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  1. If I want to find Northern Lights. I would book land based trip, not cruise. I would fly in Lapland (Finland), Northern Sweden, or Northern Norway at least for 2 weeks at the winter time. You will have best chance to find those lights then. But it just luck, you may or may not see those lights. You can see Northern Lights at least in green color in naked eye. Have seen those few times. But all depend on solar activity.
  2. Few more words. So the article says bit more. I'll try to translate. There was some Finnish guy as a subcontractor in the ship. They did have subcontractor meeting. This guy had meeting concerning the fall's refub. As the accident happened the evacuation did take approx. 20-30min. They had only one gangway in use in deck 2 as the other were broken. What comes to ships tilting this Finnish guy did make estimation that ship could have fell a side. And this guy did mention ships damage as like this ships side did have some damage, but not anything broke trough. Did not say anything about azipods. Edit 1. And he also mentions they apparently have plan to get Oasis in the Spain to repair dock, as we already did know. Edit 2. And what comes splitting the dock. He doesn't say anything of that kind. He just says the dock probably did broke.
  3. In Finland it can be anything between -5C (23F) to 15C (59F). Sunny, Rainy or snowing or everything.
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