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  1. Have not been on edge yet but we are sailing on march 22 and we had to buy 4 night because 3 night was sold out so just a thought they do sell out
  2. Does edge offer discounts also afraid won't be able to get any deals on board this ship as I heard the specialties are hard to get into on the edge
  3. Does anyone know if you can purchase dining packages on board. We will sailing on the Edge March 22 when I go to the cruise planner it will only let me do 4 night or more packages so dont know if I should wait till on board or book the 4 night package. Thanks in advance John
  4. 1 no discounts on any specialty any night on this ship they do offer specials for 2 night for 33 for the italian and asian but we did not do any this year 2shows 8 and 10 Humanity was amazing stages was ok but everyone has there own opinons the 2 production shows have no singers they are dance shows the singer are in the alternate 3 rooms bb kings rolling stong and billboard and those were awesome the production shows will change every 4 months also test kitchen was on both sea days at 1pm very informative if you like cooking shows 3 wedid not do any boat excursions 4 did not like new layout of the daily planner very hard to follow
  5. Best spot is the explorations cafe but they do not open till 8 am they are located on deck 12 also on deck 3 is the dutch cafe but they do not have as extensive menu for coffee if you are used to celebrity they have a better coffee program but this ship was fantastic in every other way from the showers in room to food including lobster at the buffet and great entertainment we had a fantastic time and booked again
  6. They did half moon cay first day also worst day for dining room imo was cozumel worst meal of week
  7. It was on 2nd day which for us was a sea day and also on grand cayman day
  8. They did formal on 2 and 4th nights also what i thought was amazing they had lobster and filet at the buffet i never had that on any other line before the food at the buffet was actually some of the best buffet food i ever had on a ship also the sweet pretzel at the pizza place was amazing the carmel almond crunch but only avail in the evenings
  9. We went to montego bay people that tried to do falls thru ship tours got some money back as they did not have enough time at falls and only did a small portion
  10. Just off what a great trip food was fabulous booked another on this ship for next year yes there were some hiccups but overall a fantastic cruise any questions i would be happy to answer ps one thing our last stop was cozumel they never told us to wait to buy jewelry till mexico which they should have cause you get 8.9 % back from the mexican goverment sadly we bought in the cayman islands
  11. I called today they told me they are no longer offering it hope they were wrong maybe someone knows if it is still being offered on the ship John
  12. Sorry if this has been asked but this will be our first time on hal does anyone know if they offer a dicount for the specialty restaurants on the first night if what is the discount thank you John
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