should definitely be able to do it now. I did my Christmas cruise months ago! Easier to do it online on their website. Go to cruise planner. It's a bit complicated since you have to add all the guests into the planner, but once you do you can do whole cruise dinner reservations at all at once.
  3. Same exact thing here. family Christmas cruise on the Anthem, 4 cabins,9 people. I was able to pre-schedule My time dining for the whole cruise at 7:00pm for all 9 people.
  4. Oh boy, I opened a can of worms! In any case, I'll post an update once I'm on board. Anyone else that's currently or will be shorty can chime in. If you do post a current experience it would be helpful to identify the ship you're on.
  5. Spa Junior Suite,that's pretty cool. Great to know about this cabin class!
  6. Which ship class on Royal has junior suites with an extra powder room? I've never heard of that.
  7. Meant to write I know it ISN'T necessary, but I always make advance reservations when possible. Our desire for Select/Anytime Dining is more about choosing a dining time in between early and late set seating than having the flexibility of dining any time any night.
  8. We will explain our situation to the maitre d' at Blu and see what they recommend us to do. I think with the ship at half occupancy it shouldn't be as much of an issue and just a matter of communication. But thank you for your feedback.
  9. Thanks for all the replies. Just to reiterate the reason for this dilemma, if you can call it that, is we had a casino comped IV room initially, and based on my husband's previous casino play back in 2019 he had generated enough future cruise credit (I don't remember exactly what Blue Chip Club calls these future cruise allowances/bouncebacks? Their program is so confusing) where we were able to upgrade to Aquaclass for $100 AND have the Always Included benefits. I enjoy using the Thermal Suite daily, sometimes multiple times a day if it's available to me which is why upgrading to Aquaclass was a benefit to me. A week after the cabin upgrade my parents decided to join us on this cruise. My dad, who is 92(Mom is 83) and recently had a heart valve replacement surgery, was cleared to go on a cruise and felt well enough to do so. We frequently travel with my parents and often on a cruise. Generally we all do our own thing and it's at dinnertime and the ports(especially overseas) where we get together and spend time together. They didn't opt for Aquaclass since they wouldn't use any of the benefits, so their dinner time would be solely in the main dining rooms. What I finally ended up doing is making advanced whole cruise dinner reservations for my parents (I know it's necessary) and my husband and I will look at the nightly menu at Blu and decide when we want to eat by ourselves there, or skip Blu and join my parents in one of the dining rooms and asking the Maitre d' to accommodate us. We're quite excited to experience the Edge for our third time, especially with such low occupancy rates. We have raved about our experiences on this ship to my parents and they are very excited to be boarding a cruise ship after their last cruise in Nov/Dec. 2019 (Suez Canal cruise on Royal)
  10. While you may enjoy the OJ that's free just know that it's not actually 100% Orange Juice. In fact if you see the packaging that they fill the machines with it says Orange Drink Beverage or something to that effect. In other words, there's probably sugar water mixed in with OJ concentrate which may be why you like it better.
  11. Here's the cruise critic link to the Vista Cloud 9 Spa photos. Unfortunately there's no photos of the locket room. https://www.cruisecritic.com/photos/ships/carnival-vista-982/spa-298782/spa--v13627057/
  12. Within the spa men's locker room is a small sauna that's fine to use with just a towel and no swimsuit. The locker room is accessable to everyone, not just those with a Thermal suite pass. Other features in the spa Locker room are individual shower stalls, a toilet, lavatory, and individual lockers for your personal items. It's a small space overall but the Sauna is a nice benefit to use without a bathing suit. Just remember there's a small round button just outside the sauna door to activate the sauna heating cycle. When the button is glowing that means the heating cycle is OFF. Touching the button turns the heating cycle on (and the light off) for about a 20 minute heating cycle.
  13. No it is not. Totally different programs and call centers. Royal Caribbean's casino program is called Casino Royale and the phone # is 888-561-2234. Celebrity's casino program is called Blue Chip Club and their phone # is 866-461-7170.
  14. There's no longer unlimited drinks in the Diamond Lounges, even during the Cocktail hours. If you order a drink in the Diamond lounge it goes against your daily drink coupon allotment.
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