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  1. I believe there are hours all throughout the day, but I don’t remember what time they open, and we only used them during dinner time... sorry! As far as bedtime, you just pack anything she would need (jammies, toothbrush, blanket, etc), and they have a little crib area. I would imagine they darken the room at some point. We picked our son up before bedtime, so he never got to sleep there, but I know a lot of other people did, so they probably have a good routine for it (sound machines or music maybe). I hope it goes well! We LOVED the Navigator!
  2. So, I meant to post here again right after our trip, but it’s been a couple of months. We used Royal Babies and Tots on the Navigator of the Seas in May and had a great experience! Our 2 year old was being very clingy, and so we only really used them one night, but they were great! The first night onboard we stopped by and checked out a big bag of toys. We got to look through a catalog and my son could point to the toy bag he wanted! Too cute! (Just make sure you don’t lose or break them, because they have some crazy steep replacement fees!) The first night we attempted to use the nursery, my son wouldn’t settle down, and they called the deck phone they gave me to see if we wanted to pick him up. I gave them some suggestions and they tried them, but eventually I ended up picking him up. They were very patient and kind and didn’t even charge us for that night, despite him being in the nursery about an hour. The second try went better and he settled down. They gave us a list of food options for him, and there were plenty of foods he likes. It was all basic “kid” foods, from the regular Windjammer menu. Also, I like their booking system—I was worried they wouldn’t have the openings we wanted, but they were able to book all the time slots we wanted. (We had another evening booked, but ended up canceling midday because we stayed on CocoCay literally until the last minute possible! 😂)
  3. So, I know you can book outside the cruise line, but I'm looking at RC's Excursion site and found a Blue Lagoon Beach Day and Stingray Encounter that seems like a great deal ($49pp). It says you have to be 4 years old to do this... so I'm not sure if that means we could bring our 2 year old and he just wouldn't be able to participate, or if he wouldn't be allowed on the tender at all? I may email them for clarification, but wondering how you booked for a child under 4, since you've been a few times.
  4. That's weird, usually they will make a note of it, at least. We booked directly through RC and when I called to request sitting by our friends, they made a note and just said to have our friends confirm. Maybe if you used a TA it's different? You can also stop by the "office hours" in the dining room on embarkation day to request the table you'd like.
  5. I don't know if it's a new feature or not, but we were told about a program called My Family Time Dining. This is for if you're eating in the main dining room. You have to have a 5:30 dining time, and basically they rush the kids' food out first so they can eat, and then once they're done (I think around 6:00?), the AO staff (not the nursery), will meet the kids at the dining room entrance and take them up to AO to play while you finish the rest of your meal. We are traveling with friends and their kids, so all but our 2 year old can do this, and we're all happy with the idea! Hopefully it works smoothly!
  6. Thank you! That's helpful! I'm really curious to see how busy this nursery will be--it's a larger ship (Navigator), but it's in May before schools are out, so maybe less families. We will find out shortly! Thanks for the info--we are very excited! 😁
  7. I'm not familiar with Blue Lagoon, but it sounds perfect! I will definitely check it out! Thanks! 😀
  8. I have a follow up question! We are taking our kids on their first cruise, and our youngest is 2, so he will be in the Royal Tots room. We will probably only use the nursery during dinner once or twice (although if it goes well, maybe thrice, haha!), and I’m just curious how the kids’ dinners go. Do they show you a room service menu or something? Or a list of foods in the buffet that night that you can choose from? Thankfully he is NOT picky, so I’m sure he will eat whatever I pick out, just curious about how that part works. My older son has a shellfish allergy, which I will talk to the Staff about, but we are going to do the My Family Time dining, so he shouldn’t be eating in Adventure Ocean, anyway. I plan on stopping by the kids area first thing when we board! 😊
  9. I have actually been thinking about that! Did you think it was worth the admission price?
  10. We are taking our young kids to Nassau and so far we're just planning on taking the water taxi over to Atlantis, exploring/shopping there, then walking to the free beach next door. I'm just wondering if anyone has found a great excursion for young kids (2-4 range), or another activity they enjoyed? We don't really want to drive anywhere since we won't have car seats for the taxi/bus. We will also have to head back to the ship around lunchtime for nap, anyway, so a half day is ideal (we'll be up early, anyway, haha!).
  11. These photos are so great! We are cruising on Navigator in mid-May, and are so excited to see the "new" ship and "new" Coco Cay! I will probably look through these photos a hundred times in the next month and a half! 😁
  12. I’ve also heard “A penny earned is a penny saved.” Or a penny I can use on my cruise...
  13. So, I think we might just do an Uber from FLL to a hotel on the beach in Miami, then Uber to the port the next day. The Uber estimate is about $40 for all 4 of us. Not sure what it will be from the hotel to the port, but probably $10-15? The Tri Rail is definitely cheaper, but I think this will be lot less hassle and time.
  14. Yes, that's good to know that others use that system! We are definitely all about saving money, when we can, without sacrificing too much in opportunity costs. And we will have plenty of time both there and back (flying in the day before, flying out late afternoon after the ship docks), so I don't think we'll mind waiting for a shuttle. This may very well end up being what we use! Thanks for the help!
  15. We are cruising out of Miami, but flying into FLL (using our Southwest points, which only flies into FLL). We are trying to cut down as much transportation cost as we can, and I saw that you can ride the train from FLL to Miami International Airport for $5 each (it will be a Sunday). So I am thinking we do that, then get a hotel in Miami that offers a free shuttle from MIA. And then the next day just take an Uber or something to the cruise port, since we will be pretty close. Anybody tried this before? I'd love to save $40+ getting from FLL to Miami, but if it's just an awful experience, that will be good to know. We ride the L trains in Chicago all the time, so we're used to public trains, subways, etc, in general.
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