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  1. I didn't realize that the series Mighty Cruise Ships did a show on the Nieuw Statendam! I was out this evening, and came home to it on my PVR. Who knew!!?? L.
  2. I sometimes do screen clips of sailaways to post here. Yesterday, I came across an old sailiaway photo from Fort Lauderdale....I saved the photo on January 5, 2020 and called it "Ger".... Is this you @ger_77?? Hope it was a lovely cruise, whoever it was!
  3. If you look at Halfacts, there are photos of room 6127. Seems like a decent sized room. L.
  4. We were on the Koningsdam in January of 2019. Not one of the aft balconies, but the super deep ones. 3/4 of it is covered. We were in Room 4191. Here's the video I took of our room; but please accept the cheesiness of it. Trust me, I take better photos than videos! L.
  5. Thanks all! I knew I could get an answer on Cruise Critic....you guys rock! L.
  6. Has anyone had success in adding a passenger to a solo? We are looking at Feb 23 Southern Caribbean Wayfarer on the Nieuw Statendam. We would be travelling with my father, who would be travelling alone. However, my nephew may be able to join him, so we would need to add to the room, however won't know until mid November (before final payment). Has anyone added a passenger to a solo cruise? How does that work? L.
  7. We had booked Caribbean cruise in December on the Rotterdam....cancelled it a couple of weeks ago because we weren't comfortable going to Florida with their COVID situation. I had been eying the same itinerary on the Niew Statendam at the end of February. 2 days ago, I checked out the Have it All promo. Just looked at the exact sailing now with the added gratuities and $99. deposit...it is up $450.00. Hard no for me. L.
  8. So, I renewed my passport on July 22, not expedited, just regular renewal. I got my passport today, so 35 days in Canada. L.
  9. Here's a photo of how the (empty) library looks on the new Rotterdam....looks like lots or room for books and comfy chairs! L.
  10. So sad to hear of this. Sincere condolences to the families of the travellers and pilot. L.
  11. Where did you hear that? Citation please. L.
  12. Thanks for this @aliaschief. She's beautiful! L.
  13. Myself, DH, my dad and his friend are all booked on the Rotterdam on December 1 from Fort Lauderdale. We are all double vaxxed, and that cruise is a fully vaxxed cruise. However, we have to get from Canada to Fort Lauderdale. Although we are double vaxxed, we are acutely aware that we can still get COVID. I'm ensuring my connecting flights are all through Canada, with the last from Toronto to Fort Lauderdale, and we will be masked . We were going to spend a few days in Fort Lauderdale before the cruise, but changed our minds and will be coming in late the day before. That being said, we are still vary concerned, and as our final payment is due beginning of September, we will evaluate then and decide if we are going or not. Still not sure.... L.
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