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  1. Well, that's not it because I'm using a laptop. Thanks though! L.
  2. Is anyone else experiencing Cruise Critic logging you out while you are still on line? Over the past few days, I find that I come to peruse this forum, and I'll have to log in. Today it's worse. I can go from one thread to another and get logged out. Or is it just me? L.
  3. We were on the Oosterdam to the Mexican Riviera Feb 29 - March 8, 2020 (SOB!! a year ago) and DH and I ate at the Sel de Mer popup. This was the menu. L.
  4. RIGHT! OK, I just had another casino offer recently. Oddly though, it's not all casino offers on their list. L.
  5. I've noticed that on some cruises, (2021, as far as I can tell) I'm seeing a private fare, and it includes $400. OBC. Anyone else seeing this? L.
  6. Has anyone had a Players' Club (or Club 21) free cruise cancelled? Are you just SOL, or is there some reimbursement? (I understand that it says it is non-refundable.) Can you use HAL's cancellation insurance? L.
  7. I, also, had a casino offer today, but was for a free inside room. I have had a free oceanview only once, last fall. All others have been free inside.... L.
  8. Oh Kazu, I so miss you giving a Bon Voyage to all those who have upcoming cruises. I can't wait until I see your announcements again!! L.
  9. So, in British Columbia, Canada, we are vaccinating by age and Front line health care workers are being vaccinated first. I'm 54, and I don't anticipate receiving a vaccine until August. Many of those workers may not be able to be vaccinated in their home countries? And waht of those that are currently on board their respective DAM ships? L.
  10. We were on the Navigation Deck for our Oosterdam cruise in February 2020. Our room was under the Canaletto restaurant, so I thought it would be quieter, but we still could hear the carts roiling over the grout space of the ceramic tiles. Kathump, kathump, kathump. Didn't bother me at all (I pretty much could sleep through a nuclear bomb....) but DH is a light sleeper, and it was more bothersome for him. L.
  11. When it comes to cruising, it doesn't matter how many die, but a cruise ship that has infected COVID patients on it will set back cruising. Do you think foreign ports will allow a ship with COVID patients to come into port? L.
  12. Smooth Sailings to all on board her!
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