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  1. For me, St. Maarten was the best port in the Caribbean because of the low flying planes arriving into Maho Beach. Beers and drinks are cheap, great live bands at night too. We had such an amazing time there. Snorkeling as well. Great beaches!
  2. We were on Brilliance in 2017, bed seemed great for us. Glad to hear they're upgrading in January, we're on Brilliance again in June.
  3. Sorry about your experience, but I'd have thought that once you're at the actual hotel they could have changed a room for you, no problem at all. By then, you are the hotel's guest. I'd have thought their guest services could've moved in and just helped you out. Sounds like a hotel I'd avoid in the future!
  4. and THERE IT IS....the remaining balance. Wow, although I KNEW I owed, the fact that the main paying page shows no balance due and this one does PROVES HOW MESSED UP their databases truly are. Something isn't mapping up, their webmaster is NOT doing the job. Thanks for this.....
  5. My account still shows I don't have a balance due....I know, I am living in fantasy land, thinking there's this awesome mistake to my benefit! Don't dampen my temporary joy! LOL
  6. Am I thinking correctly, is this an additional fee for their deck barbecues near the pool, featuring hot dogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob?
  7. That's just it, there's nothing to click, it's grayed out and says no balance due. WOOHOO, right?
  8. Knowing I still owe a balance, going to pay off the balance but seeing......THIS? I'll just go along with this.....I'm thinking this is typical of the site, maybe? How would you handle it?
  9. Or, you can re-read their opening statement, NOTHING SAID about it NOT being sewage.
  10. ....check, just in case of a PD, or is it solid, no more PD's?
  11. We can only hope this is true, Fred....any mention of a toilet flooding though, brings up images.
  12. It's still an insulting deal after what they went through, IMO. And yeah, I clearly understand how it works. Thanks.
  13. So, a 20% discount on a future cruise with date restrictions, as a return for exposure to sewage.....just sayin'.
  14. Yeah, but by you mentioning this, it's gotten me into an appraisal mode as well, I think we are going to have to do this - been sluffing it off and I think with an appraisal it helps just in case something happens, like a break in....
  15. Just curious - how much was the appraisal? I've heard that the fees for appraisals greatly vary.
  16. Yep, on another thread I just said I went around last cruise and just snatched up towels from chairs that I KNOW were being hogged and tossed them in the bin, telling the towel guy I just found them laying around. An elderly couple gained two chairs at the solarium while the younger couple sauntered off for lunch. I wish this WAS in place, I would've made at least $20.
  17. On our last cruise, I got a bit miffed at seeing this - also got a bit tipsy and decided to snatch 3 or 4 towels from "reserved" seats and just threw them into the dirty towel bin telling the guy I found them lying about unattended.
  18. While in St. Maarten, noticed a lot of shops "pushing" Tanzanite with heavy advertising. Beware of that, as well as store employees practically begging you to come in. There's a lot of lab manufactured tanzanite in the Caribbean lately, just be careful before you go there and read up on how to tell the difference between real and fake tanzanite.
  19. Just ask for some shot line, tie your knickers, pants, shirts and socks, stuff them with detergent and pitch them over the side; wait an hour, bring it back up, rinse off in fresh water and hang to dry 😋
  20. Our return flight post-cruise from BCN left at 10:30am as well; this was summer season, so considering your cruise is in November, you should be fine in disembarking. Our shuttle bus to the airport left the terminal around 7:30am and still made it in plenty of time. One thing we will never again do though - go from BCN to CDG and then to IAD, because we nearly missed our connecting flight to the states thanks to slowness in CDG. Get the nonstop flight back home, it's well worth it and far less stress! Have a great cruise!
  21. The Dogfish Head Super 8 is really good, but I don't stick to that particular one....still love my IPA's!
  22. Great example. Today I noticed a PD on our cruise. Around $86. So I call, she says "yes, I see the price drop difference sir, but you're coded for a Visa card discount so that might go away" I said "let's not even try this, call a manager in on this please, because the PD is less than $100" "I see your point sir, let me place you on hold" So after haggling with them like they're a couple of sellers in a Riyadh market, I finally got the PD - but they were trying to remove a $100 Visa card OBC credit if I took the PD. So, their philosophy now is to try taking something away from you if you want the PD. Glad I debated it. Got the PD without it affecting the Visa card OBC and I reminded them both that this particular discount has absolutely nothing to do with their price drop. To the OP: I'd write them a letter on this, explain your grievance in a polite way. Show them how your friends, new cruisers, got a better discount, but use tact and you might get what you want from it - but nothing much more than that.
  23. Although it's the current situation in how RCL does their business, their whole rewards thing is a shambles and needs work. I (sort of) agree with OP's point. They'll give you the deal or discount, but they'll take something else away in place. Screw that whole incentive idea.
  24. I've always wondered if a gose is considered a sour. I think they're pretty good, especially the dogfish head ales.
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