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  1. @pe4all did you notice any smells on the ship? We've booked for Cuba in 2020 and a lot of the reviews I've read on the ship mention a sewer type smell.
  2. I'm so confused as to why anyone would do this when you can just pay as you want until final payment is due directly through NCL.
  3. We didn't bother with the cup. It wasn't needed to get their drinks.
  4. We went early morning or night and never had a problem. In the evening we'd drop the kids at the kid's club after dinner and go to the spa. There would be maybe 2 other people there the entire time. Just lovely.
  5. Nice to see where your mind went with the assumption...
  6. When thousands of dollars and a pretty awesome trip are at stake I think better safe than sorry. We were told in very clear terms we would not be boarding the ship in NYC without my daughter's passport. I went back and forth with the agent a bit since NCL doesn't have that stated on the website (that I could find) but there was no budging her! Luckily I remembered about the digital copy because taking the train back to Jersey for it would've really sucked! It may or may not always be asked for but for us when traveling we'll make sure to always have a digital copy from now on. Also, to get a passport if one parent is unable to go a notarized letter giving approval for the passport will suffice.
  7. We just did it with Expedia. It was easy peesy. The rep took our Latitudes info and was able to apply it right then and there.
  8. Yup I bet that would work as well! I was so happy to remember that I had her birth cert. on the Drive because when I spoke to a NCL rep a few weeks before our cruise about needing the notarized letter since I'm her parent I was told I didn't need it which was right but the rep never picked up on the fact that we have different last names! I can't even imagine what we would've done if this had happened before the digital age!
  9. Unfortunately, this is not true. I'm guessing you have been lucky so far. When we boarded 3/17 we had to show my daughter's birth certificate. Her passport was not enough. You need the birth cert. to get the passport but I'm guessing the passport does not have the parent's name on it so once the passport is obtained they have no way of verifying who is the parent. We did not know this until we arrived at NYC port and were told we could not board without it. Luckily I had a digital copy of it on my Google Drive and they accepted that.
  10. On another note if he has a different last name than hers he will need his birth certificate for initial boarding on embarkation day. A passport will not be enough.
  11. We didn't care much for the upgrade so we only put in for the minimum $50 pp for a balcony to a mini suite upgrade. We were on 3/17 Escape out of NYC. Mini suites for our sailing were sold out and we bid so low so surprise surprise we did not get the upgrade lol
  12. Norwegian has Cuba cruises out to April 2020.
  13. There's a video review on YouTube from a couple that did it. Their experience was horrible. Turned me off of the whole idea.
  14. Totally just you! My bf doesn't drink alcohol. Should he be complaining about someone who gets the UBP as a perk paying the same price as he does?
  15. Ship - Escape Deck - 14 Stateroom # - 14808 Stateroom Category – BA Starboard or Port Side - Starboard Quiet Stateroom?– Very. The only time we heard much noise is when we had the balcony open and there was a party w/ loud music going on at the pool and the spring breakers were out hollaring. That never went on for long or until late. Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? - No Balcony View - Give comments on view, noting if location of any obstructions was an issue. – No obstructions Balcony Size? Normal Was wind a problem? - Not at all If an aft cabin, was soot a problem? - n/a Any specific problems with this cabin? - none Any other comments? - We had a family set-up. The overhead bed pulled down from the ceiling above the sofa bed. My 7 yr old liked the top 'bunk' and my 12 yr old, 5'6 & 160, had plenty of room of the sofa bed. We had the 2 beds pushed together to make a queen and we were next to the balcony with the kids closer to the bathroom. It was a perfect set-up. We never felt any vibration just a gentle rocking that I think is typical from being on a ship.
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