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  1. Wow! I have never been on a European cruise where VAT was charged on board. That’s crazy. Thank goodness I have a beverage package already and excursions booked already. I will save all of my purchases for when I am in port.
  2. Thank you!! We will line up as early as possible 🙂
  3. Thanks everyone for the info! we are flying to Canada and have confirmed 2hrs ahead for check in at the airport 1hr ahead for bag drop. Fingers crossed to check on online the day before. I also confirmed flight is at 11:45am and we are flying out of BCN which is approx 30 mins drive from the cruise terminal. We have done this flight before out of Barcelona when sailing with another cruise line and no issues as express walk Of was intended for those with early flights and those guests received priority. We didn’t have any issues but of course you have to be prepared for everything. I’ve also never had any issues at any disembarkation port in terms of customs on my previous cruises (except Russia of course which takes forever!) this has always been quick regardless of what country I have been too. The taxi lines are a different story! I will definitely check with Celebrity once on board. Thank you all for your help on this, much appreciated.
  4. Hi! Im curious about disembarking procedures. I know each cruise line handles this differently and wondering if there is an express walk off option for those with early flights. We end our cruise in Barcelona and have a flight at 11:30am. We know we need time to line up for a cab, get to the airport in weekday morning traffic and be there 2hrs ahead. So hoping to be off the ship at about 8am. This is my first Celebrity cruise so not sure how they handle this. They also never asked for our flight details at online check in which I found odd. Any advise appreciated 🙂
  5. Celebrity and their pricing strategy and “sales” that aren’t really sales and constant price changes make me crazy! I have never seen another cruise line do this. It’s super frustrating and I know when we booked our cruise (before the non refundable deposit/refundable deposit options) the perks were there one minute and not and then back and then not. I find other lines either have a promo for an extended period of time (usually advance booking and sale is available for more than a few days) or no promo and not constant price changes. They are actually worse than an airline with their constant “deals” and price changes.
  6. Good to know. We are in Alberta and ordered 21 days ago - 15 biz days and nothing. So I have re ordered. Also being sent to two addresses and neither of us have received. I know I can print them off, but paper bag tags seem a bit dodgy. I would expect them to get ripped off pretty easily.
  7. Makes sense. I wouldn’t spend the money on a lanyard, as I would never use it for anything else and I imagine most people would feel the same. I’ve done several cruises with a Disney and they give out Lanyards. It’s just a convenient way to carry your sea pass around on the ship and not lose it or deactivate it if you carry it with your cell phone. I would never where a lanyard off the ship. Just not smart or safe as you mentioned. But once I’m off the ship and toss it in my bag the lanyard helps me locate it too! i cruises HAL once, no lanyard, but it just seemed weird to carry my purse around the ship everywhere so I had a place for my card. I would also carry it with my phone and managed to demagnetized my card almost everyday! Oh well, we are in port almost every day in this cruise so shouldn’t have to worry too much about where to put my card.
  8. Hi! This is my first cruise with Celebrity and just wondering if they provide lanyards for your sea pass? I know some cruise lines do and others don’t.
  9. I am sailing Celebrity for the first time in a few weeks. Just a basic ocean view stateroom. Someone mentioned in this thread that everyone gets a bag of some sort others have said no bags. My family was actually having a conversation today wondering whether or not Celebrity gives you a bag or not. IF we do get a bag can anyone tell me what I can expect? ( size, style, material) Thanks!!
  10. My perks, aside from OBC don’t show up in my cruise planner and we sail in 3 weeks. They are on our invoice but that’s it. We had 2 perks included and then paid additional for 4 perks so I better have them! This is my first cruise with X and have just decided they aren’t as clear or as organized as other cruise lines. I get endless emails to buy beverage packages and internet when I should already have these but they don’t show up In My cruise planner. Very annoying and I am skeptical about whether or not we will get what we paid for.
  11. I’m in Canada and didn’t have any trouble ordering my luggage tags, but ordered them 3 weeks ago and they still haven’t arrived. Hope they arrive soon! I depart in 3 weeks!
  12. So to me it makes sense (kind of) if exchange rates are higher for a cruise being booked a year or more in advance because there is nothing worse than being told you owe more money because the dollar tanked. However, if the exchange rate has gone down by final payment, so should the price! It also makes no sense that exchange rates would vary by class of stateroom. That’s crazy. I know in Canada, it is illegal to profit of currency exchange in the travel industry. Apparently in the US you can!
  13. Perfect! Thank you!
  14. Kind of an odd question, but I have read in other places (not these boards) that you only get basic amenities on your stateroom (soap, shampoo/conditioner, lotion) if you are booked In certain classes. This seems really odd to me. I’m in an Ocean view cabin on The infinity, which according to some, does not qualify for basic amenities. Please tell me that’s not correct. Also - I read on a recent review that none of the shops on board sell basic travel size toiletries like Advil, cough candies, toothpaste, sunscreen etc. Sometimes you forget stuff or run out. I’ve never been on a cruise ship that doesn’t sell the basics ( at a premium of course!). Again, seems very odd. Any info is appreciated as I start packing! Thank you!
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