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  1. We just disembarked from infinity. Following to see status of Norovirus on board our cruise ..... WE would like any information about the Norovirus on board the Infinity we board on May 17 for the Pacific Coastal Any Information would be appreciated thank you
  2. orchid69

    Pursuit suite cabin question

    Thank you for your reply. Your feedback is really helpful. We will be in 6091 for the Pursuit Westward TA in November. Looking forward to the journey thanks again
  3. orchid69

    Pursuit suite cabin question

    thanks for your feedback very helpful, Looking forward to our time on the ship
  4. Recently booked 2 different suites B2B on the Pursuit and would love some feedback about their locations. N1 8039 other than some noise from the pool deck above will there be any other problems CW6091 cabin is aft deck 6 and hope this will be alright. Would appreciate any feedback thanks
  5. orchid69

    Club Continent Suite: Pursuit

    Recently booked 8039 and am hoping that there will not be a problem with the location. Can anyone let us know thanks
  6. orchid69

    Noise Factor: Deck 8

    We recently booked 8039 and after reading all the comments are happy that we did. We knew that being on deck 8 could potentially be difficult but it sounds as though it will not be a big problem. Really wanted the bigger cabin and the suite amenities so we took a chance. Thanks all for your comments Orchid69
  7. Celebrity has penalized my husband and I for canceling our cruise on both Nov 18 and Nov 30 because of post storm damage to our home. We live on the shoreline in Connecticut are dealing with the aftermath of this storm. When we called our online TA there was no consideration from them and Celebrity. We have been penalized 75% of our cruise costs. We are very disappointed and angry. orchid69
  8. orchid69

    Buying leather in Florence

    Does one have to have euros only for a leather product in the market or can you also use a credit card? Cash on hand the only way to make a better deal? Just hate to walk around with too much cash on me. Dena
  9. orchid69

    Gregs Safari

    We will also be in St. Kitts in Dec. We are currently considering a tour with Rose and Jim. When are going to be in St. Kitts?:)
  10. orchid69

    Tour Help Please

    Will be there in early Dec. and presently in touch with Rose. We can give you feedback. She has been great to communicate with.
  11. Would anyone be interested in information about snorkeling in Bequia and Tobago? Let me know, Just got back last week and had a great time.
  12. orchid69

    Day Pass For Resort

    Just spent a few days at The Crane Resort. check in with them to see if they will let you use their facility. it was great, and the beach is beautiful.
  13. orchid69

    Anyone consider helicopter & Rendezvous?

    Helicopter ride was a great thing to do. That is how I left my resort to get to the airport. You get an island tour and get to the airport in a lot less time and hassle if your resort is on the northern end of the island. It was great.
  14. orchid69

    independent tours

    I had a great experience with Nash from 2x Tours. He owns the company, is very good and is flexible.
  15. orchid69

    Recommendations for things to do in St. Lucia

    I would recommend a day with Island Divers out of the Ti Kaye resort to snorkel off the anse cochon beach. Jemima was the person I set up our day with. You can set up a day package including lunch and the use of the resort beach and snorkel with them. Also used Nash from 2x Tours for a great day out on the island. He owns his own company and is really flexible very responsible. The helicopter ride and tour is a real treat .