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  1. A related true Navy tale about being "sad" over a ship's demise: Our ship the USS Charleston (LKA-113) was decommissioned finally after a series of expensive repairs. The final straw, the main condenser unit's tubes suffered badly from corrosion where the wall collapsed one day right before getting deployed to the ME; NAVSEA, our authority that decides if ships sail or not, said no, it was time. So one day at the decom ceremony as we all stood on the pier dressed in our whites, the ship's brow suddenly broke loose from the wake of a passing ship; it slid down the side of the ship leaving a nasty black smear on the gray hull. We all got a laugh out of it because we were all actually glad to see this monstrosity get struck from the list. Ironically, she's still tied to a pier in Philly naval shipyards. She was decommissioned in 1992. So honestly, the only navy ship I felt sad for her demise was my first ship USS Forrestal (CV-59). She was scrapped, would've been nice if they made the first of the supercarriers into a floating museum.
  2. Another comment: Whenever a vaccine becomes available, I think we will wait at least two months just to see how people are reacting to it. If adversely, we will hold off until it gets fixed.
  3. Lift & switch is easier. That's what we did. There's too much "shell game" action going on with the numbers, and that 125% doesn't mean anything in the end. And how do you know your FCC cruise will be of the same value you invested into the first (cancelled) cruise? L&S all the way!
  4. Thanks so much for giving good information on this. Now, I'm certainly no expert in jewelry, but I've done a lot of traveling in my day, especially during my Navy career where i was in and out of the gold souks throughout the middle east, now THOSE places were amazing and bargains to be found. As for tanzanite just as an example, found exactly the same settings in stores ashore and on ship. After buying ashore, was happy finding out that doing it there other than on the ship, I saved even more than getting it tax free on board. And, remember during the gulf war I bought a nice 18Kt necklace in Jebel Ali near Dubai and made an amazing deal on that.
  5. My Invicta is standard size but I've seen those massive ones you mention, they ARE ugly!
  6. There are some good deals, true. I bought a nice Invicta watch on board. However, the Larimar and Tanzanite pieces on board were usually way overpriced - from our observation.
  7. That's amazing! I've never sailed on harmony, but I've witnessed far cheaper prices on other jewelry items in stores ashore during port visits than on board ship.
  8. The stores on the islands, including Bermuda, are fine with some good bargains. BUT, completely AVOID shopping on board for jewelry!
  9. Did ours over the phone. Process took 15-20 minutes with questions answered.
  10. They may as well just completely shut down cruises for the next five years, because that's about the time a vaccine will get approved by our so-called "FDA."
  11. With our June cruise canceled this year and moved to next year (Baltic) if this next one gets canceled or impeded with COVID BS, we are DONE.
  12. Sadly, I'd say it's a waste of time and also considering quarantine time for UK'ers leaving and coming back....does this still stand though? Not sure.
  13. Thanks! Now, would we be able to get back off a bit in AMS before the next cruise? Just curious. And yes, Twangster, we will definitely keep checking because that aft JS is ideal!
  14. While mulling over the idea of doing a BTB next summer on JOS, just wondering about.... when we arrive back in AMS from the first cruise, we pack again. Do we leave the ship and leave our luggage on board prior to getting our new cabin? We've never done a BTB! Wish we could book the same JS aft we already have on the second cruise, otherwise (I imagine) we would just stay put? I think, if we do the first cruise, we'll just get an inside cabin (or an OV).
  15. I definitely support this progression away from the drills. Provided that we all familiarize ourselves with our muster stations, where to go, the shortest route possible without relying on an elevator, we should all be fine. This is an advance away from the old school method of instruction. No more waiting around for stragglers. For me, it felt like attending morning quarters on the flight deck.
  16. Back in the day (early 80's) we used to jump from the flight deck during swim call. It wasn't allowed but someone said it was 60 ft from the flight deck to the water, so, assuming a wave breaches the flight deck, that's how we came up with it. Far as the ships disappearing, they all came back up again, usually the destroyers but they all had everything battoned down tight.
  17. This came up during the discussion when I did our lift and shift. The OBC (I think it was $300) was automatically shifted to the June 2021 cruise.
  18. I do not see "Cuba" as a cruise port visit in the future at all.
  19. Several in US Navy. On a carrier, we went to GQ due to loss of aircraft on the flight deck. On a destroyer, she wouldn't right herself as quickly as we thought and we were literally walking on bulkheads. I've witnessed over 60 foot waves lash over on to flight decks and seen small ships disappear under the waves entirely.
  20. That's a good thing, this would probably cause me to snore myself awake.
  21. I'd imagine the steam would be all over the place without a door, forgot about that. But I really love this design!
  22. We're totally for the vaccine because we love to travel and hold concerns about our health.
  23. Not to hijack the OP's post - but this idea of having the shower without a door and just the entryway rise separating the shower from the rest of the bathroom - does it work ok, and with the tub in the same shower area? I really love this idea.
  24. I think we're pretty much over the "excitement" of our next cruise that got bumped to June next year. After this mess, it's just missing out on something to look forward to. I doubt that we will remain cruisers, might even cancel this one.
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