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  1. I think it's fine to grab a chair to put your belongings on, and then go use the pool. If you and those in your party don't intend to sit in it however, why would you need multiple chairs just to store your stuff? Just take up one - unless you have a truck load of Chapstick... I've seen the "sticker method" employed on NCL and RCI. People peel them off. I always find it interesting how many people are willing to lie in order to save the chair hogs around them, who are strangers..."They just left to get some food. They're coming right back!" Meanwhile they haven't been seen in hours. On the last sea day of our Oasis cruise, security was on the pool deck in full force because multiple people were getting into verbal scuffles over chairs (likely due to lack of sleep from having to get up at 5:30 am to save the chairs!) Solving the problem is not rocket science. The cruise lines just choose not to address it. Each passenger should be allowed to save one chair in addition to the one they are sitting in. They could latch simple (tamper-proof) timers onto each "saved" chair, with a given time limit. Once it expires, the chair is free for anyone to use.
  2. My favorite was the guy on Oasis (Easter week) who "saved" 8 chairs in a prime location and then, apparently not wanting to look like a CHOG, slunk back to a table behind the saved chairs to stand guard. Every time people would stop in front of the chairs and consider whether the chairs were actually taken, he would slither out of the shadows to let them know the chairs were taken. No one, including him, sat in those chairs for 2.5 hours. Also on Oasis, I sat in my one chair, which was next to another chair that had a life jacket laying on the end of it from the kids pool area (looked like someone just haphazardly tossed it there). I didn't touch the jacket and no one asked me if the chair was occupied. It stayed empty for the whole time I was there. Finally someone asked me about it and a family of four ended up sharing the chair.
  3. Cargo shorts have multiple pockets that stick out from the sides and are considered to be sporty/casual.
  4. This was on the Jewel. We took a cruising break for a few years afterward because my husband didn’t want to have to dress up for dinner on a cruise to the Caribbean. Our next several cruises were on Royal and they never had an issue with the shorts in the MDR (again, these were nice khaki shorts, not jean shorts or cargo shorts).
  5. I remember sailing on NCL 6 or 7 years ago and my DH was turned away at the MDR for wearing khaki shorts and a button down shirt (it was the shorts that violated their policy at that time). We've only cruised Caribbean itineraries on mass market lines. To me, Caribbean itineraries call for more relaxed dress. That is not to say that people should be wearing holey shirts and cut off jean shorts to the MDR, but I am not bothered to see sundresses on women and men in nice shorts and button down shirts. Some of us don't lead lives where we have formal wear hanging around, waiting to be brought on a cruise - nor do we want to take up the suitcase space to bring it along. If you want to rock the formal nights - go for it - but I don't understand the disdain toward those who choose not to. I've often thought they should designate one of the MDR's as "formal" for formal nights, so that all who choose to participate can eat there and be with others who are similarly dressed. Those who choose not to can dine at the other MDR and avoid the inevitable "side eye" glances.
  6. Make that 4 - I just joined 😉
  7. I looked through some of the other posts and didn't see this question asked/answered. My apologies if I missed it somewhere. I'm looking to purchase tickets for OTT and don't want to have to stand in a long line to get the tickets once I get off the ship (I understand that there will likely be a line to get on the trolley). If I purchase via the cruise line (RCI) will I have tickets in hand and be able to go directly to where the trolley boards? If I purchase through OTT website, do I also end up with tickets in hand? I know sometimes when I've bought tour tix through a tour company website, I end up with a voucher, and then have to stand in line to get the actual ticket. Looking to bypass a ticket line. Thanks!
  8. Sadly - only one person on the roll call...
  9. I'm wondering if the cruise lines scan each piece of luggage at some point, after you drop it with the porters and before it's loaded on the ship? If so, it could possibly be argued that it was in NCL's "possession" even before it was loaded on the ship. Nonetheless, without receipts for the content, the sky would be the limit on what someone could claim was in there - so there has to be a cap. The OP's situation is a terrible start to a cruise, for sure! A good lesson to all to carry any truly valuable items (as well as medicines) on the ship with you. I was on a cruise with a friend who lost her luggage via the airline.. She did have a few things in her carry on, but not much. The airline gave her $100/day stipend. No time to buy anything before we left port so she sported "Carnival" gear for a couple of days (as well as borrowing dress up clothes from the rest of us) until we reached a port with a mall nearby. She was a good sport - I don't think I would have gotten on board!
  10. I also read reviews with a "grain of salt". Most gripes are nit-picky things in my mind. Before my last cruise on Oasis, I read reviews about crew harassing passengers everywhere on the ship, trying to get them to sign up for specialty dining and drink packages. Since I had never been on Oasis, I worried about it - but in 7 days we were never approached. I also read about crowded elevators, but never experienced it. The only thing that would generate a legitimate concern for me would be multiple complaints about the overall cleanliness of a particular ship, sewage smells, or bud bugs!
  11. Going on 5 night in December and will likely not do the drink package unless the Black Friday deal is significant. With 2 port stops (one being Key West, YAY!) it just doesn't make financial sense. In order to get my money's worth, I'd have to start early and finish late - I'm just not that kind of drinker. I also don't drink the fancy, sugar-laden drinks of the day and not a big wine drinker. The last time I purchased at drink package was for a 40th birthday cruise with friends. Definitely got my money's worth then - but it took me a week to recover afterward! So yes, I vote for survival!
  12. You will LOVE La Jolla! My family has vacationed there several times. Be sure to make a reservation for drinks or a meal at George's Rooftop!
  13. No problem getting them in NC (I get them through a discount offer direct from the manufacturer. Too expensive to get through the pharmacy.) You should call your doctor or switch pharmacies!
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