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  1. We just did Brilliance this past Christmas. Lots of kids and big groups of extended families. I did not experience the same degree of unsupervised kids running around that I have on past cruises during Spring Break week. The Christmas week crowd seemed mellower overall.
  2. Regarding the cost of Chloe's funeral - many funeral homes and other providers of funeral-related services will waive the fees associated with a funeral for a baby or young child.
  3. I'm 52 and would join the line of THOUSANDS of 50-ish people that the prosecution (in the criminal case) and the defense (in the civil case) could parade in front of the jury as proof that 50 ain't "frail". He looks 70+ in the pics I've seen of him.
  4. For the money grab, clearly. I'm sure she's already contacted the Ellen Show 🙄
  5. They were lucky. NCL put my dad off the ship many years ago in Samana DR (he was on the Dawn). He had pneumonia and ended up spending almost 2 weeks in a 3rd world medical clinic. He had "Cadillac" travel & medical insurance so cost wasn't an issue (nor was not having a passport), but they WILL put you off at any port, at their discretion, if they know you are sick - without regard for the quality of the medical facilities at any given port. He would have much rather have taken his chances on board than having to spend 2 weeks in a Samana clinic.
  6. momofmab

    Key West

    Just so you're aware, the Southernmost Point was kind of a disappointment. In pics it looks like it really is on a far out point of Key West. In reality, the monument is on the side of the road, next to a building. There is a small slice of ocean behind it that you can get in your pictures if you're standing at the correct angle. There's also typically a long line of people waiting on the side of the street to take the iconic picture. Go see it if it's on your bucket list, but after seeing it, I wouldn't walk 30 minutes for it (we had a golf cart).
  7. I'm slightly older, but I agree with this. We were on Brilliance in December, loved the common spaces and views of the ocean. Perfect for shorter itineraries but we'd want to bump up to a larger ship for anything longer than 4-5 days. I was also pleasantly surprised with the condition of the ship. It didn't feel dated to me. When you decide to bring you kids though, I would aim for a ship with more kid-centered activities.
  8. I would definitely NOT lose all my vacation money over "what if's". I would prepare for extra screenings and possibly longer lines for boarding, bring extra prescription meds just in case. And if you're in an inside cabin, cross your fingers & toes extra tight because having to do 24/7 in there for a quarantine sounds terrible!
  9. Ahhh... gotcha... marci - not familiar with how cruise credits work.
  10. I commend you for being honest - however you were compensated, just not the way you wanted to be. I understand your frustration but giving refunds opens up the door for anyone to say they've had contact with someone from China - just to get the refund. No way to prove it. If you can't book a new cruise with your mom, why not recruit a friend?
  11. Could her parents also have anticipated this type of accident then? Given their knowledge of her propensity to bang on window glass? What was their duty of care? There are many places children can fall from and be seriously injured or die. It's impossible to bubble wrap the whole world. I grew up in the footloose and fancy-free 1970's, where moms opened the door and kicked you out in the morning and didn't check on you until she called you in for dinner at 5:30. I used to climb trees that were 20-30 feet in the air, climb up an old grain elevator shaft at an abandoned chicken coop, wander for miles in the woods - somehow I survived (man, childhood in the 70's was great!) Whether we want to call this an accident or negligence on someone's part, it is indeed a tragedy for the family and a reminder to the rest of us reading about it to be thankful that we haven't been made to suffer in a similar fashion.
  12. This picture brings to mind the case a year or so ago where that crazy man threw a child he didn't even know over the railing at the Mall of America (thankfully the child survived and the guy got 19 years). I wonder if the parents of the child sued the mall over the railings? I googled, but nothing came up. No contract to read or box to check when you go into a mall public office building with multiple floors & railings.
  13. As a fellow beer drinker, I don't think it is worth it unless you can get it on a good sale (and it helps if you like all the other non-alcoholic drinks that come with it, like soda, the fresh squeezed OJ, bottled water, coffee, smoothies...) I agree with taking the number of port days into consideration as well as what type of drinker you are.
  14. With that logic, the cruise industry would be paying out millions to EVERY person who jumps/is pushed/drunkenly falls/dangled by a family member. No matter how emotional a case is, the jury still has to adhere to the law. The judge would likely provide specific instructions to the jury as well as a list of conditions that must be met in order to find in favor of the plaintiffs. This isn't a case where the girl just fell off on her own, and the jury needs to decide whether Royal was negligent and should have known that there was a danger of a person falling in that area of the ship. There was direct involvement from the GF, and the jury will have to decide whether his actions contributed to her death (which the videos show that he did), and whether or not Royal is in any way negligent and contributory to the GF's actions (whether Royal could have anticipated that an adult would dangle their child out a window and whether they should have taken steps to keep that from happening).
  15. To answer your question, I've seen "some" men wearing shorts in the MDR but not "many". Most are young men, kids & teens. This was true on both Oasis and last month on Brilliance. FWIW it's really hard to tell what bottoms anyone is wearing once they sit down and are under the table cloth, so I'm not sure why it irks some people so much. Generally speaking, people are really only standing when they walk in and get up to leave.
  16. I'm not the OP but we went to Nachi the day after Christmas (for the 4th time) and had a wonderful, relaxing day (we were a group of 8 this time). Our server was very attentive and we enjoyed a selection of bottled beer, bottled water, frozen drinks, fresh guacomole and delicious fish lunches. There are plenty of palypas and shade from the palm trees as well as sunny areas. There is a massage hut for those interested (no one in our group chose to partake) and options for paddle boarding & kayaking (not sure if these cost extra as we always lounge on the beach when we're there). I also beleive there is an independent group that offers snorkling excursions from a nearby pier (they take you somewhere off the coast to do it). Any seaweed that had naturally washed up on the beach was quickly raked up and karted away. We've never been to Sanchos to compare - we always pick Nachi because we are looking for a quiet, relaxing beach day with limited crowds. Nachi never disapoints.
  17. Because proper legal procedure still has to be followed. There needs to be ample time for answers and discovery, and if one or the other party files a specific motion, the other party gets time to respond. Sometimes this is all done through paper and sometimes face-to-face. And if they have done any depositions, it takes time to get through that. Once RCI had ample video confirmation of what happened, their attorneys may have been content to sit back and let the family's attorney continue to dig a deeper hole for themselves before filing a motion to dismiss or motion for summary judgment. I also don't necessarily think a jury trial is a slam dunk for the family. At least some of the potential jurors will have been on cruises with their families and never have dreamed of doing what the grandfather did. Plus, I think it will be hard for them to explain the 30++ seconds that the grandfather dangled her outside the window before letting her go/slipping from his grasp. And after seeing Mitsugirly's photos of the windows, they'd be hard pressed to find a juror that couldn't see the difference.
  18. You'll be able to walk off the boat.
  19. There's also a lot of competition among certain echelons of personal injury attorneys, to get cases - especially the newsworthy ones - so they quickly pounce and offer to "take no fees unless we win your case" (ambulance chasing). The offer may be true to a certain extent but most of the time does not include things like filing fees, court fees, expert fees or outside attorney fees - the gamble being that the defendant or the insurance company offer to settle the case before it's necessary to incur any of those fees.
  20. I don't see how the "bang on glass" scenario holds up with the footage from the Daily Mail video. He leans out the window himself for what they say is 8 seconds and then he picks her up and dangles her outside for what seems like at least another 8 seconds (FWIW, you cannot see the drop on this video, just the scrambling reactions to those on deck in the vicinity of the grandfather). It looks like more of a "Michael Jackson Scenario" (remember where he dangled one of his kids as an infant over a balcony for like 15-20 seconds to show him to the press below), rather than thinking glass was there when it wasn't and immediately losing his grip. I also agree that RCI is handling the lawsuit appropriately. In this scenario, where there is so much pointing to the negligence of the grandfather - the less RCI comments about it, the better they look. Hopefully at some point the family's attorney will come to the realization that he or she isn't going to make money on this case and will advise the family to drop it. I would be very disappointed in RCI if they offer any kind of settlement to the family in this case.
  21. Never said anything about whether checking receipts was "worth it" - just stated that dealing with receipts doesn't weigh in as enough of an inconvenience (to me) to justify getting the drink package. Never had a problem with bogus drink charges but since I'm only looking at 3-4 drinks a day on a sea day (if I'm by the pool) and maybe one drink with dinner on a port day, it's not hard for me to keep track. I don't partake in all the extraneous non-alcoholic fee-based drinks so again, not hard (for me) to monitor my bill.
  22. I never get it - just pay by the drink when I feel like having one. I'm mostly a light beer drinker, not into sugary or fancy drinks, smoothies, fresh-squeezed OJ or soda. I drink one specialty coffee a day and on ships with Starbucks, I bring the multitude of gift cards that we've accumulated over the years. My husband doesn't drink at all and we're typically with my teenagers - I'm not interested in heavy drinking in front of them. It's never been a big deal for me to sign receipts. Takes all of a second to glance at the drink/amount to make sure it's correct and sign. The argument of "convenience" was never enough to justify the cost of the package. It depends on your drinking M.O., the length of the cruise, amount of port days...my family just went on a 5 night/2 port days cruise back in December. Lots of big drinkers in our group but only one couple did the BOGO drink package deal (paid around $700 for the 2 of them). The weather was chilly & cloudy and not really pool weather, so on sea days I think it was harder for them to find opportunities to utilize their package. It was funny to watch them on the last night, trying to get their money's worth out of it 😂 The next morning the rest of us compared drink totals and no other couple came close to the drink package price (although everyone also carried on their 2 bottles of wine per stateroom).
  23. The ships aren't sailing empty though - and at least on Royal, people are flocking to pay a premium to book on the biggest & newest ships. Same goes for elevated pricing on drink packages, specialty dining, Vibe, etc. The companies will continue to elevate the ceiling on pricing until consumers push back by not booking sailings & extras.
  24. Maybe you have an argument for a partial refund based on the chicken coop instead of where you were supposed to go (although if I were GS, I would need other guests to be complaining about the same thing in order to trust that you weren't exaggerating about it being an actual chicken coop). Buses break down worldwide. No way to expect RCI to oversee whether buses are in tip-top shape prior to every excursion in every port. Also, the naked man is out of EVERYONE'S control. That would have been hilarious to me and one of the highlights of the trip!
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